Dec 1, 2010

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Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop Event, Dec. 1st – Dec. 5th!

Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop Event !!

Participating in this event this year with up to 200 other blogs, SAPsMaMa has some wonderful eco-friendly sponsors and green prizes for you that I know you will love! I know I do!

Be sure to check out the sponsors pages, not only do you get extra entries for doing so, but you’ll find some great products I know you’ll just love! To keep moving through the holiday blog hop use that handy dandy “Bookmark” tool you have on your computer! 🙂 I know I will!

Two(2) prize packages will be given out to two (2) lucky SAPsMaMa followers in this event, and it starts today, ending in just 5 days (December 5th) !! Entries are simple, so be sure to hop on over and enter! 🙂

Sponsor and Prize #1

$55 Gift Certificate to CSN Stores!


Beyond stellar customer service, our 200+ sites at CSN Stores offer the largest selection of items for most home and office goods. And these items are priced right to be very competitive with other sites, providing our customers with strong savings, too. This combination of benefits is rare among online retailers and is what

sets us apart.

CSN’s product categories cover everything from cookware, ultra modern furniture, bunk bed-office combinations and fitness equipment to gaming chairs, grills, greenhouses and much more. If it’s a piece of furniture or an appliance that you need for your home or office, you should check for it at CSN ( first, as there’s a good chance we carry it and at a competitive price.


Want to know what excellent eco-friendly products CSN Stores carries, or just how well past experiences have stood up to expectation? See my past CSN Stores reviews and giveaways and just how pleased I am with their products, service, and

prices! Truly my number one shopping store online!

Get an amazing holiday gift for yourself, enter to win a $55 Gift Certificate to CSN Stores!

Sponsor and Prize #2

$25 Gift Certificate to AppleCheeks!

AppleCheeks has been a SAPsMaMa cloth diaper favorite since day one of trying them out to solve our night diaper leaking problems. Since then I’ve not only been hooked by the cuteness, durability, and effectiveness of their 2-size diapering system, but also by their excellent customer service!

You can see a complete review of the AppleCheeks 2-Size Diapering system HERE, and
you can see a review of their diaper accessories (including their gentle cleansing solution, bamboo wipes, 2 size tote bags, and swim diaper) HERE!

They now also carry washable nursing pads, and flushable diaper liners!

Try out this amazing diaper today, enter to win a $25 Gift Certificate to their online store!

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