Jul 8, 2010

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Medela Nursing Camisole Review and Giveaway!

SAP’s Story

I have loved Medela products since day one of nursing, and even before my daughter was born! I was given a Medela double electric pump from WIC to aid in my breastfeeding choice over formula, and this was the sole piece of nursing equipment that made it possible for me to continue to nurse after returning to college and work. So I can rightfully say I love Medela!

But now I have even more reason to love Medela!

Back in beginning of June I won a wonderful Mother’s Day “Give Your Baby Your Very Best” giveaway from the Eco-Friendly Family blog, and included in that giveaway of nursing gear that made me feel like a pampered mama was the Medela nursing camisole!

The Medela Nursing cami was the first item to arrive in the mail out of all the items that I won from the giveaway, sent directly from the company. I was surprised it had come so quick since I had not heard back from the blog about any specifications for the giveaway I had won except for a shipping address.

It had come about that they had sent a black size Medium cami as that was the most common size for the average nursing mother! However, if any of you know me personally, I am not quite that average! I am a petite female and have kept that body post pregnancy (to my surprise!) and after nursing over a year my breast size shrunk down to a 32 A, my original size before nursing. Little can I say, although I’m still producing milk, I was not a medium size!

I was looking forward to using the Medela Nursing cami so much and did not want to have to wait until I was having my next baby to get a larger chest size and be able to wear the medium, so I emailed the blog I won from, who contacted Medela for me!

Than…surprise in the mail! I was sent a size small black nursing cami! Medela also told Eco-Friendly Family that I may keep the size medium cami! I was stunned, how generous!

Now how can I show my gratitude? I know! With the review of the sized small nursing cami I had received, I decided to giveaway the size Medium nursing cami to one of my followers! Just so you know, the size medium was never taken out of the package and is still in it’s original shipping container, ready for one of you to use with your little ones!

About Medela

From the Medela website:

Breastfeeding…the Very Heart of Our Business

Medela’s primary focus is breastfeeding…by helping moms to successfully breastfeed their babies and to do so for as long as they choose. Meeting this goal responsibly is at the heart of everything we do.

Destiny Statement

Medela’s Breastfeeding Division exists to enhance mother and baby health through the life-giving benefits of breastmilk.

I don’t know about you, but their pledge and mission really sound good! When I am trying to give my baby the very best through breastfeeding him/her, I want to know the company who’s products I am using has the same values as I do!

Info on the Medela Nursing Camisole:

  • The Medela Nursing cami is made from eco-friendly bamboo fabric! It is 67% Rayon from Bamboo, 28% cotton, and 5% spandex.

  • The bamboo/cotton ensures comfort and breathability with fast moisture absorption! The spandex allows for a little stretch to the fabric!
  • This nursing cami can be used hands-free with the Medela Freestyle breastpump!
  • The cami is available in 4 sizes, anywhere from a 32B cup to a 42DD!
  • The cami is available in colors black and white
  • Care instructions include machine wash cold and tumble dry, so it can be washed in your normal laundry without any extra time involved!

  • Includes an extra layer of fabric between bra shelf and outer layer. This allows for modesty and elevated support!
  • The nursing cami is alittle longer, it’s what’s called a hip legnth. This makes it more comfortable and so it won’t ride up at all!

  • The easy to use drop-cup design on the bra cup allows you easy access for breastfeeding!
  • No tag design so nothing poking you, nothing but soft fabric for your comfort!

What does SAPsMaMa Think?

I love the fabric! The fabric is very soft, and very comfortable, yet it is still stretchy. I think the stretchiness is good for those who are nursing while pregnant or still losing the postpartum belly, and defiantly makes it a little more fitting on my body, which I like! I don’t like feeling like a tent, I like form fitting tops that show what a mother’s body looks like!

The fabric is also a good thickness. Some tops are very thin, especially tops that are made with more natural fabrics like bamboo, and so I worry about durability. However, I do not want too thick of a fabric, which would be uncomfortable on warmer days. This fabric seems to feel like it would be durable yet not make me too warm on hot days, but I will have to wait for a hot day to truly find out!

The legnth of the top was very nice, it covered my belly well but wasn’t too long. I do not like my belly showing, yet I do not like shirts that cover my butt, and this was right in the middle ground!

The straps on the top were easy to use. They were not as thin as other straps I’ve seen, but not overly thick, they are about a half inch thick, which will give nice support to your “milkies” when they’re quite full and need it without cutting into your shoulders! The straps are also nice and soft and do not cause any discomfort.

The clips on the straps are similar to those on a nursing bra, you can easily undue the clip with one hand, which is quite handy when you have your hands full with a very hungry baby! You can undue one side, or both.

The cup area in the bra shelf has a nice wide opening around the nipples. This would make it easy to use with a breastpump, but also make it easy to breastfeed. I have had nursing tops where the opening is small, I am guessing so that you “show” less when nursing in public, but the fabric would always get in the way when nursing. This Medela nursing cami has a wide enough opening that the fabric does not get in the way and so I have no worries when beastfeeding! However, even though it has a nice wide opening, it still has enough fabric around the breast to provide support. This bra “shelf” that is built into the top is quite well designed and I am very pleased with it!

The top is not too noticeably a nursing top and would easily go with many outfits, especially since it comes in simple black and white colors.

The lace on the top and bottom of the cami gives it a little bit of feminine touch without being too girly or over the top, I like the lace, and I am not girly at all! It also does not bother me at all, I have had lace be itchy or scratchy and this lace is not.

I have used this cami without any nursing pads, and with and without a bra. With breast pads, depending on the type used, sometimes you can see them sometimes they are not very noticeable. Without, I was comfy using the top, but then again I do not leak milk any more. Those who leak a lot may want to consider finding nursing pads like lily pads that wouldn’t show and you can wear without a bra, or maybe some nice full coverage wool nursing pads, or some thin cotton ones. The top looked nice with a bra, but with a bra the special cup feature that makes it easy to breastfeed is not as easy as you have the extra step of the bra to unhook, and the extra material of the bra in the way.


I really can’t find much of anything that I don’t like about this nursing cami! All in all, I wish I had known about this style cami when I first started nursing SAP, it would have made nursing in public and using my breastpump every few hours at work a much easier time and much less of a hassle!

The Green/Non-Toxic Feature:

  • Supports your decision to breastfeed, a wonderful natural process of feeding your child!
  • Made from eco-friendly bamboo material!

Buy It!

Find a retailer that carries the Medela Nursing Camisole near you HERE!

Win It!

One lucky SAPsMaMa follower will win a Medela Nursing Camisole in the color black, size medium! Please keep in mind that this is the only size/color available.

The size medium is sized to fit from a 34D to 38A, and if you are not currently nursing, remember that your cup size will increase a few sizes, so even if you are not a 34 D now, you very well could be when you nurse! Also with the stretchy fabric you may be able to wear it when smaller. For example, I wear a size small, I am a 32A, and that is not even listed on the chart! If you are interested in this cami but it is not your size I suggest trying to win it for a friend!


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    I feel the essential gear for the nursing mom would be the Pump In Style breast pump!

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    I nursed my first for 15 months (she weaned herself when i became pregnant with #2). I am currently nursing my 22 month old and 5 months pregnant with munber 3. Planning on tandem nursing 2 and 3.
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  9. I am now a follower of your blog.

  10. I will nurse, I am due in November with our fifth child.

  11. GFC follower shansman

    I think the seamless underwire nursing bra is an essential.


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  13. this tip helped me "Some older babies bite because their gums are sore from teething. Keep the gums clean with a soft baby toothbrush and plain water, or gauze moistened with cold water. This can reduce swelling and make baby feel better. Allow the baby to chew on a teething ring."


  14. I am a seasoned nurser! still nursing #1 (for 12+ months) and due with #2 in jan!


  15. The Comfort Nursing Bra is an essential item for nursing


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    I like the Medela Harmony Breastpump and used mine often with my first daughter. I didn't know Medela made a manual pedalpump. This intrigues me because I prefer the control and comfort of a manual pump over an electronic pump.

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  19. I'm a seasoned nurser.

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  20. I've been nursing my daughter since she was born. She's now 19 months old. I plan to continue nursing her until she self-weans. I'm also pregnant with baby #2 (due in September). I also plan to nurse him until he self-weans. It looks like tandem nursing is in my future. 🙂

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    I had no idea you could possibly have your insurance cover a breastpump! WOW!

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    My fav nursing item is……hmm cabbage. It is great for sore nipples.

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    I nursed my first to 12 months- he self weaned due to another pregnancy. I nursed #2 until 14 months, and I had to wean him due to hyperemesis from another pregnancy. Baby #3 will nurse until she weans or I have another pregnancy.


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  31. i'm nursing my second child right now. with my first all i could do was pump since he was a premiee and in the nicu

  32. i plan on nursing tell he self weans

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  34. an essential to have is the quick clean bags. makes cleaning my pumping stuff faster when im at work

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    I am a new follower and would luv it if you followed back :). I think a great nursing bra is essential. I was going to say a pump, but it is definitely possible to nurse without a pump. Looks like Medela has lots of nice ones for everyday to sleeping to camis.



  37. The NEW Mommiez Blend says:

    I am a new follower and would luv it if you followed back :). I think a great nursing bra is essential. I was going to say a pump, but it is definitely possible to nurse without a pump. Looks like Medela has lots of nice ones for everyday to sleeping to camis.



  38. The NEW Mommiez Blend says:

    I didn't know what a shell for your nipple was. That would be awesome if it would help when you are severely engorged to latch on. I had major issues with that.


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    I am a post nurser.


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    I nursed my Punkin for 15 months. My goal was 12 so I was happy to do 15. I think it ended up being harder on me to quit than my baby. 🙁


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  41. The NEW Mommiez Blend says:

    I have to say my favorite product is my Medela Pump In Style Advance Breastpump. I had a hard time getting my baby to latch on for the first two months so this was a much needed tool. I would tell anyone to get one. It's a lifesaver. I also like the Lansinoh breast pads. The thin ones. They don't look like you are wearing a diaper in your bra. I have not had any luck with reusable ones. I was a heavy heavy leaker, though. I had OALD and OS so I don't think reusables were meant to be. I am all for reusable ones so that bummed me out.


    newmommiez at gmail dot com

  42. TheTreeHugginMomma says:

    I'm following via GFC.

    For (this time around) the most useful item Medela had was the breast shield. I used it for the first 7 months as my baby was a preemie and wasn't big enough to latch properly. Thankfully he outgrew it and we are au natural now, but if it hadn't been for that shield I might have been pumping pumping pumping and not had those special nursing moments with him.

    kaleidoscopejane at yahoo dot com

  43. TheTreeHugginMomma says:

    I'm following via GFC.

    For (this time around) the most useful item Medela had was the breast shield. I used it for the first 7 months as my baby was a preemie and wasn't big enough to latch properly. Thankfully he outgrew it and we are au natural now, but if it hadn't been for that shield I might have been pumping pumping pumping and not had those special nursing moments with him.

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    Hmm…I would say I'm a beginning nurser because I've only been nursing for 9 months and have no timeline for weaning yet.

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