Aug 10, 2010

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LoveyBums Hand Painted Fitted Diaper Complete Review!

SAP’s Story

I saw a great review done on a LoveyBums cloth diaper on Home Grown Families blog, and it got me intrigued. Then, I went to their website, and wow! I just HAD to try these diapers!
LoveyBums diapers are ALL pretty much organic, natural fabrics, and all their fabrics and products are made in the USA with US-produced fabric! WOW! Not to mention, they’re unique with their extra special embroidery or hand painted art on them! When I showed some friends and family the diapers, they called them “designer diapers” and that’s what I think they are, natural designer diapers, the best kind there is!

So little can I say, I contacted LoveyBums and talked to Pam!

I was so excited to get our LoveyBums diaper in the mail. How many people can say they enjoy checking the mail? I do! Especially when I get cute little packages in the mail like I do from LoveyBums! The diaper came in a netted bag tied at the top with a ribbon and you could see the hand painted design through the bag, it was very nicely put together. This bag is of course in SAP’s toybox as she tends to claim any interesting little thing, especially the packaging I get in the mail!

I had told Pam I wanted a gender neutral design as I try to stay gender neutral if possible, not knowing if the next baby will be a boy or girl, and the design that I ended up getting was a very cute blue moon with three yellow stars shining on it! And it’s well painted too, not just blue and yellow, but different shades of paint, very well done! To match the pretty painting on the backside of the diaper, all the stitching is done with blue thread on the outside, natural color on the inside, and the snaps are the same way too, blue for outside snaps, and the inside snaps that snap in the soaker pad are a natural cream color. Very appealing! One thing I look for when I get a snap diaper is if the snaps come in contact with baby at all or if they are covered by fabric on the inside so that they don’t touch baby, only soft fabric does, and LoveyBums does think of this, not one snap come s in contact with baby! Not waist adjustment snaps, not soaker snaps, none! Thanks for considering this in your design!

On the bottom right of the diaper, do you see how the back of the plastic snaps aren’t showing but are hidden under fabric? And the 3 plastic snaps for the soaker will be covered by the soaker! Great!

So I got my diaper in the mail, but had to get it in the wash and get it ready to use! LoveyBums does pre-wash their natural fabrics before sewing their diapers, but all natural fabrics still take a while to lose their natural oils and it can take several washes to get them as absorbent as they should be. So before using this diaper I pre-washed it 3 times on hot with some Pumpkin Crunch scented classic rock from Rockin’ Green, then hang-dried it (yes you can use the dryer on your LoveyBums but I choose to hang-dry my diapers). I was quite nervous to wash it the first time, with the hand painting on the bum, I was afraid washing it would ruin it, it wouldn’t hold up to the hot water or detergent, something would happen…nope, I worried for nothing, as it came out just the same!Got it prepped, and put it on SAP’s bum! So cute!

I loved it! I’ve used this diaper at home and let her run around in it without a cover, it is very absorbent and holds everything in very well. We even use it on her when she’s in the mood for playing dress up! lol What do you think of this cute little ensemble with the hand painted diaper?! 🙂 Cute!We have had no leaks at all at home using it by itself, nor when we went camping or out to the store and used it with a wool cover or Thirsties cover, and yes, she did “put it to the test” and did her duty in her pretty diaper the second time only she was wearing it and it did very well, was even pretty easy to clean off since the soaker snaps in , you can snap it out and spray it off!
I am very impressed with this diaper. I believe every cloth diapering family has “their diaper”, the diaper that they find works best for their baby, fits their morals or personality best, is easiest for that particular person to use, that type of thing. For SAPsDaDa that’s GoodMama Sassy Tinkerbell diaper for his little girl, for me, it’s SAP’s LoveyBums diaper! Natural fabric, made in the USA, such a beautiful hand painted design on the bum, and well made, I’ve found the diaper that has everything I have been looking for in a diaper! This is SAPsMaMa’s type of diaper!

So to go over some pros and cons, as always. No diaper is perfect, and some are difficult to come up with cons for but I always do, there is always room for improvement! 🙂

Pros, I love the natural fabrics, how well constructed and how functional this diaper is, the hand painting on the bum, that it’s made in USA with US fabrics, and how it doesn’t leak! I think I’ve mentioned all that before but thought I’d say it all again anyway 🙂 I also love how the insert is so soft, and the fabric stays soft, not a lot of organic fabric can do that. Also, the insert is snapped in with three snaps (not touching baby, hidden in fabric), and it stays in place, doesn’t move around, very nice! Also unsnaps for easy cleaning when I had to spray off SAP’s diaper, worked out good. This diaper also is pretty trim, not bulky at all, when I fold it and put it in my diaper bin I’m always surprised how thin it is compared to my other natural fabric diapers that are all fluffy! lol

Cons, there are a couple cons, just some little stuff. One is how you have to snap. There is one row of snaps and three snaps on each side, which is great to prevent wing droop and getting a nice secure fit. However, you have to stay even on each side when you snap otherwise you get a little extra flap of fabric. For example, if you start on the second snap on the left side, start on the second snap on the left side as well. The snaps do over lap well if you snap evenly from both sides. However, SAP is just between sizes. So we tried to snap starting on the first snap from the left side and second snap from the right side….didn’t work too well. Either we had to stretch the final snap to snap it down and it would then be too tight anyway or you’d use the snap you should pass and get an extra flap of fabric.

Here’s some pictures to explain a bit better:

Here you can see all the snaps for adjustment. Three snaps on each side, and on the left you can also see two additional snaps on the wing facing the other direction which make it so you can overlap the wings for a tighter fit!

Here I am, starting my snapping on the very first snap on the left hand side.

With starting on the first snap on the left side, when all three snaps are snapped it brings me to the middle of the diaper.

And this is what it looks like, both wings started on the first snap, the wings both end at the center of the diaper nicely

If you start both sides on the second snap, the wings overlap once very well!

However, if you start one side on the first snap, the other side on the second snap, then you get this little problem where the snaps don’t line up perfectly. In this picture you can see that the snap that I would be snapping in with the left wing is taken up by the snap from the right wing.

If I snap in the area that is available to snap in, you get a little fabric tab sticking out there on the left. This in no way impairs the function of this diaper and the diaper works perfect, it just looks a little odd, that’s all.

Same thing happens if I try the same thing but reverse which wing I start on the first snap, and which is started on the second snap. Still get that little fabric tab. SAP seems to be between adjustments, if I start both snaps on the first, it’s a bit too loose, both started on the second, too tight, this way is just perfect! I’m sure she’ll grow in the next couple weeks so then we’ll be on a normal snap setting again, but until then we have a little fabric tab! lol

You can always stretch the tab to the next snap available, but for us it created the diaper too tight again, so we kept the little fabric tab.

With SAP’s body changing so quickly as most babies do it’s not a big deal, she probably won’t be in this snap pattern for too long, but it is a bit annoying. Just remember to snap evenly from both sides! Hope this helped you if you have a similar situation with your baby, no worries, the diaper works perfect, just will have a bitty fabric tab!

Besides that, the only other thing I have as a con for this diaper is the tag on it. I don’t like tags that much, kind of irritate my OCD a bit, and this one sticks out the back! Maybe it could be sewn down on the back a bit differently and it won’t stick out so much? But some companies want this so that the tag sticks out the back of the baby pants, free cute baby butt advertisement! lol. But I like mine flesh with the diaper if possible, and this one sticks out. Again, a personal con, nothing that would impact the functionality of this diaper!

So now that you heard about our wonderful experience with the LoveyBums diaper, how about we learn a little bit about LoveyBums themselves!

About LoveyBums Company

LoveyBums is a great company that has been around since 2003. They are WAHM and everything is made in the US with US fabrics! They l ove to offer families natural/organic options for cloth diapering, yet choices too! They have organic budget diapers as well as organic/natural embellished diapers (like my hand painted fitted LoveyBums!) so you can choose what you’d like yet cloth diaper naturally like you want!

They offer a wide variety of diapers and diapering products, from their organic budget diapers….

To more hand painted organic fitteds like mine!

And embroidery! I am thinking I need one of these!

Need extra absorption? Try an organic velour diaper!

LoveyBums doesn’t cost much to ship, anywhere from a few bucks to at most $15 and offers shipping to Canada and Internationally for not too much more! Their diapers range in price from organic diapers at about $14 and to hand painted or embroidered diapers upwards of around $28. Very worth it in my opinion!

Want to know more? You can find care information, sizing, retailers, and even a gift registry! Cloth diaper naturally from the start and register f or your baby shower! I think that’s an awesome idea! Check out the LoveyBums Website for all this and more!

Now how does this diaper hold up, what are the stats? Here they are!

  • Type of Cloth Diaper: Fitted diaper
  • Size and Weight Recommendations:
    NewBorn/Small: Birth – 12lbs
    Medium: 9-22lbs
    Large: 18-30lbs
    Extra Large: 28-40+ lbs
  • Insert: Snap in soaker (with 3 snaps, and tops of snaps hidden). Made of 2 layers of organic fleece topped with organic velour (now doesn’t that sound fancy! Very soft too, I’ve fallen in love with organic velour!)

  • The insert connects with 3 snaps!

  • How diaper Works/Features: This is a fitted diaper and so requires a cover of some kind. To use this diaper you snap in the organic fleece and velour soaker, which requires 3 snaps. you then put it on baby. It has a single row of snaps and the snaps are spaced. You need to start on the same number snap on both sides otherwise you will not be able to snap the last snap without it needing to be stretched or having extra fabric flap. These snaps can overlap for skinnier babies! After it is snapped on, put on cover of your choice, or let baby run around looking cute in their organic LoveyBums hand painted diaper!
  • Wash/Care of Diaper: Made of organic fabric an d so needs to be prepped/prewashed a few times before first use and won’t reach full absorbency until several washes. This diaper is also hand painted with baby safe textile paint, but this does not require any extra or special care at all.When dirty, take diaper off and put in bin, remove any solids before of course. Wash with normal diaper wash load and wash on hot or warm with a mild detergent; tumble or line dry. No bleach or fabric softener. I do like to unsnap the insert of this diaper before washing it but that’s just my preference, it is only snapped on one side and cleans fine without unsnapping.

Style and Material

  • Material Feel: The material is so soft! Usually wit h organic/natural fabric like hemp I got used to it feeling a bit stiff, especially if I line dried it. This organic cotton fleece is a lot nicer! Plus organic velour used for the insert makes it so what your baby’s bum sits on is ultra soft! I love this diaper and how it feels!
  • Materials Used: This diaper is made of 100% organic cotton fleece. The insert that comes with this diaper is made of 2 layers of organic fleece and topped with organic velour!

    See how the snaps, thread and painting all match?!

  • Color/Aesthetic: The color of the fabric is a natural “creamy” type of color, which coincides with what I like, for her to feel and look natural! But also, the paint is so vivid! I’ve washed it every 3 days for the past few weeks and it has not faded. It is not just stenciled in, it is artistic with shades of different colors! And with matching thread and snaps, aesthetic gets an A! 🙂 As you can see, it looks super adorable without a cover under SAP’s tutu!! I can only imagine all the things I can do with an adorable diaper like this!

Ease of Use

  • Closures: Closures of this diaper are in snap form. As I said earlier, it’s best to snap evenly coming from both sides of the diaper, but it’s pretty easy to use, not complicated at all. The snaps are also hidden under fabric on the back side (the side of the snap not being used) so that the plastic snap does not touch baby’s skin, which might be irritating to baby, and would be to me if I want just natural organic fibers on my baby!
  • See how the snaps can overlap 🙂

  • Similarity to Disposables: Now most people want cloth diapers similar to disposables (hence why I include this feature in my diaper re views). However, there are some great reasons to have cloth diapers far away from being similar to disposables! One, cloth is sooo much cuter than disposables! Two, I believe snaps and other features that cloth diapers can include that disposables cannot are much better than others like Velcro! This diaper I think is not like a disposable diaper. It is adorable and unique with it’s hand painted bum, it’s chemical free with USA made fabrics and organic fabrics, something disposables cannot provide, and it utilizes snaps, which hold much better, have a longer life, and toddlers cannot take off as easy. I love this diaper for how it is so much better than disposables and I think you will love it too! If you are looking for a diaper similar to disposables check out LoveyBum s other diapers, they do have some more similar to satisfy your needs, but this hand painted organic diaper is not in my opinion.
  • How Size and Fit Are Adjusted: These are sized diapers so once baby outgrows size, you must purchase a new sized diaper. Fit can be adjusted through a single row snaps with 3 snaps on each wing, and wings can overlap.

  • Trimness: This diaper is pretty trim! There is no extra bulk between the legs and the style of the wings doesn’t impede on SAP’s running around and climbing (as much as we’d prefer she wouldn’t!).
  • How Adjustable is Diaper for Absorbency: This fitted diaper has one double layered soaker to snap inside of it. If you need extra absorbency LoveyBums has two types of organic doublers for your convenience to use, sold in two packs! You can see these on their website

This is the organic soaker pad, topped with organic velour. See no snaps showing on the top of the soaker! 🙂 Also, this soaker isn’t too think, so keeps diaper trim, and yet is absorbent enough for our needs!

Performence and Functionality
  • Leaks: We have had no leaks with this diaper! The soaker inside the diaper stays in place very well and absorbs quick enough so no leaks occur
  • Absorbency: Usually trimness is sacrificed for absorbency, but this diaper is very absorbent while still being trim! I’ve had no problems with absorbency.
  • Leg Gussets: Legs and back are well protected from leaks with elastic, creating gussets, and the organic fabric is soft against her thighs.
  • Nap/Bedtime Use: I have not tried this diaper as a night time diaper, or with a doubler yet so cannot comment on it’s absorbency for night time use. However, I have used this diaper for nap time with a Thirsties cover and have had no problem with absorbency for SAP’s nap time, normally 2-3 hours long.
  • If Fit is True: We recieved a size large hand painted fitted diaper for this review, which is rated for 18-30lbs, and it fits SAP wonderfully, who was at about 24lbs when we first put it on her and is about 26lbs now. There is plenty of room for growth and for chubbier babies (SAP does have a baby booda belly!) so I believe this diaper should fit to the recommended 30lbs or even past that for us! With the overlapping snaps it should also fit skinnier babies well. I believe fit is true, at least for the size large. Most of LoveyBums diapers go by the same sizing chart so this does help when trying out different types of diapers they offer.
  • How Insert is Removed: Insert is inserted and removed via three snaps inside the diaper. You can keep it snapped in for wash and so does not require the extra step of touching the insert before washing like some pocket diapers require, although I personally do unsnap insert before wash, some find it nice to keep it snapped in so you don’t have to look for it when folding/stuffing diapers after wash is completed. Since it is a flap insert, only connected to diaper on one end, it cleans well even when still snapped in!
  • Wear and Tear: Since I’ve only used this diaper for the past few weeks I cannot comment on how it would hold up in the long term and will have to update on that in a few more months. However, I can comment that the last few weeks it has held up well. With snaps and no velcro there is no pilling, the fabric and sewing hold together beautifully and everything stays in place nice, the paint on the bum (which is what I was most worried about!) does not fade, the elastic does not seem to be stretching out or anything (although I do line dry my diapers). I do think this diaper would work well in regular rotation!

Quality/Cash Analysis

  • The organic hand painted LoveyBums Diapers cost $28 each.
  • For what you are getting, natural/organic fabrics and a detailed hand painting on the bum of the diaper, this price is not bad at all. Defiantly a bit more pricey than other diapers but for a specialty diaper and for the detail and how well sewn this diaper is I think quality/cash analysis goes toward the side of good quality, worth the cash! You get what you pay for with LoveyBums!
SAPsDaDa’s 2 Cents!

I do like the look of this diaper, it’s probably one of the more pretty ones that we own. It absorbs quite well and we’ve had no leaks yet! Unfortunately, because it is painted on the cotton you have to cover it up if you want water proofing and need to go out of the house, so you don’t get to see the pretty print all the time. Also, how the snaps are spaced makes it hard to get a good fit, but it is achievable. This is the diaper I commonly let her run around the house in in the afternoon when it’s clean because it is so pretty to look at, not that her butt’s not pretty to look at….I”m really going to hate her teen years! Does anyone know where to find a good crowbar for future boyfriends?! Yes I’m kidding! lol

SAPsMaMa comment: My fiance is too corny for his own good, SAP will be so embarrassed in her teen years probably won’t be bringing any boyfriends home around us, crowbar or now crowbar! lol

Buy It!

You can buy LoveyBums at the LoveyBums Website, or check them out at one of Their Retailers!

Don’t forget to check out our LoveyBums Giveaway HERE!

The product(s) provided for the review were sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Giveaway is open to US and Canada. Giveaway will end Aug. 25th @ 11:59 PM (CST). Winner will be chosen using Winner will have 48 hours to respond after I contact via email. If winner does not respond, a new winner will be chosen. Good Luck and thank you for supporting SAPsMaMa!

Thank you so much to LoveyBums for providing the Hand Painted Organic Fitted diaper for this review/giveaway! Working with you has been a pleasure! 🙂

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  2. #2 I follow your blog publicly through GFC and like the Medium Swimming Turtle Hand-painted Diaper.
    mileerom at yahoo dot com

  3. The diaper you reviewed is made of 100% organic cotton fleece. The insert is made of 2 layers of organic fleece and topped with organic velour.
    mileerom at yahoo dot com

  4. You stated that this diaper is not very much like a disposable because it is better than a disposable. You explained that it's hand painted, doesn't contain chemicals, is made with organic fabrics that are made in the USA, and that is uses snaps.
    mileerom at yahoo dot com

  5. You used Rockin' Green Pumpkin Crunch scented classic rock detergent and you pre-washed it 3 times.
    mileerom at yahoo dot com

  6. SAPsMaMa's diaper is the SAP's LoveyBums diaper and SAPsDaDa diaper is GoodMama Sassy Tinkerbell diaper.
    mileerom at yahoo dot com

  7. diaper is made of 100% organic cotton fleece. The insert is 2 layers of organic fleece topped with organic velour.

    dakotaring at yahoo dot com

  8. dipe is not like a sposie-it's better b/c it's hand painted, doesn't contain chemicals, is made with organic fabrics that are made in the USA, and it's got snaps.

    dakotaring at yahoo dot com

  9. Pre-washed 3x w/RnG Classic Rock (Pumpkin Crunch scent)

    dakotaring at yahoo dot com

  10. SAPsMaMa's Diaper = LoveyBums diaper
    SAPsDaDa's Diaper = GoodMama Sassy Tinkerbell diaper

    dakotaring at yahoo dot com

  11. I LOVE snaps (as the parent of a toddling streaker), but I think my favorite feature is probably the all natural US made fabrics

    dakotaring at yahoo dot com

  12. I'd LOVE to try a Tie dye heart diaper-they look SO cute!

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