Oct 1, 2010

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SoftBums Mystery Diaper Event!! **GIVEAWAY!!**

Have you heard?! Well that’s why you’re here isn’t it! SoftBums has unveiled their new Mystery Diaper!!!
The new SoftBums Diaper, named the Omni Diaper, seems to have everything you need for cloth diapering, giving you choices in how you want to use your diaper, yet one diaper can last you from birth to potty training! It’s a revelutionary diaper, the very first Multi-Purpose Pocket Diaper!!
It’s got some of the features that the Echo didn’t have, so paired together they make the perfect dynamic Duo Diapering Team!!
Echo is Ultra trim, perfect for daytime, and the Omni is stuffable, perfect for nights!
What makes the Omni awesome?
  • The first ever multi-Purpose Pocket. It’s a Pocket Diaper AND an All-in-2 AND a cover!!
  • Huge pocket opening is easy to stuff.
  • Larger size means it fits even BIGGER toddlers upt o 40 lbs, can be easily overstuffed adn fits great over prefolds!
  • compatible with the same Pods as the Echo, as well as almost any other diaper insert!
  • Use as an all-in-2 for the most economical diapering system available!
  • Use as a pocket for a super absorbent and bulletproof diaper so easy your daycare can use it! use as a cover over flats, prefolds or nearly anything else you already have for a worry-free night!

    You can learn more about the Omni SoftBums diaper at any of these locations:

    SoftBums Blog!
    SoftBums Website!
    SoftBums YouTube!!

    So what do you think?! Well if you’re not excited enough already, then how about some prize giveaways?!

    Some very lucky bloggers had the wonderful opportunity to test out the Mystery Diaper, and those lucky bloggers will be offering their review of the product to you starting today, but also you will be able to enter on their blogs for every prize! Including the Grand Prize, a new I Pad!!!

    Grand Prize (you can only enter for the iPad on reviewing bloggers posts!)
    Apple iPad!!
    What giveaways can you enter in on SAPsMaMa Blog today?!

    SAPsMaMa is one of 81 Bloggers who are SoftBums Event Reporters! Here on SAPsMaMa you will get an opportunity to enter to win any of these wonderful prizes!:

    1st Prize

    Complete Birth To Potty Package of the new SoftBums Mystery Diapers!!

    2nd Prize

    $75 GiftCertificate to SoftBums.com!!

    3rd Prize

    $50 GiftCard to Amazon.com!!PLUS
    1 SoftBums Mystery Diaper will be given out to winners #5-#20 !!


    1 Pair of baby Legs will be given out to winners #21-#23 !!

You get a chance at ALL these awesome prizes by entering below!

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  • You must leave your email in each comment/entry! You may leave your email in the ” email at host dot com ” format if you would like to deter spam bots, but your email MUST be included for your entry to count!
  • Mandatory entry must be completed before any other entries!
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  • If you need clarification on how to complete one of the entries, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help!
  • I will check each comment entry! So please be fair and only enter for entries you qualify for!

    Mandatory Entry! (Must be completed BEFORE any extra entries! Be sure to do BOTH parts!!)

    **You must follow SAPsMaMa PUBLICLY via Google Friend Connect! **

    Also, let me know your thoughts on the new SoftBums Mystery Diaper! What do you like/dislike about it? Were your expectations met? Were you surprised?! I want to know what you think!! 🙂

    This Mandatory Entry is worth 2 Entries!! Make sure to enter 2 comments!!

    Extra Entries!

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    You may use any unique tweet with SoftBums Mystery Event in it and a link to the Softbums event post, OR you may use:
    The new SoftBums Mystery Diaper Reveled!! Win an iPad, SoftBums #clothdiapers, and more at the SoftBums Event!
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No product(s) was provided for this review/event post. All prizes are sponsored by SoftBums and are part of the SoftBums Mystery Diaper Event. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.
Text in Italics is from the company’s website or otherwise sited from party it was received from.

This giveaway is open to US Residents! Entries on SAPsMaMa will be counted towards the first prize level and down, not for the iPAD. Winners will be drawn using random.org and 23 winners are chosen from all entries compiled from all participating blogs. Winner has 48 hours to get back to me after being contacted or a new winner will be drawn. Ends October 18th, 2010 at 8 pm CST!

Here is the List of Blogs, comment on all of them to increase your chances to WIN!!

Reporting Blogs:

Reviewing Blogs:

**If linkeys do not work, you can find the linkeys of participating blogs over at SoftBum’s Blog!**

Thank you to SoftBums for including SAPsMaMa in this exciting and wonderful event! It is a pleasure to be working with you in promoting cloth diapers!

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    I like the snap in feature on the new diaper and I like the versatility that I can use it just as a cover or as a pocket diaper. What I don't like is that it might be a little bulky for a little one, but I would have to try and see.

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