Sep 6, 2010

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AppleCheeks Products Review and Little Bundle Giveaway!

If you’ve been reading SAPsMaMa for some time, you then saw my review of the AppleCheeks Cloth Diapering system! And then you know how much I just LOVE our AppleCheeks diapers!

Well not only do I love the AppleCheeks diapers, I love the AppleCheeks company! Recently I’ve worked with Ilana from AppleCheeks and had the opportunity to review some of their great new items that they recently came out with! Knowing how wonderful their diapers were, I expected wonderful things, and was not to be disappointed!

Applecheeks Swim Diaper!

SAP’s Story

At the beginning of this summer AppleCheeks came out with their adorable swim diaper! Now I loved my AppleCheeks diapers, and had tried other swim diapers during winter swim lessons, but the reviews and ratings and all the talk about the new AppleCheeks Swim diaper made me want one so bad! Luckily, I got the opportunity to review one!

For review, I recieved the Bonfire colored Swim diaper, perfect for SAP! The fuchsia coloring on the outside with the yellow on the inside definitely reminds me of a bonfire and is not too girley girl, which we try to stay away from! The sizing was the same as the AppleCheeks diapers, so I knew that the sized 2 would fit SAP without any guessing, which I loved! This also made me happy for another reason: I only would have to buy two sizes of swim diapers the whole time she needed swim diapers! With other swim diapers, I had to keep buying more! Last summer SAP needed one size, then for winter swim lessons I had to buy a size up, now this summer I had to buy another size! It was pretty pricey! Luckily this winter and next summer I won’t have to purchase anymore, now that I know about AppleCheeks swim diapers!
What I had not expected was the difference in materials of the AppleCheeks Swim diaper compared to other swim diapers I had used on SAP. Most swim diapers had a PUL layer or something similar to keep pee/poo in the diaper, out of the water, and some others even had some terry on the inside to “absorb the pee”….of course it always absorbed water too. But what I realized about the AppleCheeks Swim Diaper is that it is not like that at all! It is made out of two layers of 100% polyester Canadian-milled mesh, which allows water to to move through the diaper, yet it still keeps all solids inside the diaper! The fabric defiantly felt a lot softer than other more “plastic” feeling swim diapers I had used! But the real test was yet to come….swim time!!!

Usually when we go swimming I have a swim diaper on under SAP’s swim suit…well I did that with the AppleCheeks swim diaper and, oh so cute!, the ruffles around the legs stuck out from the legs of her swimsuit, and the coloring matched her swim suit, it looked like it was part of it! Not like those disposable swim diapers, they could NOT look this adorable! 🙂 After that first time, I used the swim diaper by itself… I saw no need to cover it up with a swim suit! We slaughtered her with sunscreen or put a UV shirt on her and she ran around in that AppleCheeks swim diaper and had a blast! She moved like there was nothing on her, and I am used to a big cloth diaper fluffy butt, so seeing her run around like that was just very cute.

As far as fit and functionality of this swim diaper, I found that it was tight enough to keep any solids in, yet it did not create any marks on her legs etc., so had to be comfortable for her to wear! One thing I do have to warn against however (and some people will not like) is that because this swim diaper does not have a PUL or other waterproof layer or any absorption like other swim diapers, if baby pees, it goes right through. Luckily the times SAP has done this it was when were were getting her ready to dry off and she was on the grass next to the pool, or she had peed in the pool, so hasn’t been a big problem for us, but you definitely have to wait to put this diaper on until just before baby is ready to get in the pool, you don’t want them peeing on you or your car seat, etc.! The first time SAPsNaNa saw SAP “water the grass” she was defiantly not happy! Me? I love this swim diaper, but others may not like this “free-flow” of water etc. through the swim diaper.
I also realized when it got to washing the diaper it’s washed on cold and hang dry…this was a surprise to me! I had previously washed my swim diapers with my cloth diapers, which is on hot water! So I have to consciously remember to hang dry it and put it in SAP’s cold water wash bin so it gets washed in cold with her clothes, or I’ll have to wash it separately if it’s pooed in and messy. This might create some issues…however, I did accidentally wash this with my cloth diapers on hot the first time I used it, and it came out fine! I wouldn’t recommend going against washing instructions but at least I don’t have to be overly worried about making that mistake again!You can see the Applecheeks swim diaper sticking out from her swim suit…looks super cute doesn’t it! 🙂

What SAPsMaMa LOVES about the AppleCheeks Swim Diaper!

  • The colors! The boyish Corsica color (which girls can wear too!) and the girly Bonfire (that isn’t too girly but just enough!) are wonderful colors!
  • The material! Soft and breathable, and does not create marks on SAP’s legs!
  • Functionality, keeps all solids in!
  • Sizing! Only need to buy 2 swim diapers ever!
  • Snaps! I forgot to mention this before, but I love how it is snapped in front, easy to remove in case it’s pooed in, unlike pull-on swim diapers, oh those get messy! Plus this way SAP cannot remove it, if it’s velcro or ties, she can take it off…no streaking baby at the pool! 🙂

See how cute the AppleCheeks is sticking out of her swimsuit?! Also, it doesn’t look bulky at all! Not like a disposable swim diaper!

Suggested Improvements, Always Room for Improvement!

  • Possibly add a waterproof layer, or create a swim diaper with a water proof or absorption area for parents/families that like that feature?
  • Not too happy it’s washed differently than my cloth diapers (washed in cold, not warm/hot!), but some families, especially those that do not cloth diaper, will probably love this feature!
  • That’s all!
AppleCheeks Gentle Cleansing Solution

SAP’s Story

Since starting cloth diaper, we have always made our own diaper wipes solution. First, it was just whatever baby soap, lotion, and oil was cheapest at the store. But after learning more about the toxins in conventional baby care items in the stores I decided to go more natural. What did we come up with? Our own little wipes solution of organic aloe vera, Dr. Bronners Castile Soap, and Apricot oil! Works great for us, but we were still stuck using wet wipes on the go, which meant a lot of prep when we’d take trips out of town (which we do quite often!). I wanted something easier and with less bulk, yet still natural! AppleCheeks Gentle Cleansing Solution is just what I needed!

I first got the package of AppleCheeks products, including the gentle cleansing solution, in the mail as we were leaving town on our week long vacation! We were traveling all over the state and out of state, and it was PERFECT timing! I had figured I would use this spray for traveling, maybe daycare…I wasn’t sure what else but those were my plans!

And boy did it work well! We kept dry wipes in our diaper bag and the spray bottle, and Nana had no trouble at all understanding how to use it! I tried different ways of using it, including spraying it on SAP’s bum, or on the wipe first, and in my opinion spraying it on her bum worked best for me, only needed one or two sprays then! I was worried SAP wouldn’t like being sprayed but she actually giggled every time! This also worked out great so I could just keep it in the diaper bag for trips out of the house and not have to worry about packing up some fresh wet wipes, forgetting them in the diaper bag and them getting all nasty in there over a few days before I find them again. uck! So this worked well for us!

Fits perfectly in our ERGO changing pad carrier pouch! Compare to the pack of cloth wet wipes next to it!

I also realized that it has other uses as well! When we were out and about SAP touches everything, and then sucks her thumb, eats a snack… kids aren‘t the cleanest as you know! But I hate moist towelettes, and I don’t like using hand sanitizer unless absolutely necessary. Applecheeks gentle cleansing solution was our solution! I actually spritz her hands and wipe them with this solution when she touches something yucky or before eating when a sink isn’t available for washing hands, and it has saved us many times!

Now, as I said, I had anticipated using this for traveling and on the go, up until this point I had ONLY used my own home made wipes solution and making my own wet wipes. Well, we started using the AppleCheeks gentle cleansing solution for every diaper change instead of making wet wipes, and we discovered something! We no longer needed to use a Bummas wipe or burp rag to pat her bum dry after finishing wiping/before putting on ointment! We could spritz, wipe clean, and use other side of wipe to dry anything left off, and no extra wipe was needed! Also, with the AppleCheeks solution SAP’s rash went away and got better quicker and was not persistent like it usually is! We think it may be since less moisture was on her bum like with the wet wipes, even though we patted her dry before, the cleansing solution seemed to work better for her!

We did have a few drawbacks though with the solution. The major one was poopies! We tried to clean up SAP’s very messy poopy business with the cleansing solution….did not work well for us! Seemed difficult to get it as clean as we liked without using a ton of spray solution. So we ended up using cloth wet wipes for those diaper changes. A second thing i noticed was the little plastic cap for the bottle…I kept losing it! And SAP of course loved to play with it and put it in her mouth, so be careful mothers, it is a choking hazard, if you have young babies you might want to just toss the cap like I did, I havn’t had any leaking problems with the bottle at all so it seems fine without the cap!

I know this probably isn’t a reality, but I dislike plastic, so if the solution had an aluminum or glass bottle that can be reusable I would love that option! A little more environmentally friendly and toxin free! But I know for reasonable pricing and so it won’t break (thinking glass here), probably not much of a reality at this point in time unfortunately.

What SAPsMama LOVES about the AppleCheeks Gentle Cleansing Solution!

  • Easy portability! Small enough for small diaper bags, even purses!
  • AppleCheeks sells a cheaper concentrate for refilling your spritzer bottle!
  • Easy to use, even for daycare and Grandparents!
  • Helps with diaper rash as it cleanses yet doesn’t leave alot of wetness behind!
  • Less diaper wash as you are using half the wipes (if you were like me and patted baby’s bum dry with a Bummas wipe after changes)
  • Smells good, defiantly not unpleasant at all!
  • All natural! My favorite thing!
  • Can be used to cleanse hands etc., a good alternative to sanitizer and moist towelettes!
  • Lasts a long time! Our little 4 oz bottle is only half empty after a month of use!
  • Save you time, as you don’t have to make a wipes solution, it’s right there for you to use! Also you don’t have to pack wet wipes since you can keep it packed and ready to go, doesn’t get yucky smelling!

SAP is always curious about it and wanting to play with the bottle 🙂 She doesn’t know how to make it spray yet so we’re good!

Suggested Improvements, Always Room For Improvement!

  • Some way to make it so the cap is less of a choking hazard, maybe a wider bottle, or some other nozzle, like a regular spray bottle top you can twist close instead of cap close?
  • Possibly an aluminum or glass bottle instead of plastic!
  • A special concentration or tips on how to use the cleansing solution for really messy poopy dipes!
  • A list of other ways to use the cleansing solution so parents know how wonderful it is for hands etc.!

AppleCheeks Rayon From Bamboo Plush Cloth Wipes

SAP’s Story

With the AppleCheeks Gentle Cleansing Solution that I received to review, I received to use with it the wonderful rayon from bamboo plush cloth wipes AppleCheeks makes!

Can I say I was overly excited to try these wipes? I know weird, but I really was! When I first started cloth diapering I made my own wipes, which have survived 18 months and still going with little wear and tear, and I’m very proud of my wipes, but I made them myself to save money. They are made from flannel, which is quite durable, but not as natural as I’d like. I had also tried a few companies of cloth wipes, but was never happy with them, especially with the price tag attached, was difficult to justify buying cloth wipes when I could easily make them! But with AppleCheeks bamboo wipes, I can defiantly see that they are well worth it!

The Bamboo wipes came in a set of 6! So soft from day one!

I tried the AppleCheeks Bamboo Wipes multiple ways,
first with the Gentle Cleansing Spray, and then as a normal wet wipe as we normally do….no mater what way we used it we were impressed! The wipes are sooooo soft, I can only imagine how much better it feels than flannel! Also, usually softness is traded for quality. I’ve tried wipes that are usually too thick it’s difficult to get in all the little creases I need to to cleanse, and I’ve tried wipes that are so thin that you use twice the number of wipes to achieve the cleanliness that you wish to achieve, so I’ve stuck with my homemade wipes…. but now I found AppleCheeks Bamboo wipes! They’re the perfect thickness!

Besides that, I had noticed that many wipes are surged instead of sewn, and I myself double stitch my wipes, which makes them very durable but it takes quite a long time. The surged wipes I’ve used I’ve had problems with the edges of the fabric fraying after just a short period of time, and so I’ve stopped buying wipes like that. These AppleCheeks bamboo wipes I have had no fraying from at all! They’ve also stayed a good size, haven’t shrunk in the hot wash at all so are the perfect size for making wet wipes in a wipes container or wipes warmer! I very much would love if my entire stash were these bamboo wipes, because in 2 years I have not found a wipe that has all these properties to my high standards. And they do it with natural, sustainable fabrics! Good job Applecheeks! 🙂

SAP grabbing the bamboo wipes and giving them to mommy….i.e. shoving them into the camera! lol What a helpful little girl hmm? 🙂

What SAPsMaMa LOVES about the AppleCheeks Rayon From Bamboo Plush Cloth Wipes?

  • Made from Rayon of Bamboo, a more natural, and sustainable fiber!
  • Super soft and plush!
  • Just the right thickness for good clean up! Not too thick, not too thin!
  • Stays together good, doesn’t fray or pull apart! Durable!
  • Works well with Gentle Cleansing solution as well as as a wet wipe!
  • 8×8 size perfect for use in wipe containers, wipe warmers, and travel containers

Suggested Improvements, Always Room For Improvement!

  • I wish the Rayon From Bamboo Plush Wipes were offered in a value pack with the Gentle Cleansing Solution! Would be a great beginners wipes starter kit for those who want a more natural wipes kit! 🙂
  • Only thing I can think of, I love them!
AppleCheeks Storage Sacs

SAP’s Story

Besides awesome cloth diapers and wipes accessories, AppleCheeks also makes Storage Sacs! I had the opportunity to review the AppleCheeks Storage Sac in both size 1, and in size 2 in their chocolate brown color!

Both storage sacs were made similarly, just different sizes! They both are made of one layer of fabric (not sure on type of fabric) and have a double-toggle opening, which I hadn’t seen before.

At first I was a bit iffy about the bags, I love my wet bags and the idea of sealing the stink inside the bag, so having a toggle opening instead was a little different for me to get used to. Plus I was worried about wicking or leaking with really wet diapers, like those sprayed off, since it was only 1 layer of fabric. However, as I started to use these storage sacs, I realized that there is a reason behind how they are designed, and they’ve worked for us wonderfully!
The size 1 storage sac is just perfect for daily use! I usually now keep it in our diaper bag or ERGO changing pad carrier just for that reason! It seems to hold more diapers than a medium sized wet bag since it seems to be a bit more stretchy. I also love the chocolate coloring, very neutral color and it works perfectly with our more natural products we use! Even thought the bag doesn’t close completely like I am used to wet bags doing with zipper closures, I learned I had nothing to worry about with my dirty diapers inside the storage sac! I’d go all day with dirty diapers inside the storage sac and my diaper bag didn’t smell dirty, and best part, when I go to empty it when I get home into our diaper pail, it wasn’t super smelly like when I have them in a wet bag zippered up! I’m thinking it’s the open air flow instead of it sitting in stagnant air! I did find it quite difficult to open the double toggle to put the dirty diaper inside the storage sac however, since usually I’m doing it with one hand or with my hands full with changing SAP, but other than that that was the only issue I had! When we’re not using this storage sac in SAP’s diaper bag it’s usually used at daycare to collect and bring home her dirty cloth diapers

The Size 2 storage sac we found to be very useful for us for travel! It wasn’t large enough to fit in our huge cloth diaper bin as a diaper pail liner, but it was perfect for the 2-6 day trips we do visiting the grandparents! Until this point we had actually taken our whole diaper bin down….that takes up a ton of room! Last time we went down we just used the size 2 Applecheeks Storage Sac and hung it off the closet door knob, and it worked perfectly! It was more than large enough for the amount of diapers we get in the 3 days we go between washes and the double toggle was perfect for hanging it off the door knob! We didn’t have any stink issues since there was good air flow, which I have learned is essential with cloth diapers, and why our baby’s room smells better than the nurseries that we’ve visited of babies who use disposable diapers!

Also, when I washed these, it said that I could put them in the dryer on low, but I was quite iffy (I don’t even put my cloth diapers in the dryer if I can help it!), so I put ONE bag in the dryer on low, and the other I hung dry, just in case something happened….nope! The bag came out perfectly fine from the dryer! The one I hung dry it didn’t take much time at all to dry! So either way you prefer to dry your bags, you should be good!

The Size 2 Storage sac hanging of four door “knob”. As you can see it works with lever handles as well! No cloth diapers in this bag, just books so I could take a pic quickly lol

What SAPsMaMa LOVES about the AppleCheeks Storage Sacs!

  • You can wash them with your cloth diapers!
  • Size 1 is perfect size for diaper bag!
  • Size 2 is large enough to hold over 3 days of dirty diapers!
  • The double toggle closure keeps our curious toddler from getting into the bag! She can’t open it!
  • No stinky since there’s good air flow!
  • Color neutral option!

Suggested Improvements, Always room for Improvement!

  • A single toggle for the Size 1 storage sac so that it is easier to open with one hand or with hand full. It’s great to have a double toggle for the Size 2 since when used out of a diaper pail it makes it more difficult for toddlers to access, but I don’t think it’s as much a necessity in the Size 1 storage sac!
  • Another, larger size storage sac that would fit my diaper pail!
  • The option of a zipper closure for the size 1 storage sac for those who prefer zipper to toggle.
  • More color options! Like a girly color!

Win It!

One very lucky SAPsMaMa follower will win a AppleCheeks Little Bundle! This includes one (1) AppleCheeks Envelope Cover in your choice of size, and one (1) one-size insert! This has a retail value of about $26.50-$29.00!

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    2. Name 2 of the many ways I used the AppleCheeks Gentle Cleansing Spray! (1 Entry)

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