Jan 28, 2011

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Sponsor Spotlight, Review, Extra Entries: Megan’s Sewing Creations

I have always loved sewing.  The feel of the fabric, the sound of the machine, sitting there losing yourself in your projects…it’s calming yet a wonderful stress relieving outlet!  It is also a wonderful way to let those creative juices flow!

That is what Megan’s Sewing Creations reminds me of: those good times spent with my Grandmother, those days I stayed up sewing late trying to finish SAP’s quilt before she was born, the stacks and tubs of fabric!  Oh the memories!  Megan loves to create, and her love and enthusiasm for what she creates shows through in her work, it is just lovely!  No matter what she comes up with, from baby bibs to beautiful blankets, it will surely be an item you will treasure and build memories with that you will want to keep the rest of you (and your little one’s) life.

You can see here the top and bottom of one of the blankets I have from Megan’s Sewing Creations!

With the batting inside it makes it nice and warm for winter, and style of the blanket was not too girly, but just girly enough for SAP!

SAPsMaMa Thinks: Megan’s Sewing Creations

I received my blankets from Megan’s Sewing Creations back in November, but with the holidays I wanted to wait for the PERFECT time to tell you about them!  This also gave me an opportunity to REALLY test them out!  Test them out SAP and I did, just about everywhere you could think of in normal every day life in this household!

First I must tell you about these blankets.  These are not just your every day blankets.  The blankets I received from Megan were beautifully color coordinated with the colors all flowing so nicely, cute ruffle edging, all the fabric ever so soft, and even batting in one of the blankets so SAP would stay nice and warm and be able to use it this cold cold winter!  These blankets just pop out at you, and each one is unique!  Since Megan follows her creative side and makes what she feels like making the things she comes up with are always one of a kind!  What better gift for your little one or a friend’s little one you care about!

We use the blankets Megan made just about everywhere…and wow do they get used!  If one is not on her bed for night time, it is at the couch for cuddle time with Daddy before bed! If one is not in the car for staying warm and cuddly comfort in her car seat, it is at daycare ! I love to watch SAPsDaDa and SAP sit together and cuddle with these blankets, it is their special time together.  Usually this cuddle time occurs before bed or after SAP has her shower so she’s in need of comfy cozy blankies!  She’s gotten so used to having her special blankie that she will fight you tooth and nail and will NOT cuddle with you until she has her blankie with her to cuddle.  No movie or TV show is complete without a blanket from Megan’s Sewing Creations 🙂

SAPsDaDa combing SAP’s hair after her shower!  I’m glad that the blankets have batting in them to keep her warm, she only had her night diaper on and as a mama I’m always concerned if she is warm enough!

We always keep one of these blankets at daycare, we feel it is important for SAP to have a little something special to cuddle up with for nap time that makes her feel safe, and it helps that it is such a unique blanket that it will never be mistaken for any other kids’ but SAP’s blankie!  Of course, the daycare mandates that all bedding material be washed after 5 consecutive uses, so every week we have to take it home and wash it!  I was worried at first about washing these blankets…I didn’t want to ruin them!  But they are holding up great!  Considering the rough-housing SAP does with her blankies I am very happy with this.

SAP attacking Mama with kissies!!!  This is the other blanket I received from Megan, we mostly keep this one at daycare, but when it’s home it’s fair game!  The top is super soft silk and the colors so vibrant!  The bottom is a soft soft brown fabric.  I love the brown and pink combo!

Overall, the real reviewer of Megan’s Sewing Creations was SAP, and she very much approves!  When a toddler that can barely talk asks for something by name that is saying something!  Just look at these happy pictures of SAP and her Daddy!

What SAPsMaMa LOVES About Megan’s Sewing Creation’s Blankets!

  • EXCELLENT customer service!  She wants you and your child to love your purchase! 
  • Unique, one-of-a-kind work!
  • Very artistically done, the fabrics go together so wonderfully!
  • A great variety of blankets with different textiles, warmth (some with batting some without), and theme…everything from girly blankets with frills to rag blankets!
  • The blankets hold together very well with washing and rough toddler use!
  • They can become that special blanket you form memories with and your child cherishes for a very long time.
  • Megan’s enthusiasm and creativeness shows through in each piece of work, truly someone that enjoys what they are doing!  To me this is important in a quality sewing piece 🙂

Cuddled into bed ready for Night Night under her nice warm blanket!

Suggestions For Improvement: There’s Always Room For Improvement!

  • My main suggestion on improvement was on some of the sewing done on the first blanket I purchased…however, this first blanket was one of the first she had made!  After receiving the second blanket in the mail and seeing the quality of her sewing she put into it I was by far impressed at how much an improvement it was, and everything I have seen since has been past and exceeding my expectations!  Seems like she is coming up with something new all the time!
  • I’d like to see some smaller blankets for the kiddos that like to carry their blankies around everywhere…like SAP does!
  • Consider making some natural/sustainable fabric blankets, like rayon from bamboo fabric, organic cotton, or organic bamboo or cotton velour…so soft!  Or incorporating some of these fabrics into certain designs.

About Megan’s Sewing Creations

Finding herself to be a new Stay-At-Home-Mom Megan decided to put her free time toward doing something she loved to do and had not been able to until that point….sew!  She now sews everything from multi-purpose wipes, baby bibs, and diaper bags to custom one-of-a-kind blankets!  Have an idea for her?  She’d be happy to work with you on creating it!

Here are some of my favorite items from Megan’s in-stock store!:

Alphabet Blanket!  She also has a number blanket too.

Matching Bib and Multi-Purpose Wipes Set!  Who doesn’t love matching baby items?!

Rag Blankets make adorable gifts!!

Buy It!!

Website/Shop: http://www.meganssewingcreations.com/

Facebook shop: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/MegansSewingCreations

Win It!!

Megan is giving away TWO prizes for the Homemade With Love event!

One winner will receive a special handmade gender neutral lovie blanket!

A second winner will receive a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $25 !

Handmade With Love Extra Entries!!

IMPORTANT: These entries are Extra Entries for the Handmade with Love Event.  In order for Pre-entries to qualify you will also have to do the mandatory entry for the Handmade With Love Event between Feb. 2nd – Feb. 6th.
Leave a separate comment for each entry please and include your email address if it is not easily visible in your profile.
Enjoy and have fun!!
  • Check out Megan’s Website/Store and her Facebook Photo Album of items she sells.  Leave me the name and URL to the product you most would love to have that she makes!! ( 1 Extra Entry )
  • “Like” Megan’s Sewing Creations on Facebook!  (1 Extra Entry)
  • Give Me (and Megan!) a great idea for a handmade item she could make or anew design for a blanket!  What would you like to see from her shop!  ( 1 Entry )

Thank you to Megan for the awesome work you do, and for being patient with me taking so long on the review!  🙂  You do lovely work, keep it up, and don’t lose the heart and enthusiasm for your work, it works great for you and your creations!


The product(s) provided for the review (1 Blanket and a coupon code) was sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. Text in italics except under images is taken from the sponsor’s website or otherwise cited.

Giveaway is open to U.S. only. Giveaway will begin Feb. 2nd, 2011 as part of the Handmade With Love  event and close Feb. 6th, 2001. Winner will be chosen using random.org. Winner will have 48 hours to respond after I contact via email. If winner does not respond, a new winner will be chosen. Good Luck and thank you for supporting SAPsMaMa!

  1. Shannon Alexander says:

    liked megan on fb (mike-shannon alexander)

  2. Shannon Alexander says:
  3. Shannon Alexander says:

    My only suggestion would be more boyish stuff. Thomas the train and curious george are big at my house. Although my daughter really likes The Lady Engine off thomas the train

  4. “Liked” on facebook!

  5. I see there is a tote but I’d like to see a full size, rag style, diaper bag with pockets!

  6. Jenny pecor says:

    I love the Yellow and brown monkey blanket

    audriannasmamaw at aol dot com

  7. Jenny pecor says:

    I follow on facebook


  8. Jenny pecor says:

    I didnt see any burp cloths or receiving blankets those would be nice.

    audriannasmamaw at aol dot com

  9. jessica gonzalez says:

    “like” on FB as Jessica Gonzalez

  10. jessica gonzalez says:

    On her website, I LOVE her cloth wipes! http://www.meganssewingcreations.com/mulit-purpose-wipes.php

  11. jessica gonzalez says:

    I think a good idea would be name embroidery for the blankets 🙂

  12. Sky Yetter says:

    Liked on FB!

  13. Sky Yetter says:

    Def. more boy stuff would be nice. The cute boy stuff is always hard to find 🙂

  14. Jenni Jeske says:

    “Like” Megan’s Sewing Creations on Facebook!
    jenni_aja at hotmail dot com

  15. Jenni Jeske says:

    Give Me (and Megan!) a great idea for a handmade item she could make or anew design for a blanket! What would you like to see from her shop!

    Receiving blankets and smaller blankets!
    jenni_aja at hotmail dot com

  16. Mrs. Smitty says:

    I can’t get over the amazing Alphabet Blanket, but the Baby Boy Zoo Animals Blanket is a closs second fav

  17. Mrs. Smitty says:

    Like on FB
    Rebecca Smith

  18. Mrs. Smitty says:

    I’d love to see a taggie/stuffed animal hybrid. I don’t know if that makes sense, but a small lovie stuffed animal with the sensory tags on a traditional lovie.

  19. Carrie Smart says:

    On her website I love the alphabet blanket



  20. Carrie Smart says:

    I liked Megan’s sewing creations on facebook (Carrie Smart)


  21. Liked Megan’s Sewing Creations on FB


  22. Jodi Kershuk says:

    I like MSC on FB
    kershuk at comcast dot net

  23. Jodi Kershuk says:

    I think a patchwork blanket made out of all different colors w/ the name of the color on the block would be a great learning tool for young ones and I would buy one for sure
    kershuk at comcast dot net

  24. I love the black and pink animal print blanket! http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=27483&id=117186195002826
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  25. I like Megans sewing creations on Facebook user Lisa G.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  26. I would love to see Megan make soft comfy baby dresses and shoes. A diaper changing pad would also be great.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  27. I like the large size of her baby bibs, particularly the Pink teddy bear bib. http://www.meganssewingcreations.com/baby-bibs.php
    cbeargie at yahoo dot com

  28. An idea for a new product would be a drawstring wetbag. It could also be used as a “dry” bag to help keep extra things (extra bibs, little toys) organized in the diaper bag. Maybe with a loop for hanging…then it could also double as an emergency lovie/chew toy.

  29. at Megan’s store I liked the blanket that is the butterfly with lavender ruffles on this page http://www.meganssewingcreations.com/blankets.php

  30. Megan’s Sewing Creations FB fan Michele Pineda

  31. Allie Clark says:

    I liked Megan on FB!


  32. Allie Clark says:

    I think embroidery would be a good idea!


  33. Irishmarmalade
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    I’d love Megan’s Sewing Creation’s Footprint Lovie blanket! http://www.facebook.com/MegansSewingCreations#!/album.php?aid=36869&id=117186195002826

    irishmarmalade (at) gmail (dot) com

  34. Irishmarmalade
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    I “Like” Megan’s Sewing Creations on Facebook! (Milkface Babies).

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