Jul 29, 2010

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Computer problems!

So first and foremost, I have not updated you on this, but a few weeks ago I got myself my very own computer! Ordered the parts and had it built at my house by my wonderful fiance.

Unfortunately we’ve had problems from the start. First, had an incompatible processor, so had to return the first on (opened of course), and get a new one. Then the video chip had some dealio wrong with it. Very stressful. But then,… it worked! I had my own computer and could get my blogging done more often!

Unfortunatly, had no sound. So today we plugged in my speakers…and guess what happened? Computer TURNED OFF, and would NOT turn back on! After having one of my wonderful computer literate friends go through it well past his lunch break, it was determined that I had fried my motherboard, and anyone that knows anything about computers knows that is bad …and expensive! Hopeing to get a replacement on warrenty, but one has been purchased first, had hoped to get it within a day, but won’t get it until monday earliest.

So you got it, I am once again WITHOUT a computer! I may get some minor time on my fiance’s computer, and can check my email on my lunch break at work, but I will not be able to get on as much as I”m used to.

I do have my DryBees diaper review ready to post after I get a few pictures taken for it, so that shall go up asap! And I think I”ll do a little post on my personal cloth diaper stash for all those out there who were interested, so check for that today or tomorrow 🙂 I’ll still be around, just not much, so please bear with me until computer issues resolve themselves (and please pray it is not too expensive! ) lol

Thanks for the patience! Just FYI my Beautiful Creatures giveaway will be ending tomorrow evening as planned, so get your entries in!

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