May 28, 2010

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Things to come, BIG NEWS!!!

Big News!!
Social Media Makeover!!

So if you didn’t know I LOVE giveaways, it is an excellent way to try the things you wish you could afford to buy but can’t justify buying! Half the time if I don’t win I end up buying the stuff anyway just because they’re such awesome stuff! It is my number one way to find new great companies andlearn about great products on the market you wouldn’t find in stores! In the past I was entered in 50 + giveaways at a time, but most of the ones I won were just small stuff that was great, but nothing I was SUPER excited about.

NOW that’s changed! Three Green Angels, , which is three eco-friendly, green companies that have come together to form something even more great, hosted a giveaway for a Free Social Media Makeover! With their brand new make over of their blog and how awesome it turned out, I’m super excited about this! This makeover includes”a one-of-a-kind WordPress blog redesign, a shiny new Twitter background and a Facebook Fan Page that will draw in new followers by the droves!” Sounds soooo great and I can’t wait!

So look forward to a brand spanking new social media make over and please head on over to Three Green Angels and their Twitter Parties (of which, yes, I’ve won at! Yay for free awesome LunaPads!), and their #ecowed Twitter chat weekly on many eco topics! So many great things to offer!

Also check out each “Angel” and their blogs, tons of resources for eco-friendly, toxin free products and information!

Angel #1 Green and Clean Mom!

Angel #2 The Smart Mama!

Angel #3 The Soft Landing with Alicia (A personal Favorite!!!)

I can’t wait until this social media makeover and I hope you all are too! But I also have even more news!

Weekly Go Toxin-Free/Eco-Friendly Tips!

From now on I will be doing a weekly tip on how to go toxin-free/eco-friendly! I have been working on my home pretty steadily for past few months (as per my new years resolution!) and now I am going to be sharing with you what I have done to de-toxin my home and what is worth doing, worth trying, and what is all hogwash! Hope you like this new feature!

Weekly Product Review!

I have not hosted any giveaways yet since I have been quite busy, but as I said before, I have entered quite a many giveaways and been winning about one a week! I think it’s about time you hear about some of the awesome stuff I’ve won! So I will be trying to do one review weekly of a product I have won, where I won it, how I like it and any features about the product, etc.! All products being reviewed will be under the same critera of what I blog about, meaning all products will be about natural parenting in the modern world! This does NOT mean it will be all baby products, nope! It might be mommy products, nursing products, toddler, older kid, younger baby, cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, just about anything that fits that description! So I hope you like this idea and like these reviews!

Final News!

So as I say in my intro and my “about me”, I am NOT a stay at home mom (STHM)! The majority of mommy bloggers are stay at home moms, and yes I understand that is a full time job (SAPsDaDa is a stay at home dad now starting this week so he knows now!), but my point here is that I work full time. I get up at 6am and don’t come home until 4pm, then run errands, and I wish I could stay at home with SAP but I need to provide for my family. The reason I am telling you this is because this job I have WILL affect my blog! I may promise a weekly review, weekly tips, and such, and that is my goal, but things will come up, I will be exhausted or want to spend time with family instead of blogging, and my blog might not be updated as much as I like! I do hope this does not interfere with you following my blog as I do hope to provide thorough reviews and valuable information that I think will be extremely useful, I just wanted you all to be aware that if I am not updating as often as you hoped, I am still here! If you want to chat PLEASE send me an email, I love having feedback, PLEASE comment!

So this is summer time for me, working full time, and in a few months back to working part time and being a full time college student, so I hope you enjoy having a blog from a modern mama with these view points and knowing that you can be natural, you can be eco-friedly and make good decisions for your child and provide them with a great start in life even if you are a working mom or a college student, it is possible! You make the decisions and we are here to help you along with that!

Thanks you all so much for following my blog and keep an eye out for these future updates and upgrades!! I’m excited, and please leave your comments! 😀

  1. Congratulations! Can't think of a more deserving winner! Looking forward to seeing your changes!

  2. SAPsMaMa says:

    Thanks so much Kathy! I'm very much looking forward to it!