Nov 15, 2010

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My Precious Kid LLC Store Review and $25 GC GiveawayM

As a mother, I try to make the best decisions for my little girl as I can. Usually that means I am doing a lot of research. These days however, it’s not just trying to find what the best rated product is or what the best deal is or can I get something similar for a lower price, the main concern is safety.

No matter what choice you are faced with these days, any infant product you research safety will come up as an issue. Baby bottles? The choice is not just between plastic or glass, but does it have BPA. Crib bedding? The choice is which bumper pads are safest to prevent SIDs…are sleep positioners a good idea. Diapers? The choice of disposable versus cloth, and even if you choose cloth to stay away from the chemicals in disposables, do you want to use only natural organic fibers. The decisions are endless and research is changing recommendations all the time!

What I have come to realize is that the answer to all of these questions is to find a reliable and trustworthy store to provide me with the products that are safe and the knowledge on how to protect my little girl from harm. When I have a problem with safety no longer do I Google search for reviews and try to make what I believe to be an informed decision….now I have everything I need in one place! My Precious Kid LLC is that place!

SAPsMaMa Thinks: Child LocatorWhen I made my first order from My Precious Kid online store I had a hard decision to make! Unlike other decisions I had made before as to which item to get that would be safest for my child, the decision I was faced with this time was the spending limit I had! There was so many amazing items that we did not just want, but needed!

After convening with the hubby I decided to get something that I felt would be a wonderful safety tool: the Child Locator!

SAP is a very active child. She is also a very trusting child. She will run and play, and thus there has been many occasions she has run straight for a road after her favorite toys…trucks! Unfortunately those trucks are unsafe, and a young child cannot understand that concept, so it became essential for us to figure out a way to keep our eyes on her, even when we had to take our eyes off of her for a second. We felt that this child locator would be up for this task.

The second reason we felt that the child locator would be a wonderful safety tool to have around is quite a scary thought, but a reality non-the-less. Unfortunately in today’s world there are children kidnapped, and that is a danger that parents need to consider when going to public locations where it is easy to lose track of your child. With this child locator I felt a little bit more secure that I would know how far away SAP was from me at all times.

Didn’t get in her way even in the most active activities!

Our order from My Precious Kid, with our child locator, was received rather quickly! I was quite happy with this since I wished to get my safety equipment ASAP. I know the quicker the better for many who wait until a problem presents itself before they choose to take action and order safety equipment, so this is something to take into consideration. Everything was packaged very well and there was even extra information sent with the package regarding other safety products and information that was very helpful!

To figure out the child locator I first tested it at home, but our apartment is quite small and it was a little difficult to really get a feel for how well it would work. So….time to go to the park! You just know SAP loved that idea!

Running away to play! But not without us knowing how far away she is! πŸ™‚

The child locator is very simple to use, which was very surprising to me! It has a light on both the receiver and the transmitter, and an on/off switch on both ends as well. The only thing you need to really understand is how long to push the button to get the transmitter to start receiving, otherwise it’s as simple as flipping a switch! I don’t know about you but with a toddler that will not sit still this is important!

The “bear” receiver easily straps on to a shoe, a wrist, an ankle, backpack…anywhere you’d like! One of my major questions I had when I purchased this product was, will SAP accept it? Will she refuse to wear it and take it off? That would pretty much defeat it’s purpose. My worry was abated however when we took our locator for it’s first test run at the playground, for she thought it was a toy! We put it on her wrist like a bracelet and she loved it! Also, running, climbing, doing all the normal things kids do, it did not get in her way at all!

Stayed on her wrist even while climbing!

We did have one incident at the playground that day that showed us that the child locator could have come into handy. I had to walk back to the car to put something away and so switched off the child locator, leaving her with daddy. While I was walking back I noticed daddy turn his back on SAP for a split second…and away she went! Straight for the active area of the playground and within a couple seconds got kicked by an older kid in the head who was on a swing. If the locator had been on at the time we would have know she was off running away into a area she could have gotten hurt, and although it was just a minor injury it could have been worse. This is just one minor example of how this locator can help you with safety!

We are very happy with our locator, and although with winter on the horizen we do not use it as much anymore, this is one piece of safety equipment she will not outgrow quickly! Very much worth it’s money.

My Precious Kid, LLC

Mission Statement

Our mission is to “Make Child Safety Easy”

My Precious Kid Child Safety Products of Oregon is dedicated to helping parents keep their children safe. We produce professional family safety ID product kits. And we sell a wide range of protects to protect your family. We educate parents how to keep children safer. My Precious Kid is dedicated to your success and safety.

Company Values

My Precious Kid Child Safety Products of Oregon is founded on Christian values of truth, honesty, integrity, human worth, and the value of all children. My Precious Kid is dedicated to family success and family safety.

Company Description

My Precious Kid is an Oregon based sole proprietor company founded by Kay Green. Kay originally created ID card products, filling a need for home school and adopted kids. Beginning with one product in 2001, now the company carries 400+ products protecting kids, adults, and pets.

Company Products

My Precious Kid carries so many products, they have any safety product I need, it seems! Some of my favorites that I believe every parent should have include:


Child Safety Pack-ID Kit
1 – Child ID Card
1 – Child Car Seat ID Card
1 – Medical Release Card
1 – Child Luggage Tag ID Card
2 – Shoe ID Stickers
1 – Disposable Child ID bracelet
1 – Child DNA Fingerpri nt Kit


Breathable BumpersCrib Bumpers


Infant & Child CPR DVD – Made in the USA!

New at My Precious Kid!!

My Precious kid has recently started carrying Cloth Diapers! They carry a wonderful selection of name brand fluff, including GroVia, SwaddleBees, WeeHuggers, BumGenius, Knickernappies, and Thirsties! Check out their great selection HERE!

Buy It!
You can purchase 400+ safety products online at
or check out their store location at:
HILLSBORO OR 97123-4149

My Precious Kid LLC offers wonderful discounts and information on their Facebook Fan Page! Check it out HERE!

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Thank you Kay for this opportunity to share your store and products with my fans, I feel you offer a wonderful selection of safety products and I hope my readers benefit greatly from your knowledge πŸ™‚

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  19. I have browsed most of your posts. This post is probably where I got the most useful information for my research. Thanks for posting, maybe we can see more on this. Are you aware of any other websites on this subject.

    • Hi Erotyka!
      What type of information are you looking for? My Precious Kid is great with safety information, especially regarding SIDs and Car Seats. Let me know what you’re in search of and I’ll see what I can come up with πŸ™‚