Oct 7, 2010

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Correction for SoftBums Giveaway and Extra Entries!

Regarding the SoftBums Mystery Diaper Event (OMNI Diaper) giveaways going on right now, I had orignianlly not allowed Cloth Diaper Foundation and Dirties on Diapering extra entries eligable for this giveaway. I did this because I was unsure of the rules they had regarding entries.

I am now making this giveaway open to ALL extra entries!! This includes the Dirties on Diaper extra entries (Which I just posted and you should check out!) as well as the Cloth Diaper Foundation extra entries, AND the extra entries I will be posting in the next week or so for another KickStarter Project I know you all will love!

Enjoy these extra giveaway entries!

For my mistake, I will give EVERYONE that enters the SoftBums Giveaway 1 extra entry! You have to add this entry yourself, as “Extra Entry Ooops Entry” or something, and you have to make sure you already have your MANDATORY entry completed!

Good Luck to everyone!!

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