Oct 4, 2010

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CSN Stores Review Coming!!

Do you remember the CSN Stores Giveaway last month? SAPsMaMa gave away a sponsored $40 Gift Certificate to CSN Stores to one lucky winner! Imagine the great things you can get! The selection is awesome! Now, CSN Stores is offering SAPsMaMa an item to review!

One thing we are looking at from CSN Stores is their console tables! When we had our little girl we were quite concerned about the glass and rough edges of the table we had, so it was on our list to replace the one we currently have! Plus a nice new table would look great with our HD TV we got last year!

But you know me! I always end up getting something for baby girl! So stay tuned and see what I decide to review from CSN Stores! Whatever it is, you know it’ll be natural and GREEN!! If you didn’t know already, CSN Stores has great GREEN furniture and products as well! So why not take a look for yourself at CSNstores.com!

The company CSN Stores has provided a Gift Certificate in the amount of $45 for my review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.
Text in Italics is from the company’s website or otherwise sited from party it was received from.

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