Jul 22, 2010

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Update on Making Your Blog Carbon Neutral!

So I posted this past weekend about how to make your blog carbon neutral, and I got SUCH a response! I’m so glad you all love the program as much as I do! If you missed that post, check it out HERE!

I was searching around their website, and it was said that they were planing the trees in Spring 2010…so I got a bit worried that this program had already closed….nope! Here is the email I got in return after sending them my “Carbon Neutral” post and signing up for the program!

Hi Melissa,

thank you so much for participating in our initiative and making your blog carbon neutral! Your tree will be planted next month by the Arbor Day Foundation. The scheduled start plant date was Monday, April 19 and the trees will be planted by a contracted crew. The roads are being plowed, all contracts solidified, and twelve shipments of 150,000 seedling each are being assembled. We thank you for the support!

There are still some trees looking for a sponsor. So if you know some people who have a blog or website, pass it on and we’ll make their blogs carbon neutral too!


“Make it green”-team

Awesome!! So hop on board and make your blog Carbon Neutral too! It’s as simple as a blog post, and having a button on your blog and you’re making a big difference!

And remember, anyone who participates gets a free entry into EVERY one of my giveaways from now until an undetermined time, and there are some WONDERFUL cloth diaper companies and other big giveaways coming up in the next month or so, so you’ll want those extra entries!! 🙂

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    Whoa…I don't know how I missed this original post??? have a link to it? Would love to check it out!

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