Jan 29, 2011

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Sponsor Spotlight, Review, Extra Entries: MilliLee

Classic. Defining. Organic.

That is how MilliLee describes themselves.  A very simple description, but it says a lot, and it is exactly what I got and more from my daughter’s clothing at MilliLee!

I found MilliLee on Facebook one day and fell in love with her designs.  The dresses she makes for little girls are more than adorable, they just popped off the page and called my name!  What’s more?  She creates an Organic line of clothing for girls!  I found my new favorite store, and that, my friends, has not changed at all over the many  months I’ve followed her shop.  She knows what her customers want and she can by far give it to them!

Since SAP was in need of some new pajamas and I was having the MOST difficult time finding any I liked, would fit her, and that she would not outgrow in just a couple months, I was most intrigued and tempted by Milli’s Organic line of Night gowns!  The looked sooo adorable, comfy, and best of all, they were organic!  Not important to everyone but for me, that was a big plus.  I like my little girl to be sleeping in clothing that was not touched by pesticides thank you!

I was very happy when Milli contacted me for a review, and with the adorable Peasant Dress she sent me for review, I also purchased that Organic night gown I had been drooling over!  So you will see both in this review, because I cannot help but share 🙂

SAPsMaMa Thinks: MilliLee Peasant Dress and Organic Night Gown

See, I had NO idea which dress Milli had picked out to send me for review, so when I received my package in the mail and opened it to the lovely wrapping job Milli did of the items I was even more excited…it was like my birthday!  I love opening presents!  🙂  She had it in brown paper tied with twine, once again going back to her motto of classic and defining.

The Package from MilliLee.  Very much appealed to my eco-friendly side!

I waited until SAP went to bed ( I didn’t want her opening my “gift”!  lol) and I opened it!  Neatly folded, with washing instructions on neat little tags, was the organic night gown I had purchased and a wonderful new style of peasant dress she had sewn!

The organic night gown looked so natural and classic next to the print of the dress!  I couldn’t wait to unfold them!

Unfolded, I was amazed!  That dress just popped out at me!  The colors were so vibrant and bright and amazing!  I love primary colors, they just make me feel happy inside 🙂  She had just put up her new items in the store, and this was her new Crazy Circle Peasant Dress, which she says” highlights being a fun and crazy kiddo!” Well, she got that right about SAP!

The dress and night gown unfolded!  My were they pretty!  I could just imagine how cute it would be on my little girl!

So off to the laundry they went to be washed before being worn, mommy’s rule!  Of course, they did not even get hung up before I used them on SAP!  The very first day they were clean and ready for wear was a Saturday, where SAP was home all day, making ruckus and causing mischief…a perfect day for her Crazy Circle Peasant Dress!

I had gotten both the night gown and the peasant dress in size 3T because I hate SAP outgrowing gorgeous clothes, the longer I can keep her in these adorable outfits, the happier I will be!  I was worried ordering them so big since SAP was not even 24 months old at the time and pretty short for her age, but I soon found out I have nothing to worry about!  With the design of MilliLee’s clothing it can fit a younger toddler just as fine as it would a child of that size, or older!  The fit is very relaxed, the arms wide, and the neck area was nice and wide, yet stretchy with the elastic…PERFECT for SAP!  SAP is in the 90th percentile for head circumference since she was an infant, and most clothing I have to be sure has snaps to create a larger neck opening.  However, with the design of MilliLee clothing, I do not have to worry about that!  The neck is nice and wide, so no unhappy SAP when I pull it over her head, and no worried mama that her head will outgrow the outfit before she does (and yes it has happened many times!).

She looks adorable in this dress!  The colors are just wonderful, perfect for any fun little girl!

I love this dress.  Not just the colors, but how comfy it is.  SAP could wear it all day and not complain. The long sleeves made it an ideal winter or fall dress yet it was bright enough and breathable enough for spring and summer wear too!  The arms had elastic on them in one area for the peasant top look, but I liked it for it’s functionality, it kept the dress on and in place yet it was gentle on her arms and made it so she could wear it now at 2 years old, and for years to come!  The length also was a good length for SAP, she is short, but her upper torso is long, and this dress came just past her fluffy little butt and just about to her knees!  I love these types of dresses on girls.
You can see from behind how long the dress is, a very cute length!  SAP is wearing a fitted diaper under the dress here 🙂

Gotta say, for a girl (infant, toddler, or child), you have to keep it fun.  In this dress she could move and do an just about anything she wanted!  She rode her bouncy horsie, she played with her doll, she even wrestled with her stuffed SleepyWrap Bear!  Cute is cute, adorable is adorable, but when you get an adorable dress that is functional and spirited so that it is that much well suited for your child, you know you’ve found something good!  We created some great memories with this dress already, and I’m looking forward to the many years of use we will get with this dress…and the future ones I will be purchasing 🙂

This is SAP’s “Packer Huddle” stance!   Can you tell she’s ready for the SuperBowl?!  Poor SleepyWrap Bear is her football!  lol

Well, SAP will never admit it, but she does wear herself out being so crazy and fun!  So it came to be “night night” time and it was my time to put her in her adorable new organic Herringbone Check Nightgown I had bought.  After seeing SAP in the MilliLee peasant dress all day I couldn’t wait to see her in her new night gown! Well, it was SAPsDaDa’s night to get her ready, so I got to take pictures!  🙂

The MilliLee Organic Night Gown was loose fitting just like the peasant dress, which was exactly what I was looking for!  All of the fleece sleepers and tight long john pajamas sold in stores just will NOT go over that night cloth diaper fluffy bum!!  So we needed something that would not be tight on her lower half, as those other types of pajamas restricted her movement and were uncomfortable for her they were so tight in that area.  No problem with this night gown with it’s style!  Of course it had the adorable swoop neck that fit over her head so easy it was a dream to get her dressed for bed….lucky SAPsDaDa!  Next time I’m using this night gown, I want an easy night getting her dressed for bed!  lol

Since it was not restrictive and it was nice and comfy, SAP could also walk very easy in it!  We always worry she will slip on the step stool when it’s time to brush her teeth before bed, but with this night gown we didn’t have to worry about that!  It was long enough to keep her warm at night and cover her body but it did not get in her way when walking/running.  This will also come in handy when we get more serious about potty training.  SAP can’t go to the potty if she is in a sleeper and it’s difficult to pull down her tight long johns/2 piece PJ’s, but with this night gown no worries!  She will easily be able to use the potty at night, before bed, and right away in the morning, whenever she needs to!
Brushing her teeth like a big girl!  Daddy isn’t standing behind her tonight since he’s not afraid she will slip off the step stool!  Yay night gown!

The Organic night gown does not have elastic on the arms, but it is more fitted at the wrists, which is great as this will keep her warmer at night.  SAP moves around a ton in her sleep and she just recently was moved to a toddler bed out of her crib, so we like pajamas that allow for mobility.  Lots of kicking and twisting and turning.  With the night gown she can do that no problems 🙂

The pattern of the Herringbone Check nightgown is very simple and goes with the organic feel to the cut and fabric.  I really love that my daughter is sleeping in clothing that is not only eco-friendly, but better for her health.  A child spends just as much time in bed as they do awake, one of the biggest impacts you can make for a healthier life for your child is to reduce their exposure to toxins like pesticides and toxic flame retardants in the sleep area.  Just doing so in this one area of the room makes a big impact!

What SAPsMaMa LOVES about the MilliLee Peasant Dress and Organic Night Gown!

  • Great fit, loose yet holds on well for younger and older children for the size of the clothing
  • Wonderful choices of color and pattern for fabrics!
  • Love that organic options are available
  • The wide swoop neck is wonderful for easily getting toddlers dressed!
  • Both pieces of clothing had a great length
  • Very stylish and modern, yet playful and appealing to my natural side!  A little bit of everything!
  • The customer service from MilliLee was great 🙂

Suggestions For Improvement: There’s Always Room For Improvement!

  • I would love to see what styles MilliLee could have for Mommies!  ( I hear this is coming!  You read my mind! )
  • Some boy styles please!  Although I love the girlie dresses and outfits, I just know this cute look can transfer over to help out some little boys look adorable out there!
  • I see a lot of adorable skirts and dresses.  I would love to see some pants!  Such as bell style or ruffle that goes with the MilliLee style already. I’d love it they were made to fit well over cloth diapers!  Possibly made of wool for extra protection over cloth diapers!

About MilliLee

The MilliLee Story:

Classics never loose their style because they are simply, classic. I strive to re-invent classics with fun and trendy fabrics. I love soft and cozy cottons, fleece and linens, and only use the best. In fact, several of our fabrics are made domestically. My goal is to make your little ones cozy and highlight their personal style.

MilliLee’s quality products are handmade. We hope your little one enjoys their clothes and cloth diapers. We are here to help, and encourage feedback.

Some of my favorite MilliLee Products:

Dypees Organic Cloth Diaper.  These are adorable, and there’s different styles, find the perfect one for your baby!

Organic Cotton Dress.  Comes in many colors for your choice of organic fabric!

Aqua and Brown Paisley Pocket Dress.  I don’t know about your kid, but mine LOVES pockets!

Buy It!

Website: http://millilee.com/

Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/DyPeas

Win It!

One winner of the Handmade With Love Event will win:

One (1) Winner will receive a Peasant Dress just like the one I reviewed!  (Fabric pattern subject to availability)

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Enjoy and have fun!!
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Thank you to Milli for this opportunity to share these wonderful products with my fans and followers!  I very much admire your work, and I look forward to what you having coming out this year! I will be a return customer for a very long time!

The product(s) provided for the review (1 Peasant Dress) was sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. Text in italics except under images is taken from the sponsor’s website or otherwise cited.

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