Jan 6, 2011

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Bummis Easy Fit By Tots Bots Complete Review

SAP’s Story

My diaper came in the mail from Abby’s Lane super quick! I was super excited to try out the Easy Fit diaper, but stuck to my guns and prepped it first. It should be pre-washed 3-5 times since fabrics such as the rayon from bamboo that the Bummis Easy Fit uses need to be washed and dried a few times prior to use to strip it of it’s natural oils and help it reach it’s maximum absorbency faster. However, after the 3rd time we had a dilemma in our household: we were out of night diapers! We had specific night time diapers that worked for us at night, and were not confident in many of the other diapers that were clean to do the job! Our solution? We decided to put the Bummis Easy Fit to the biggest test right off the bat! Since our main night diapers were made with bamboo fabrics I had high hopes that the Bummis Easy Fit would keep SAP dry throughout the night without any rash in the morning.

The results: Yes! Our first time using our Easy Fit was a grand success with SAP waking up with dry jammies and rash free. We did however have the issue of trying to figure out what doubler would work well in the Easy Fit for night time use with the bamboo insert already there. This is a choice we still do not feel completely confident about when we use this diaper at night, making me wish Bummis Easy Fits came with doublers already for such times as these!

After this first use, we have given this diaper test after test with amazing results! Whether it is being used by SAPsDaDa, myself, daycare, or even SAPsNaNa, it is very simple for them to put on so much that we have not had a leak even once! For me this is a great success because even some of my most favorite diapers leak at some point! Its’ very simple design with the insert attached already makes it very easy to stuff so that there is no searching for the insert in the wash and there is no need to instruct anyone on how to fold the insert, attach the insert, or lay the insert correctly! No guessing equals no leaks! The rise is also fitting my budda belly toddler quite well! I’m thinking this diaper will last us to potty training!

The absorbency in this diaper is adequate enough for my toddler, and I have found that even when SAP has a very messy diaper there is not only no leaks, but it is also very easy to clean off! Let’s face it, if a diaper is difficult to clean, it’s usually avoided! There is no need to avoid this diaper at all, and that is a relief! Related to this: no un-stuffing of the insert is required. This removes a bit of the yuck factor some of us dislike.

The diaper closures are Velcro, and are quite wide and soft! Usually I dislike velcro for one reason or another. Never been very satisfied with it, either it was too grabby and hard to open, too hard and scratchy and would irritate SAP’s skin when she bent over, or even some that would only last a couple months and would no longer grab on very well at all, making it almost useless. The Bummis Easy Fit Diapers seem to have gotten their Velcro just right for my liking! Nice and wide so they’re easy to grab, soft so they do not irritate SAP’s skin, do not fray and grab on good, but do not grab on too hard, and are quite thin so they overlap easily without creating a ton of bulk in the front of the diaper! Koodos on the awesome design Tots Bots!

I would like to mention the rayon from bamboo inserts of the Easy Fit diaper. I love bamboo as a more sustainable choice and more of a natural fiber than synthetic fabrics, but creating rayon from bamboo fabric does require toxic chemicals. I am happy to say that the manufacturer of the Bummis Easy Fit in Scotland does do an excellent job of producing their products ethically and sustainably! The rayon from bamboo fibers is … Oeko-tex certified and the bamboo fiber is produced in a “closed loop” system which recycles water and chemical output to ensure sustainability. Awesome! This makes me feel good about using their products!


  • Type of Cloth Diaper:

    All in One

  • Sizes:One-Size (Also offered in Tiny-Fit for newborns/premie!)
  • How Diaper Works/Features:This diaper is considered an All in one diaper, but there is a pocket opening for extra absorbency stuffing. The insert also comes out to dry quicker, though stays attached to the diaper. This diaper is easily stuffed with the insert and can easily be put on using their velcro closures.

Style and Material

  • Material Feel

    The material is VERY soft. The inner material touching baby is rayon from bamboo so is softer than even fuzzy fleece! The outside is nice and smooth and very form fitting, everything is nice and rounded and soft like a baby diaper should be. Even the velcro I consider soft, not scratchy and hard like most velcro I’ve come to dislike!

  • Materials UsedThe inside of the Easy Fit diaper is made of a few different types of materials. The middle area (the soaker) is two layers thick, the first layer being soft rayon from bamboo on the top (the fabric that touches baby), and the second layer underneath the rayon from bamboo being 100% polyester microfiber. Since the insert is folded over and inserted into the pocket of the diaper the microfiber does not come in contact with baby at all. The fabric around the center of the diaper, what they call the “protective side guards” is made of anti wicking, soft brushed polyester. This helps prevent leaks and keeps everything absorbing in the center!. The outside of the diaper is waterproof PUL fabric.

  • Keep Baby Dry LayerAlthough not thought of as a “keep baby dry layer” as fleece and suede material often are, rayon from bamboo absorbs very quickly and can wick moisture away from baby. However it does not keep baby “dry” against their bum so much as fleece or suede material. The brushed polyester used for side guards would keep that area dry and prevent leaks, and irritation if baby often gets irritation around the legs of the diaper if they are wet.
  • Color/AestheticsNot only are the solid colors very pleasing to the eye, but the patterns are not the over-done patterns often seen in the fluff world, very eye catching! The Cosmic design I reviewed is by far one of my favorite patterned diapers I own. The inside of the diaper is also aesthetically pleasing to those that prefer the “unbleached” and more “natural” look than the all white of synthetic fleece many diapers host.

Ease of Use

  • Closures

    I personally love these closures. The design is just so simple to use! Not only is it velcro, so parents looking for a diaper simple to put on will be pleased, but they ave nice and large! They are wide yet they are not thick, so they do not scratch baby’s skin. This is my favorite Velcro design now!

  • Similarity to DisposablesOnce this diaper is stuffed, it is similar to disposables and easy to put on and use by anybody. However, those who do not know how to cloth diaper might get confused about the design of the insert if it is not pre-stuffed. It is an all-in-one diaper, hence the insert is sewn in, but it does agitate out in the wash…yet stays attached! One must fold the insert over and stuff it into the pocket part of the diaper. If you do not know this you might get confused. For most who are used to cloth diapering this will be easy to figure out. So for similarity to disposables….it can be but be sure to pre-stuff if you know someone unfamiliar with cloth diapers might be changing baby’s diaper!
  • How Size and Fit are AdjustedThe size of this one-size diaper is adjusted through three sizes (small, medium, and large settings) by snapping down the rise in the front. This is common to most one-sized diapers and is easy to figure out. Fit can be adjusted each diaper change by the use of the velcro tab closures to adjust waist fit, but otherwise there is no adjustment specifically for leg, waist, etc..


  • Trimness

    This diaper seems to be my perfect definition of trimness. With the materials used and style incorporated it fits perfectly under all of SAP’s pants, even her jeans (which are always an issue with cloth diapers). However, it is not too trim. Her bigger bum pants I purchased to wear over her fluff do not fall down even with this trim diaper. Also, I have found some fluff that tries to be ever so trim, but because of this loses it’s absorbency or sits wrong on baby and can cause irritation at the leg gussets. No such issues here!

  • How Adjustable Diaper is for AbsorbencyNot only do you get the normal pocket opening where you can stuff extra inserts for added absorbency with this diaper, you also get an interesting way to increase absorbency in specific spots without any added doublers or inserts . Due to the design of the insert of this all-in-one diaper and how half of it is sewn in and the other half flaps out (needing to be stuffed into the pocket before use), you can very simply increase absorbency in areas you know your child needs it. If your child needs added absorbency in the center, or the rear, for instance, stead of stuffing the insert in regularly and having 2 layers of bamboo/microfiber fabric for absorbency, you can create 3 layers in the rear or center by double folding the part of the insert that is stuffed into the pocket. Though this leaves only 1 layer in the rest of the diaper, this works very well for some families, and gives you another option for adjusting absorbency.

Performence and Functionality

  • Leaks

    This is one of my favorite diapers to reach for. I have been using this diaper for over 3 months now and have had no leaks! I have readily tested this diaper weekly at daycare (where many of my diapers fail), and have had no issues there as well! Which makes me a happy mommy!

  • AbsorbencySAP is at the point in her life where she is old enough to potty train, but hasn’t. Meaning, she can hold herself for 2 hours or more, then lets it all go at one time. This has caused many of our diapers that have been perfect for us until this point start to leak due to inadequate absorbency or not able to absorb as quickly as needed. The Bummis Easy Fit diaper I have no issues with, even with SAP’s currently wetting schedule. The bamboo from rayon and microfiber insert combination coupled with the soft brushed polyester leak gaurds on the side of the middle soaker area are a great combination that has proved adequate for infant to toddler.
  • Leg GussetsThe leg gussets are made with the anti-wicking soft brushed polyester on the inside with the PUL outside. This combination seems to work good, though nothing special behind it. So how does it contain leaks without being a “special” design? I am crediting this to the snug fitting that seems to be perfect on SAP. Some leg gussets on diapers gap at the legs during active play or tummy sleeping, the Bummis Easy Fit I have not noticed this at all. It also has not created red marks on SAP’s skin from being too tight, which is something I always check for with snug fitting diapers. Sometimes simple is all that is needed.
  • Nap/Bedtime UseEver since our first trial run at night, this diaper is my first diaper I choose for nap time. And if I run out of our regular night time diapers? I read for the Bummis Easy Fit. Why? The rayon from bamboo soaker does an excellent job at absorbing liquid quickly, hence wicking it away and keeping baby dry, plus decreasing the chances of leaks when sleeping on the tummy. Also, with the fit created with the nice snug (but not too snug) leg gussets and the thing, wide, soft Velcro used this diaper is nice and easy for SAP to lay on on the tummy without any irritation. All in all, an excellent choice for nap or night time and I highly recommend it for such!

  • If Fit Is TrueSince I have only used this diaper on the size large (of all the sizes in the one-size of this diaper), I cannot comment on the fit of the rest of the sizes, nor how it would fit a newborn. However, for my 27/28lb daughter, this fits perfectly. As this diaper is rated for up to 30 lbs I was at first worried about testing out this diaper just 3 months ago (when SAP was at 25 lbs) but I have no worries any longer! I feel that this diaper will fit SAP without any leak issues up to the 30 lb recommendation, and I am hoping even longer!
  • Wear and TearWith three months of use, I have not noticed any wear and tear on this diaper. I use this diaper as soon as it is washed, it is washed every 3 days and hung to dry. There has been no wear and tear on the elastic (it is just as stretchy as when I got it), no pilling or issues with Velcro (laundry tabs and closure tabs work just as well as when first received), and there has been no issues with the fabric used fraying or PUL coming apart. I am interested to see just how well this diaper does over time, especially with the Velcro, and will update in the future!

Quality/Cash Analysis

  • This diaper sells for $23.50 each at Abby’s Lane, for a solid color or a print, with free shipping. Given that I can use this diaper for day use, daycare, nap time, and night diapering, get no leaks, have seen no signs of wear and tear, and the fit seems to last to the recommended 30lbs or even greater, I feel the durability and life of this diaper with the excellent performance make it well worth the investment!
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    love the absorbancy customizability!

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    Thanks for this great review. I’m glad to hear about how easy it is to clean…because like you said, that can be the worst part of cloth diapering! Also glad to hear about the velcro, because I usually try to avoid velcro. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Bummis Mom says:

    We LOVE our Easyfits too. They fit so well, never leak and are incredibly easy to use. Thanks for saying everything I have always wanted to say about this diaper 🙂

  5. That is a very thorough and ACCURATE review!!! I totally agree 🙂

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