Mar 26, 2010

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Baby Bjorn Soft Bib Review

I purchased this bib with some of SAP’s birthday money, as she was one year old and very much outgrown her small cotton bibs. After doing some research I decided to try out the Baby Bjourn bib. The reviews online were excellent and they looked like they would do an excellent job at covering up all of SAP’s front side and keep her clothes and high chair clean.

When the bibs came in the mail they were not as I had expected! They were advertised as flexible and soft, and in the pictures appeared to be alot bigger and cover up more of the front side and shoulders than these bibs I got seemed to do on SAP!

However, my disappointment would soon be unfounded for. From morning breakfast, to SAP learning to self-feed herself her dinner, this bib did it’s job!


  • Very easy to clean! After feeding just wipe clean with a wash cloth! And if you get distracted and the food dries onto bib, no worries, it still comes off very easy! The beads around the neck were one of my concerns for keeping clean as they looked like they would trap food that would be difficult to wipe off, but I have had no problems at all with them!
  • It is dishwasher safe (probably top rack only), but I have had it for over a month and have not needed to do anything but wipe it clean with a wash cloth! There is also a hole to hang it up to dry after washing.
  • The neck closure is adjustable, soft beads that snap into place, making it comfortable around baby’s neck, adjustable for different sizes and ages, and difficult for (most!) babies to get off! SAP cannot get this bib off, making it a big plus for us!
  • Easy for mom/dad to take off, can do it with one hand, unlike snaps and velcro which require pulling with both hands behind baby’s head, which may irritate baby.
  • Coverage is pretty good. I was surprised it did not cover SAP’s whole front side as I had anticipated, but after using it, realized that it does not need to! It covers the majority, but is CURVED around her sides and shoulders, so it appears to not cover all of her, but actually makes it more functional and easier for baby to self feed, as the bib does not get in the way! I am very happy with this!
  • The bib is very aesthetically appealing, and very simple. the bead part around the neck is a different color than the bib part, and the colors I have seen are green and yellow or red and blue and pink, so you can get neutral colors, what some would call boy colors, but I think look adorable on my baby girl as well, or a pink girly color!
  • This bib is very healthy for baby! It is phthalate free, BPA free, and PVC free! No need to worry about your baby chewing on this bib (as all babies do eventually), as it does not contain these harmful chemicals!
  • Good for use for older babies, catches all spills.


  • The neck closure can sometimes pinch baby’s skin when being snapped in if you are not paying attention..
  • The spill pouch, although catching all messes and being excellent at it’s job, is not flexible, and so can get in the way at times. This has occurred at times when in the high chair and the tray is pushed in too far (we just pull it out further), or when using SAP’s portable place-mat at a restaurant, which also has a spill tray.
  • This bib, being made of a harder plastic than other bibs, is alittle heavier than other bibs on the market, and so may be problematic for young babies.
  • Although the manufacturer recommends that this bib can be used since newborn and up, with the size and in-flexibility of the bib, I would recommend it for 6 months and up, and defiantly for self feeders. If the baby sits well by themselves and has good neck support the bib should do wonderful for them.


In conclusion, this is our favorite bib. Just purchasing the 2-pack of these bibs has been a life saver. They keep SAP clean, make clean up easy, look great, and are safe for SAP to use. We have not had any problems with them and they are very durable and will last us for years before needing a replacement. Not having to wait for them to come out of the wash has been a huge plus, unlike having to purchase two dozen small terry cloth or cotton bibs and going through one a feeding! We keep one at home and one in the diaper bag and have very little need for any other type of bib. I would strongly recommend Baby Bjourn bibs, for any family! They will make your life much easier!

Perfect for any older infant or self-feeder, and if you are looking for something easy to clean , hard for baby to take off, durable, long-lasting, stylish, and free of any harmful chemicals.

Not the best for younger infants, may be too inflexible and large for them, and uncomfortable. Wait till baby gets older and enjoy them then!

Rating: ***** (5 stars) Excellent product with no major problems

Purchase and Price info:

Target, Single bib: $9.99 (Target, Baby Bjorn Soft Bib)
Target, 2-pack bibs: $18.99 (Target, Baby Bjorn Soft Bib 2-pack)
Walmart, Single bib: $6.95 (Walmart, Baby Bjorn Soft Bib) $9.95 (Amazon, Baby Bjorn Soft Bib)

Manufacturer link: (Baby Bjorn)

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