Jul 2, 2010

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Bargain Buys and Daily Deals, Oh My!

I plan on starting a post called “Bargain Buy”, where I will review an item I got at a very reasonable price! So I thought to start out this segment of my blog I will share with you my favorite daily deal bargain sites!! Maybe a couple clearance sites too! Check these out daily for 50% or more off baby items, and half the sites only feature green, natural baby items! A great way to change over to a more green and more healthy household without spending too much money!

Daily Deal Tips!

  • Just a tip, hot deals, especially cloth diapers, sell out VERY quickly! Get there right when they post the deal because hot deals can sell out in a matter of minutes due to limited quantities and high demand, or certain sizes or colors that are popular can sell out right away with the less liked/needed left.
  • I suggest “likeing” these sites on facebook, sometimes they will give out hints the night before if it will be a hot deal so you know what it will be, kind of! 🙂
  • Also, if you subscribe to their facebook via SMS you can get notification on your cell phone when the deal goes up so if you can’t check right away you know what it is and if you should find a computer soon!
  • Filling out the form to be a member of the site right away also benefits you so you can easily check out quickly and your product is not stolen out of your cart while you’re checking out! Happened many times to me!
  • Paypal also makes checkout alot faster and convenient so you don’t have to type in a credit card number each time! Not all sites take paypal though, and some are google checkout, see what sites do and take advantage of it!

1. Ecobabybuys.com

This deal “goes green” at 8am central time, so be sure to check this out before you start your hard day at work and you might just make your day getting some of their wonderful cloth diaper deals! I do not believe they take Paypal so you have to have your credit card handy for this one. I was told you can email your order to them with you paypal email and they can invoice you or something, email them for details if you’re interested in that!

From the website:

Our goal is also to alleviate any additional stress that comes with being a busy parent. Not everyone finds the time to address the safety record of a manufacturer or knows where to start to look. We take pride in researching our vendors to meet a strict criteria so that we may provide the best and safest possible products on the market for our children. In fact, our introductory letter to our partners listed the following criteria:

2. Babyhalfoff.com

Baby Half Off is one of my first daily deal sites, they have great prices of great brands for 50% off or more, I’ve seen some items as much as 90 % off! They do accept paypal so make a membership today for quick deal grabs!

From the Website:

Baby Half Off is all about the great brands you want at great prices you will love. We work hard to build good relationships with vendors, bringing you the best names in the children industry at 50% off or more. That’s our promise.

2. BabySteals.com

These daily deals go on at 10am Central Time! I love this deal site for it’s high quality products that it features, many from baby boutiques, not the stuff you find in department stores! If you’re looking for quality items at a wonderful price, this is your daily deal site here! I also love how they have free shipping sundays!

From the website:

At BabySteals.com we sell one quality baby or maternity product every day at 50-80% off until it sells out. It’s not just a deal, it’s a steal! A ‘BabySteal’!

4. GreenBabyBargains.com

These deals go on at 11am Central Time, and not only do they feature many quality items, but all their items are green! Looking for organic or soy products, non-toxic inks and good quality products? This is your deal site!

5. MiniBargainz.com

These deals go on at 12 Noon Central Time! This site is very new and just launched a few weeks ago! I’ve seen etsy stuff as well as some handmade items and other quality, unique items on this site as well as reusable bags and stuff for older kids, like the beloved time out pad (beloved by parents that is!). Don’t know exactly what to expect but this site looks promising and they offer good deals, so check it out!

From the website:

At mini bargainz, our mission is simple – To offer high quality baby products at an affordable price

As new parents ourselves, we understand that you are looking to stretch your dollar and baby products can be expensive. Our passion for finding great deals – as well as sharing them – has led us to create a place where you too can get great deals.

6. Zulily.com

This site has many deals that last longer than a day usually and are up to 70% off! I’ve seen many high quality boutique items and lots of organic clothing on this site, as well as wall decals and more! They can have more than one deal a day, but the deals do have a deadline and some sizes/types can sell out so sign up for their emails to get notified of what the new deals are so you can check them out!

Also, you have to be a member to see these deals, so sign up now, it’s free!

From the website:
Just what is zulily? It’s a fabulous new online store offering daily sales on top-quality apparel, gear and other goodies for moms, babies and kids. Members can enjoy savings of up to 70% off retail prices—not to mention discover some exciting new brands and products.


Hope you liked the daily deal sites! You’ll be surprised some of the deals are high priced, much sought after items, and even if you have an older kid or are nursing, pregnant, no matter your parenting status there are deals for you, and for daddy too!

Have a good 4th of July weekend, we will be out of town and so I will reply to Friday Followers next week!

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