Jun 28, 2010

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My First Giveaway in Celebration of the New BumGenius 4.0 Release!

Have you heard?! BumGenius is discontinuing our beloved 3.0 one-sized diapers! Not only that, but they have announced their new additions! This includes snaps, new easy to replace elastic, 3 new colors, new velcro and refresher kits for velcro diapers, and it can now accommodate larger babies with a new size! Check out the product release video on their YouTube site HERE!

I am so excited that I have decided to hold a giveaway of BumGenius Odor Remover!

BumGenius Odor remover is a natural odor remover, you can use it to remove odors from your diapers directly, or in your diaper pail, laundry hamper, anything! It works by eliminating the odor causing bacteria. Best of all, it is free of all chemicals, oils, detergents, perfumes, and solvents, not to mention bio-degradable! So what does it contain? Just water and vegetative microbes!

I have not tested this product myself yet but since finding it am very tempted! I do not have stinky diapers but my laundry hampers and diaper bins sure could use a spritz of this!

You can learn more about the BumGenius Odor Remover on the Cotton Babies website HERE!

Win an 8 oz bottle of BumGenius Odor Remover!

Before I begin, I must request that you INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL in every comment, otherwise it will not count. You can write it this way if you would like: mphin278 at yahoo dot com, that way the bots won’t find you!

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Now then, to the giveaway!

Mandatory Entry

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Good Luck!

***Open to US residents only. This giveaway will end on July 13th, 2010 at 11:59 CST. Random.org will be used to determine the winner who will have 48 hours to respond to my email before another winner is chosen. Thanks everyone and good Luck!***

The product was not sent to me via any company or PR agency nor is sponsored in any way from the company. This product is sponsored by SAPsMaMa, purchased by SAPsMaMa, for the sole purpose of this giveaway. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.

  1. Kim@Chubby Cheeks Thinks says:

    I'm already an FB fan
    Kim H
    left you a comment over there as well!

  2. Kim@Chubby Cheeks Thinks says:

    My favorite non toxic product is my method all purpose cleaner! It has a super nice scent to it and cleans well!

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  12. I follow you on Facebook! Commented.

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  13. My favorite natural product is made by Ivy Soapworks, they have an eBay store. I'm a huge fan of their dragons blood soap! The bars are 8 oz, so they're HUGE. They're cheap and have nothing toxic at all in them, which is why I adore their soaps. (They also have bath salts, foot soaks, and candles!)

    modified.beauty at yahoo dot com

  14. I'm not a mom yet but I watched the video for BumGenius 4.0 diapers and I absolutely love the design! I think they look awesome and very easy to use for first time cloth diaperers as well as the experienced ones. They look very versatile.

    modified.beauty at yahoo dot com

  15. I TWEETED!

    itsmyaeroplane #Win #bumgenius Odor Remover from @SAPsMaMa in celebration of the new BumGenius 4.0 Diaper launch! http://tinyurl.com/36x59j2 #clothdiapers
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  16. I follow you on Feedburner now too under my google account modified.beauty at ahoo dot com

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  17. I'd like seeing some SAPsDaDa feedback on here! Sometimes it's great to see a male perspective on the products. I'd also enjoy tips on going green since you do SO much research…would help people just starting the green lifestyle!

    modified.beauty at yahoo dot com

  18. crazyember6 says:

    I am a fan to your facebook page!


  19. crazyember6 says:

    I am curious about the new BG 4.0 Diapers. Glad to hear that they worked on the velcro issue lots of people were having. And I really can't wait to see some prints! hehe.


  20. crazyember6 says:

    On your blog here, I would love to see more of daddys view on things (specially for my husband to see) and reviews on not just the cloth diapers, but on the best inserts to use, detergent(s), diaper sprayer, etc. I guess what I mean is all the stuff that makes modern cloth diapers convenient and more advanced these days. Oh and more giveaways when you have time! This is fun!


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  22. "Like" on facebook!
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  24. fav product: thirsties duo wraps (win a duo diaper on my blog through July 8th!)


    lazygreenmama at gmail dot com

  25. I like that the new BG4.0 will have snaps… very curious about them. Though, I have 3 of the 3.0s and like them just fine… however, my baby LOVES to take off the velcro and so snaps are my fav in the summer so that I can leave her in just a diaper!

    lazygreenmama at gmail dot com

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    I now "like" you on FB! Left you a message over there!

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    As far as natural items, CD'ing has gotten me interested in mama cloth!

    Stefibeth @ aol.com

  28. Stephanie @ Confessions of a Trophy Wife says:

    My thoughts on the 4.0:

    I'm actually really excited about the changes regarding higher rise, easy access to changing leg elastics, better velcro, and snaps as an option! However, I'm less than impressed with the 3 new colors, but I'm glad that they decided to keep producing the brights and I saw on their blog that there are new colors and *prints*(!) in the works! I'm really excited about that!

  29. Stephanie @ Confessions of a Trophy Wife says:

    Now following you on Twitter! (Stefibeth)

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  30. Sarah Hull says:

    I am a new facebook fan! (Sarah Hull) I left a comment on your FB page.
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  31. Sarah Hull says:

    My favorite natural/non-toxic item is Earth Mama Angel Baby's – Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash. It smells so good and I love knowing that it is safe to use on my son!
    SHull2319 at gmail dot com

  32. Sarah Hull says:

    I like the improvements made to the BG 4.0 diapers, I like that they have an option for snaps or velcro – because my hubby's preference is velcro and I like both for different reasons. I love the BG 3.0's that I have, so I am glad they didn't do any major changes to the product.
    SHull2319 at gmail dot com

  33. Sarah Hull says:

    I would love to see more giveaway win reviews and detailed cloth diaper and cloth diaper accessory reviews.
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    One natural/non-toxic product I'm interested in trying is Biokleen laundry and cleaning products. I've heard great things about the Bac-Out for getting stains out of cloth diapers.


  37. Katie S says:

    I like that the new Bumgenius offers snaps and replaceable elastic, but I still wish there were more colors!! I'm not a fan of the new choices.


    P.S. I didn't know how to leave a link to a comment on Facebook until you said to click on the time stamp! So thanks for teaching me how to do that! Here is the link to my comment I made on your wall when I became a new Fan.


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    The BG diaper looks nice.. Would have to try it.
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    OH a natural item I would have to say my CD's I love my cloth diapers and they are so much better than disposables
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