Nov 19, 2010

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CSN Stores Review: P’kolino Table and Chair Set

Ever since I learned about CSN Stores I have been surprised just how much I use them! With SAP growing up fast (too fast it seems!) we are always in need of something new. So when CSN Stores asked if I would do a review for them it took me a bit to get around to doing so. Why? Because I could not decide just what, out of EVERYTHING they offer, I wanted the most!

Of course, I finally did make my decision, and once again, I was very impressed with CSN Store’s customer service and quality products!

SAPsMaMa Thinks: Child Table and Chair Sets

After much debate about WHAT to review from CSN Stores, Hubby and I agreed to purchase a wooden table and chair set for SAP. Turning 2 years old soon, and with holidays coming up, we figured it was time enough she had her own area to eat, do art, play puzzles, or anything else her little mind could come up with!

CSN Stores really was the perfect place to shop for wooden table and chair sets. They had every well known brand you could hope for….and most with free shipping! Prices were often less than any other site I had looked at earlier in the year …making our choice a sealed deal since we knew we were getting the best deal anywhere! In fact, the sale prices and free shipping at CSN Stores I’ve found to be equal to many of the “deal a day” sites product deals. Every day! Now that is a deal!

Since we wished to stay eco-friendly and non-toxic, I did quite a bit of searching on CSN Stores! Some of my favorite “green” table and chair sets I found were:

Not Neutral Table and Chair Set
Made from recycled materials, and environmentally friendly!

EcoTots Table and Stools Set

  • Constructed of 100% formaldehyde-free birch plywood SmartWood
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, water-based stains
  • UV cured finishes minimize greenhouse gases
  • No tools or hardware required
  • Designed and manufactured in USA
  • Member of the Sustainable Furniture Council

Plan Toys Large Scale Modern Table and Chair Set

Created with environmentally friendly methods using environmentally safe materials

SAPsMaMa Thinks: P’kolino Little One’s Table and Chairs Set

With all of these wonderful eco-friendly choices, it was hard to choose! The final choice I did make, however, was of the P’kolino Little One’s Table and Chairs Set.

Although my main goal was to get a wooden table and chair set that was toxin free and eco-friendly, I also had to keep budget in mind. So, given that, the value of P’kolino furniture definitely stood out from the rest! Since exact information was not given about the materials used in their table and chair sets I ended up speaking over email and on the phone to the company asking specific questions about chemicals I wished to avoid, and P’kolino stood up to the test!

Since it passed my toxin-free test, the next step was ordering it! Must I say…CSN Stores you outdid yourselves! This table and chair set came so fast we didn’t even get time to clean our living room to make room to set it up! It stayed packaged for a week before SAPsDaDa put it together! Wonderful service!

I would love to comment on how it was to assemble, but SAPsDaDa surprised me and put it together one day when I wasn’t home! So thoughtful, how could I be upset! He did say that by himself (without SAP bugging him!) it took him about 1 1/2 hours to assemble. When I ordered it he expected it to be shabby construction like all the other cheaper wood products we’ve seen in stores, but he was quite satisfied with the construction. The way it’s assembled and put together, the quality is well shown! SAPsDaDa is a woodworker, so he knows how to put together quality pieces of furniture!

The table and chair set newly assembled!

My question to him then: So, is this a good enough quality product we would want to purchase from them again? The answer: Yes! So guess what SAP’s xmas and bday money is going toward? The P’kolino Toddler Bed! 🙂 And YES we will be purchasing that from none other than CSN Stores! Watch for that review in the future, we’re hoping to purchase this by Febuary!

On sale for $206.99 and free shipping…CSN Stores has this toddler bed the cheapest of anywhere!

Since the table and chair set have been put together it’s been wonderful to have around! I had been hoping to purchase a set for a while, but was not sure if SAP was ready for it. We had tried a fold out kids table and chair set at SAPsNaNa’s house during Halloween and she just seemed to play with that…pushed the chairs around, kicked the table instead of eating…kids stuff!

With this table and chairs…nope. It’s nice and sturdy, she tries to push the chairs around , but the table stays in place. The table is just the right size too. I put a splatter mat over it when she’s doing art work and it covers the table very nicely. There’s two chairs that come with the set, but definitely enough room for a full set of 4…great for the holidays with kids coming over!

Playing with her “kitties” while sitting at her table!

Of course, with the splatter mat over the table, SAP thought it was amazingly fun. Time to play fort! So now we have a new game in our house. Who knew having a wooden table and chair set would be so useful? SAP now has a place to sit and play with her puzzles: no more puzzle pieces on the floor for SAPsDaDa to step on. Happy family!

Her new favorite game…hide and seek under the “fort”! 🙂

Something we considered when we purchased our living room coffee table was safety with SAP…she was young and the table was glass and not with rounded edges…made me worried. I had not even considered that with a kids table and chair set, but I sure was glad that P’kolino considered it. SAP often does not watch where she’s going, trips, hits her head…and within the first week of having the table and chairs out, she tripped and fell into one of the chairs when she was playing. It was at that point I was very glad that the tops of the chairs were rounded!

I am also a fan of the neutral colors…quite modern style! I feel very confident in my purchase knowing that it will be able to fit nicely in any kids room, whether it be any future children, or a hand me down. This table is built to last!

Pushing her chairs around like they’re walkers 🙂

What SAPsMaMa LOVES about the P’kolino Table and Chairs Set!

  • Modern style and colors
  • non-toxic materials used
  • solid construction and assembly….will last a long time!
  • Rounded tops of the chair sides so safe for clumsy babies…and mamas!
  • Works well even for a 21 month old!
  • Stays in one spot, does not move around or easily gets kicked around by the kids sitting at the table
  • Good sized table…fits the splattermat on or under it perfectly
  • so many wonderful uses!
  • Great price…especially at CSN Stores!
  • The bottom of the chairs are also rounded…makes it easy for little kids to move around and sit at the table themselves without help

Suggestions for Improvement: There’s always room for improvement!

  • I would love if the materials were more eco-friendly (made from recycled material, etc.). However, I do realize this would raise the price, which is what gave them an advantage over other companies.
  • Rounded edges on the table
  • Provide info on materials and facts that it is formaldehyde free etc. so that more customers are aware and might choose P’kolino products over other comanies.
  • Sell extra chairs separately so that I can have 4 chairs instead of just 2.

The product(s) provided for the review ($45 Gift Certificate toward my purchase of the P’kolino Table and Chair Set) was sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.
Text in Italics is from the company’s website/social media site or otherwise sited from party it was received from.

Once again, a huge pleasure to work with CSN Stores! My number one shopping spot for anything I need! Thank you!

  1. Very helpful review 🙂 you put so much thought into these.

  2. Thank you! That is my goal 🙂

  3. Awesome review! I love CSN stores!!

  4. I love CSN! They provide really good customer service, and I love that you can put a green filter on your search at CSN Baby. I'm working on putting my holiday order together now!

    That table and chairs set is adorable. Orange is my favorite color! And I love the toddler bed. I guess I'll have to be looking for one before long myself…glad to know I can get on at CSN!