Jul 29, 2010

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A Look Into SAPsMaMa’s Diaper Stash!

Since even before I started this blog, I’ve had many questions regarding “what cloth diapers are my favorite” “what diaper so you use most often” “are these worth it”?
So, I think it’s about time I give you all the grand tour! 🙂

What did I use for newborn diapers?

18 BumGenius Bamboo Fitted diapers (resold)3 Thirsties XS covers (resold)

We chose these diapers because I heard of how soft they were, and fitteds came highly recommended for newborns. Thirsties was chosen becuse of their leg gussets…I wanted no newborn breastmilk poo coming out! And had great success with these.

After Newborn diapers, what did I move to using?

24 BumGenius 3.0 OS diapers (6 have since been accidentally thrown out at daycare)
6 BumGenius 3.0 OS diapers with fleece lining instead of suede

These diapers were actually bought before the Bamboo fitteds. I had thought the “one size” would fit from birth, but after research, and knowing SAP would be a small baby, decided I needed newborn diapers.I had only 24 of these at first, then purchased the 6 fleece lined ones as additional diapers for starting daycare. The BumGenius 3.0 were mainly chosen because of their high recommendation, the fact that they were cheaper than other brand name one sized diapers, and also because they looked like they’d be easiest to use for daycare use.

What do I use for night time diapers?


6 Infant prefolds (Now passed onto a friend)2 Thirsties Small Covers (Now passed onto a friend)


The 6 BumGenius OS 3.0 fleece lined diapers I mentioned earlier, stuffed with microfiber insert and either a hemp babies doubler or a Joey Bunz doubler, sized medium


4 AppleCheeks Envelope Sized 2 diapers with Bamboo inserts


3 DreamEze Fitted Diapers2 Thirsties Medium Covers
2 DreamEze AIO Large Diapers
2 DryBees Fleece Night time Medium Sized Diapers

Children’s sleeping patterns (and bodily functions) differ from age to age, so night diapering also changes. The BG were leaking from SAP sleeping on her side at first, but then they worked great. We tried the Applecheeks for their great fit with the elastic in the front and on the legs, worked great. Prefered them as day time diapers though. Now we moved to DreamEze because SAP pees more at night and I wanted to move to more natural fabrics. All the above night diapering worked great at the times they were used.

What does my Cloth Diaper Stash look like now?

Since I’ve started cloth diapering, I”ve come to a few conclusions.

One, one type of diaper is not the answer. There is no one perfect diaper! Babies are different sizes, and shapes, and both their size and shape will change so much and so many times during their diapering years. I wanted to diversify my stash!

Two, as much as I prefer pockets over all, I wanted to try out different types of diapers. Since I started cloth diapering hybrid diapers had come out! AIO diapers, which had seemed expensive to me at first, looked like they’d be very handing for a few situations, nice to have around.

Three, prefold diapers, which are considered old school, actually worked much better than I expected and weren’t hard at all! and they were so cheap, why not have them around! I needed some emergency diapers, for car etc., so I would NEVER have a reason to EVER need to purchase a disposible diaper. Prefolds seemed to be the cheapest answer to that!

Four, SAP had some problems with heat rash last summer, I wanted to try having more fitted diapers, fleece covers, or wool covers to prevent that from happening this summer, especially with the heat that we’ve had so far!

Five, I wanted to go to more natural fabric. Cloth diapering is an excellent green choice, but after learning about fabrics and why to choose organic or natural clothing, I wanted to also choose more natural and organic cloth diapers.

Six, although having daycare specific diapers that are easy to use in my stash, I don’t really like velcro! I prefer snaps! So I wanted to sell some of my many BG 3.0 diapers and get some new snap diapers of different brands!

Seven, I’ve discovered blogging and daily deal sites! I’m doing cloth diaper reviews for my blog, so I can get many kinds of diapers free! Also, I’ve discovered daily deal sites! So I’ve found cloth diapers at half off or more! Perfect for diversifying my stash!

So, my days of only BumGenius diapers that were daycare and grandparents friendly were long gone. I was ready for the change! So over the last few months, this is what my stash looks like now!!!

Too Small (either outgrown, or won from giveaways and are too small):

2 Rumparooz L’il Joeys (Won at a twitter party, so adorable! Can’t wait to have next baby to try these out!)
2 AppleCheeks Size 1 Envelope Covers (Handed down to friend)
6 Infant Prefolds (Handed down to friend)2 Thirsties Small Diaper Covers (Handed Down to friend)
1 Medium Thirsties AIO Pocket Diaper (outgrown)
Daycare specific diapers:

24 BumGenius OS 3.0 Diapers, 6 fleece lined (only 6 are in use as the elastic and velcro are very worn out and I need to repair them, slowly doing so!)
2 BumGenius AIO Sized Large (Both free from coupon deal!)
1 Thirsties AIO Sized Large (Half price!)

Fitted Diapers, Prefolds, and Covers, Used only at home:
1 Thirsties Fab Fitted Sized Large (Bought on sale)
1 LoveyBums Hand Painted Diaper (Review for blog! Watch for the giveaway coming soon!)
1 Nifty Nappy Hospital Diaper (Won on a giveaway!)
4 GoodMama OS Fitteds (bought on deep clearance!)
2 BumBoo OS Fitteds (Half off site buy!)
1 Sandy’s Motherease Fitted Sized Large (one of my “I want to try it” buys, a little bit on sale)
12 Premium Indian Prefolds
4 Hemp Babies Bigger Weeds
2 Thirsties Sized Medium Covers (cheap anyway, paid full price)
1 Mommy’s Touch Snap OS Cover (Second quality, clearance site)
1 Mommy’s Touch Velcro OS Cover (Second quality, clearance site)
1 Nifty Nappy Woolie Cover (Won in a giveaway)
1 Nifty Nappy Wool Longies (paid full price, but well worth it!)

Daytime, Anywhere diapers (No Daycare Use):

1 FuzziBunz OS Pocket Diaper (Bought on clearance)
1 FuzziBunz Perfect Sized Diaper, Sized Large (Bought on clearance)
5 AppleCheeks Envelope Covers, 4 Bamboo Inserts (only 1 Applecheeks functioning as elastic is over stretched and needs repair)1 BabyKicks Bumboo Pocket 1.0 Diaper (Half Price deal site)
1 Smartipants OS Diaper (On sale, came with no insert though)
3 Rumparooz Snap OS Diapers (1 only 10% off “had to try” buy, 2 half price site deal of the day!)

2 GroBaby Shells, 6 Organic Soaker pads, 2 Organic doublers, 2 Stay dry doublers (1 bought 60% off, 1 was a splurge because I wanted to try a hybrid diaper! lol)
1 Flip Cover, 3 Organic Flip inserts (Paid full price, but used 2 coupons to get 2 free BG AIO! Still a deal!)

Night Time Diapers and Doublers:

3 DreamEze Fitteds Sized Large (Half price deal of the day)
2 DreamEze AIO Sized Large (Half Price deal of the day)
2 DryBees Fleece Night Time Diapers, Sized Medium (Discontinued color Clearance site buy)

6 Hemp Babies Doublers (Clearance site, overstock buy)
4 Joey Bunz sized medium Doublers (full price, but defiantly needed them when I bought them, so worth it!)
1 AppleCheeks Hemp doubler (bought on Facebook from someone reselling)

Diapers Not Used:

These are diapers recently bought and not washed or in rotation as of yet, or diapers I bought as deal of the day, can’t pass up deals and debating to keep or not. Some I might sell if you’re interested!

1 Bumkins AIO Sized Large Diaper (Just got in mail, was sent wrong pattern, need to return/receive correct diaper, was bought 50% off deal of the day)

2 Cutey Baby Diapers (Half off site. Haven’t gotten pre-washed yet, nor tried yet)
2 DreamEze AIO Sized Large (Already have so many DreamEze, not sure if I”ll keep them, so haven’t washed them yet. Half price deal of the day. Interested in them? Let me know!)

1 Berry Plush cover (Need to purchase inserts, so haven’t pre-washed it yet. Was in a surprise diaper package from a half price deal of the day site)

1 Aristocrats Wool Soaker (Needs to be lanolized, so haven’t used it yet)

Final Word:

Have any questions on any of the diaper I’ve used? Check my diaper reviews! But if I havn’t gotten to it yet, feel free to email me questions! Have a problem with night time diapering, or leaking during the day, or repelling issues….any questions, I’ll try to help! Yes, I have alot of diapers, but I havn’t spent alot of money. And you can do it too! Visit Deal a day sites, ‘stalk’ diaper shops on facebook for their random giveaways, follow their blogs, don’t be afraid to buy seconds or discontinued diapers! It’s fun to try the new diapers that are coming out with all the adorable prints, and I myself splurged a few times on a few really cute brand name diapers I wanted to try, but I think there is no reason why you should have to pay full price for a cloth diaper with all these deals available! 🙂 Good luck on your cloth diapering mamas and daddys!

  1. Love the purple and brown dipes and the photo of her walking away!

    I would be so.ticked.off if someone threw one of my diapers away! EEEEE!!

  2. SAPsMaMa says:

    Oh we were and still are pissed off about it! Those were the diapers we paid full price for! We bought them specifically for daycare use to make it easy for them to cloth diaper there, if they wern't going to care enough and "accidently" throw away 6 expensive cloth diapers, I would have made them use prefolds! They said they'd reinburse us 50% of our loss through a credit to our daycare account, but not sure if we'll stay there that long with all the problems we've had in the past year. That was a heavy loss financially and we've had instinces where we don't feel she was watched carefully enough, not to mention all the toxic cleaners etc. just doesn't seem a good fit for us!

    lol, I love shareing fluff photos of SAP, she's a cutie, I need to start uploading my pics, I am months behind! Only reason I had these was because I was on my fiance's computer! I have hundreds on my now disassembled computer, hopefully we'll get my comp working again next week. I sooooo hope! lol

    🙂 thanks so much for the comment! 😀

  3. Cynthia says:

    I'm on my search for the perfect nighttime diaper and have been having great success with Loopy-Do inserts.

    I'm here through a blog hop. Follow me back!

  4. Lori @ RRSAHM says:

    Love this!! I'm a bit of a cloth diaper/nappy addict 😉