Jan 31, 2011

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Alternative Bling: Sponsor Spotlight and Extra Entries

No matter what I am looking for, when I am shopping for something, I always look for something that is natural and healthy for me and my family.  So when SAP started getting her teeth in when she was oh-so-much-younger I researched a whole lot trying to find the most natural way of relieving her teething pain.  As parents we choose not to use medicine for her unless absolutely necessary, so to find that not only do more natural teething medicines exist, but an alternative method of pain relief also existed.  That alternative was Baltic Amber Teething necklaces!

Since that point SAP has been using these necklaces, and we have never used Tylenol or ibuprofen for her teething pain!  I am completely sold on their ability to relieve discomfort and pain!  So when I was contacted by Julie at Alternative Bling to do a review/giveaway of their Baltic Amber Teething necklaces, I was excited!  This would be the perfect opportunity to test out the effects of Baltic Amber on myself and feel it’s effects myself!

So look for a review of the Baltic Amber adjustable anklets that Julie hand makes for her store, Alternative Bling, that will be coming soon!  I just have to wait for it to come in the mail, Alternative Bling is in Canada!  Love you Canadian fans and retailers!  🙂  But shipping is sometimes not my friend lol

About Alternative Bling

It is our mission to spread the word about Baltic Amber’s healing properties, and offer our customers other unique, natural pieces of jewelery that can improve your health and well-being!

What is Baltic Amber?

Baltic Amber is fossilized tree sap from the Baltic Region (Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden) that formed more than 40 million years ago.  Baltic Amber makes up approximately 80% of the world’s amber deposits and has been used for centuries as a traditional healing tool .

Why should I wear Baltic Amber?

When Baltic Amber is worn against warm skin the natural oils from the resin, containing succinic acid are absorbed by the body.

Baltic amber is the most desirable of the 80 varieties of amber found on our planet because it contains a high level (up to 8%) of Succinic acid which plays a role in the body’s Kreb cycle (part of our body’s energy making process).   Succinic acid has been used for centuries to improve health and cure many ailments.

Baltic amber jewelery is a natural, non invasive way to reduce or eliminate your need to use over the counter remedies and save you money!

Alternative Bling was started with Baltic Amber, but they also carry many wonderful natural-healing jewelry!  Just check out these great pieces of art!

Baltic Amber Necklaces and anklets in infant or adult size and many different shapes and colors!

Wooden Teething Pendant, perfect for nursing mothers!  Non-toxic, handcrafted in Canada, and natural!

Hazel-wood/Amber necklaces!

Hazelwood works by balancing the body’s acidity level and is said to improve: Heartburn, gastric reflex, skin problems like acne, teething (cavities), migraines, constipation, arthritis, and more!

Buy It!

Website: http://www.alternativebling.citymax.com/index.html

Retailers: http://www.alternativebling.citymax.com/resellers_1.html

Coupon Code!!

Use code “sapsmama” for 25% off your order at their website!!

Great savings considering the benefits of these natural pain relieving stones and wood!  Don’t miss out, Good from NOW until midnight Feb. 6th, when the event ends!!!

Win It!

Alternative Bling is sponsoring a Baltic Amber Adjustable Anklet to one (1) SAPsMaMa  follower in the Homemade With Love Event Feb. 2nd!!!

These adjustable Bracelets & Anklets are perfect for growing bodies!

They work wonderfully as anklets and will even fit momma’s wrist as a bracelet!

Adjustable amber is hand made by Alternative Bling Inc. and more styles will be available by special order shortly.  You’ll be able to pick your cord colour and bead colour and style.

Each knotted piece has Sterling Silver lobster clasps at both ends so that you can adjust the size and get a perfect fit.

Handmade With Love Extra Entries!!

IMPORTANT: These entries are Extra Entries for the Handmade with Love Event.  In order for Pre-entries to qualify you will also have to do the mandatory entry for the Handmade With Love Event between Feb. 2nd – Feb. 6th.
Leave a separate comment for each entry please and include your email address if it is not easily visible in your profile.
You will not have to re-post these entries in the main post, your work for these entries is done!  🙂  Entries will be applied to all prizes you want to enter to win, not just this sponsor! 🙂
Enjoy and have fun!!


  • Check out Alternative Bling’s Website, and let me know what you would LOVE to have most!  Please leave URL of the item, thanks! (1 Extra Entry)
  • “Like” Alternative Bling on Facebook!  Please leave me your first name, last initial on Facebook for verification.  (1 Extra Entry)
  • Tell me what ailment you think Baltic Amber or Hazelwood would help you or your little one out with the most.  Check out Alternative Bling’s Baltic Amber FAQ’s and their info on Hazelwood to see what they’re recommended for!  (1 Extra Entry)


Thank you to Julie at Alternative Bling for sponsoring this event!  Baltic Amber is truely wonderful and I hope many families find it helpful for their ailments, thanks to the great natural healing jewlery you sell and create!


The product(s) provided for the review (1 Baltic Amber Adjustable Anklet) was sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. Text in italics except under images is taken from the sponsor’s website or otherwise cited.

Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada only. Giveaway will begin Feb. 2nd, 2011 as part of the Handmade With Love  event and close Feb. 6th, 2001. Winner will be chosen using random.org. Winner will have 48 hours to respond after I contact via email. If winner does not respond, a new winner will be chosen. Good Luck and thank you for supporting SAPsMaMa!

  1. Shannon Alexander says:

    would love to win wooden teething pendant
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    Liked on FB and left some love.

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  4. Sarah Skinner says:

    Teething would be the big one in my house. There is only so much you can tolerate of getting drooled on 🙂

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  6. Hazelwood – teething! I think that would be a biggie with most mamas!

  7. Nikole H. says:

    I would love to have the Wooden Teething Pendant -Yang http://www.alternativebling.citymax.com/catalog/item/7913002/8502419.htm
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  8. Nikole H. says:

    I think the Baltic Amber would help out with my daughter’s molars that are currently coming in!!! ngiraldi @ gmail . com

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  10. Amanda Alvarado says:

    DD is prone to ear infections so if this will help with the ear pain instead of having to use OTC drugs, I am all for it!
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  11. jessica gonzalez says:

    I like AB on FB
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    I think the Hazlewood would help with my babys Gastric reflux.
    Had no idea this stuff existed til now. Thanks!

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    Like” Alternative Bling on Facebook! Please leave me your first name, last initial on Facebook for verification. (1 Extra Entry)
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  14. Jenni Jeske says:

    Tell me what ailment you think Baltic Amber or Hazelwood would help you or your little one out with the most. Check out Alternative Bling’s Baltic Amber FAQ’s and their info on Hazelwood to see what they’re recommended for! (1 Extra Entry)

    jenni_aja at hotmail dot com

  15. Mrs. Smitty says:

    I’d love to get the Honey Baroque Youth Necklace!

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    Rebecca Smith

  17. Mrs. Smitty says:

    My toddler (yes.. toddler and still teething. late bloomer for teeth) would really benefit for her molar cutting pain. And I’d love to have a necklace for our second child, for teething and the possibility of ear problems.

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  19. I think my daughter could benefit from Baltic Amber since she is teething and also my grandmother for her knee pain.


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    I’d love to have the Wooded Teething Pendant http://www.alternativebling.citymax.com/catalog/item/7913002/8502416.htm
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    I like alternative bling on FB
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  23. Jodi Kershuk says:

    I think Baltic amber would help me out with stress and my little one out with cutting teeth.
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  24. it’d help with teething I had two of these necklaces- MY KIDS BROKE THEM!
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    I hope it’s okay that I’m leaving these comments on the main post… you said we didn’t have to, but you didn’t say we couldn’t (if I read it right) and I was trying to keep things simple… sorry if that’s not okay!

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  32. Irishmarmalade
    irishmarmalade@gmail.com 2011/02/03 at 11:11 PM
    The balitic amber necklace would help all three of my little ones out with teething (2 year molars and all the teeth for my 4 month old twins).

    irishmarmalade (at) gmail (dot) com