Sep 9, 2010

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Get Extra Entries and Help a Good Cause!

You know I love helping good causes, and giving extra entries for your generosity too! The cause I want to talk to you about today?

The Dirties on Diapering!

About this project

I want to use photography to create a visual hard-cover coffee-table style book, which will let people know about cloth diapering vs. disposable diapers. I want to show using pictures both the health risks and environmental risks moms take by choosing disposables. I want to make the recent information about disposable diapers a more vivid picture in people’s minds. I also want to show a bit on the modernization/history of the cloth diaper through photography.

So how do you help? Well the project has to raise enough money to reach it’s goal by Sept. 15th, and that is less than a week away! I would really hate to see this project not happen, and I know there’s a long way to go, but every little bit helps! Click here to make a pledge!

There’s incentives too! Just $15 pledged gets you a copy of the book! $50 gets you a book, an 8 x 10 print of a photo from the book, and a swimee diaper from our wonderful Nifty Nappy! What a deal, and you’re helping a good cause! There’s more prizes for higher pledges too!

Now I know you’re waiting for the extra entries, so here goes:
(These extra entries are good in BOTH of my AppleCheeks and CSN Stores Giveaways! If you’re entered in both, you can enter the entries into both giveaways!)

1. Make a donation to The Dirties on Diapering! (Please comment on this blog post with your name, or at least first letter and full last name, and which category you are in!)

  • 5 extra entries into EACH of my giveaways for any donation less than $15
  • 15 extra entries in EACH of my giveaways for any $15-$49 donation
  • 25 extra entries in EACH of my giveaways for any $50 donation or higher
  • These extra entries is in addition to any gifts you get with the pledge you make! How cool is that?!

2. Blog about The Dirties on Diapering, including a link to their webpage! Include link to your blog post in your entry comments. (15 entries EACH)
3. Like The Dirties on Diapering on Facebook! (2 entries EACH)
4. Tweet about The Dirties on Diapering Please include link to tweet in entry comment. (1 entry per day per giveaway!)

ALOT of extra entries here, but it’s for a good cause! Please seriously consider making a donation! Thank you all so much! 🙂

Melissa (SAPsMaMa)

  1. Maia Forde~ $20 🙂

  2. Fan of dirties on diapering on facebook! 🙂