Dec 23, 2010

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Abbyโ€™s Lane Giveaway and Review!

Not long after I started cloth diapering SAP I was getting addicted to fluff! I know, an odd addiction, and unfortunately one that made cloth diapering a bit less affordable than I had initially thought! That “affordability” thought changed once I found Abby’s Lane!

Abby’s Lane was the first cloth diaper store I found that had amazing selection and prices…but also FREE SHIPPING!! On any size order too! I found that such a relief! And with their newsletter sign up you receive a coupon code every month and great deals (and may I say steals?!).

Little can I say I have become a huge fan of Abby’s Lane and am very pleased to have the opportunity to share them with you, my lovely followers!

Stephanie over at Abby’s Lane offered to let me choose a product for my review, and since I was just dying to try out the Bummis Easy Fit by Tots Bots and their very appealing new prints, that was exactly what I asked for!

SAPsMaMa Thinks

My diaper came in the mail super quick! I was super excited to try out the Easy Fit diaper, but stuck to my guns and prepped it first. It should be pre-washed 3-5 times since fabrics such as the rayon from bamboo that the Bummis Easy Fit uses need to be washed and dried a few times prior to use to strip it of it’s natural oils and help it reach it’s maximum absorbency faster. However, after the 3rd time we had a dilemma in our household: we were out of night diapers! We had specific night time diapers that worked for us at night, and were not confident in many of the other diapers that were clean to do the job! Our solution? We decided to put the Bummis Easy Fit to the biggest test right off the bat! Since our main night diapers were made with bamboo fabrics I had high hopes that the Bummis Easy Fit would keep SAP dry throughout the night without any rash in the morning.

The results: Yes! Our first time using our Easy Fit was a grand success with SAP waking up with dry jammies and rash free. We did however have the issue of trying to figure out what doubler would work well in the Easy Fit for night time use with the bamboo insert already there. This is a choice we still do not feel completely confident about when we use this diaper at night, making me wish Bummis Easy Fits came with doublers already for such times as these!

After this first use, we have given this diaper test after test with amazing results! Whether it is being used by SAPsDaDa, myself, daycare, or even SAPsNaNa, it is very simple for them to put on so much that we have not had a leak even once! For me this is a great success because even some of my most favorite diapers leak at some point! Its’ very simple design with the insert attached already makes it very easy to stuff so that there is no searching for the insert in the wash and there is no need to instruct anyone on how to fold the insert, attach the insert, or lay the insert correctly! No guessing equals no leaks! The rise is also fitting my budda belly toddler quite well! I’m thinking this diaper will last us to potty training!

The absorbency in this diaper is adequate enough for my toddler, and I have found that even when SAP has a very messy diaper there is not only no leaks, but it is also very easy to clean off! Let’s face it, if a diaper is difficult to clean, it’s usually avoided! There is no need to avoid this diaper at all, and that is a relief! Related to this: no un-stuffing of the insert is required. This removes a bit of the yuck factor some of us dislike.

The diaper closures are Velcro, and are quite wide and soft! Usually I dislike velcro for one reason or another. Never been very satisfied with it, either it was too grabby and hard to open, too hard and scratchy and would irritate SAP’s skin when she bent over, or even some that would only last a couple months and would no longer grab on very well at all, making it almost useless. The Bummis Easy Fit Diapers seem to have gotten their Velcro just right for my liking! Nice and wide so they’re easy to grab, soft so they do not irritate SAP’s skin, do not fray and grab on good, but do not grab on too hard, and are quite thin so they overlap easily without creating a ton of bulk in the front of the diaper! Koodos on the awesome design Tots Bots!

I would like to mention the rayon from bamboo inserts of the Easy Fit diaper. I love bamboo as a more sustainable choice and more of a natural fiber than synthetic fabrics, but creating rayon from bamboo fabric does require toxic chemicals. I am happy to say that the manufacturer of the Bummis Easy Fit in Scotland does do an excellent job of producing their products ethically and sustainably! The rayon from bamboo fibers is … Oeko-tex certified and the bamboo fiber is produced in a “closed loop” system which recycles water and chemical output to ensure sustainability. Awesome! This makes me feel good about using their products!

What SAPsMaMa LOVES about the Bummis Easy Fit by Tots Bots Cloth Diaper!

  • Easy to use, for anyone!!
  • Insert is attached, so no searching for the insert for “stuffing” the pocket after laundry!
  • Velcro closures are wide, soft, and not too thick.
  • Velcro is not rough so causes no irritation, but not too soft that it loses it’s grabbiness
  • Wonderful fit, and a rise that will fit to potty training
  • Great colors and patterns
  • Sustainable practices in manufacturing
  • No leaks!! Night time proven in this household!

Suggestions For Improvement: There’s Always Room For Improvement!

  • I’d love if the Easy Fit came with a doubler!
  • Possibly have an Easy Fit diaper that does not have Rayon from bamboo fabric as the fabric that touches baby’s skin, as some children are sensitive to it. I love this fabric and it’s wicking abilities and softness again SAP’s skin, but not everybaby is the same, so an option being available for babies with this sensitivity would enable them to enjoy the Bummis Easy Fit still regardless of it having Rayon from Bamboo fabric! ๐Ÿ™‚

About Abby’s Lane!

Abby’s Lane is a unique boutique offering products to make your parenting experience enjoyable and a little closer to nature. The products I carry at Abby’s Lane are carefully chosen to make your cloth diapering experience an easy and enjoyable one.
A vision of one mother that became reality, Abby’s lane not only offers some of the best selection of top brands of cloth diapering products, baby wearing products, and nursing products, but also wonderful infant/toddler shoes, baby legs, and more! With free shipping and Stephanie’s wonderful customer service, there is no doubt you will find what you need in this one unique boutique!

Earn Abby’s Lane Dollars for store credit, Join their Yahoo Group to keep up to date on awesome sales and a 5% discount every month, or join Team Cloth if you’re in the area! Abby’s Lane has much to offer families of all types.

Some favorite products of mine:

ErgoBABY Doll Carrier!
(Wonderful for pretend play!)

Disana Wollen Covers
(Perfect for leak-proof Night Cloth Diapering!)

Pediped Infant/Toddler Shoes!
(Perfect for growing feet, and many styles on clearance cheap!)

Buy It!

You can find a huge variety of cloth diaper products, all the great products above, and much more for sale at!

Don’t forget, FREE SHIPPING on any order from Abby’s Lane that ships in the U.S.!!

Also, Fan Abby’s Lane on Facebook to see coupons and special deals! (This is not an extra entry, sorry!)

Win It!!

One SAPsMaMa follower will be lucky enough to win a $10 Gift Certificate to Abby’s Lane! Treat yourself to that cloth diaper you’ve been wanting for little one, or even grab some great cloth diaper laundry detergent like Rockin’ Green Funk Rock!!

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I was not compensated for my review, but was provided the product Tot Bots Easy Fit Cloth Diaper to test for this review from the company or the PR agency. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.
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Giveaway is open to all! Giveaway will end Jan. 24th @ 11:59 PM (CST). Winner will be chosen using and will be emailed as well as announced on Facebook. Winner will have 48 hours to respond after I contact via email. If winner does not respond, a new winner will be chosen. Good Luck and thank you for supporting SAPsMaMa!

Thank you to Stephanie at Abby’s Lane for this opportunity and being patient with me for this review and giveaway! I love your store and appreciate this chance to share it with my fans and followers to help them and their families! ๐Ÿ™‚

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