Feb 26, 2011

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CuteyBaby “That’s A Wrap”! Review

When I was contacted by CuteyBaby a couple months ago to review their brand new diaper That’s A Wrap!, I was VERY excited!  Why?  No, it was not because CuteyBaby diapers are my favorite of all time diapers…..somewhat the opposite.  The CuteyBaby diapers I own are the older original version of CuteyBaby, and I had had some problems with them fitting SAP well and performing 100%.  So why was I super excited about testing out It’s A Wrap?  I was super excited because from the very beginning when I set eyes on the original CuteyBaby diaper I saw a different type of diaper that had very big potential.  The CuteyBaby diapers, of course, are super cute, they had removable velcro tabs, and the insert removed itself in the wash!  The ideas and concepts behind it were wonderful, and I just KNEW that they had something up their sleeves that would make an amazing diaper!

I was right!  Not only did they come out with a new improved fit CuteyBaby AIO diaper that works great, but their It’s A Wrap! diaper has pretty much squashed much of any reason SAPsDaDa or I would choose another diaper at changing time.  Now we do not look for another diaper, now we choose the CuteyBaby It’s A Wrap! diaper first!

For this review I tested out the new It’s A Wrap Diaper by CuteyBaby as well as their flush-able liners!

The new That’s a Wrap! CuteyBaby Diaper in Big Pink Dot print and the flush-able liners!

SAPsMaMa Thinks: CuteyBaby It’s A Wrap! Cloth Diaper

What is the CuteyBaby That’s A Wrap! Diaper?  It’s basically a CuteyBaby Diaper as a two in one!  You receive two inserts and a shell and you place the inserts (made out of microfiber with a fleece top) into the opening in the diaper.  When diaper is wet you can just replace the insert instead of changing the whole diaper!  The insert also comes out in the wash on it’s own when you’re on you’re last insert just toss it all in the diaper bin!

The inside view of the That’s A Wrap CuteyBaby Diaper.  You place the insert inside the opening and it agitates out itself in the wash.

The inserts for the That’s A Wrap diaper!  Two layers of Microfiber topped with fleece.  This gives a great amount of absorbency and the fleece helps baby feel dry on their body by wicking away moisture!

First off, I’m not one to dress SAP in super girly outfits or accessories…but there is just SOMETHING about the CuteyBaby prints that makes me want to put them on her bum!  I first got the Lime Floral, which is still my favorite print so far, but when I got the It’s A Wrap! diaper in the mail, I got the Big Pink Dot…another absurdly cute print!  How do they come up with these?!  Love it!  They had cute boy prints too so if I have a boy next time around I can still use a CuteyBaby diaper!

The Purple Lime Floral Print CuteyBaby AIO I own!  Very cute and unique print!

I first unwrapped the It’s A Wrap! diaper (haha, pun intended!) and I looked it over closely to see what is new and different…I had had no idea what to expect with this new diaper!  I was surprised and delighted at the changes!

Though they no longer had detachable Velcro, they had low profile Velcro now.  One of my issues with the original CuteyBaby diapers was that the Velcro could not overlap and so when SAP was smaller I could not get a secure fit with the diaper.  With this new Velcro I didn’t have Velcro tabs that were fraying and I had a Velcro that could easily overlap for a nice secure fit, but yet  not take away from the aesthetic cute look in the front  with a Velcro tab if you did not need to overlap!  So I was excited to see how it would hold up to not only being on SAP but also in the washing machine.

You can see here how the new low-profile Velcro can overlap in the front, and without the need of  a tab for it to grab onto!

The second new feature I saw was that the insert…once sewn in on one side to the diaper to create an AIO that would come out in the wash yet stay attached…was no longer attached to the shell!  The CuteyBaby It’s A Wrap! diaper was more of a 2 in 1 style now than an AIO!  The insert could be taken out  and replaced with a new insert, so in essence, the cover could be reused a few times, making the diaper more economical and easier on your pocket book when purchasing!  Nice!  In this day and age that’s can be a big selling point.  The insert still came out on its’ own in the wash so you don’t have to un-stuff it when it’s dirty at all, I was very happy to see that great feature was available in this diaper!  Yay for not touching yucky inserts!

The That’s A Wrap diaper stuffed with it’s insert!

The third new feature was again with the Velcro…but it was something different than the normal closure tabs.  The new It’s a Wrap! CuteyBaby diaper has a second piece of Velcro on the ends of the front of the diaper past the main strip.  Here’s a couple pictures, it’s hard for me to explain…

Putting the diaper on SAP, you can see all the Velcro attachments here.

A close up of the Velcro, you can see the second lower piece of Velcro here and where it would attach to the wing of the diaper!  This helps prevent wing droop and also helped keep the diaper on SAP!  Yay!

This surprised me the most!  What was it supposed to do?  What was it’s purpose?  I figured I’d have to find out more after testing it out!

The final  new feature was it’s fit.  With new elastic and a little better cut the diaper fit SAP amazing, nice and snug, no marks from the elastic anywhere on her legs or sides, and I’ve now used it multiple times without any leak issues at all!  Whoo hoo!  That is what cloth diapering is all about!

This is a perfect fit!  And oh so comfy for SAP!

So what did we experience?  I loved the fit, as I said before, that was the number one thing I was looking for in this diaper!  I found it very easy to use and having the removable insert was actually much nicer for our needs than the AIO is.  The Velcro overlapped great when I needed it to and I was very impressed with the second  pieces of Velcro on the diaper.  SAP likes to climb a lot, and so Velcro diapers sometimes come undone when the Velcro catches onto a couch or something….thus diaper comes off!  With this new Velcro, when the front comes undone…the diaper does not come off!  The second piece of Velcro hold is on!  It also prevents wing droop, which I have found pretty common among many diaper brands.  I’m not sure if either of these reasons were their original intention of the extra Velcro, but I’m a happy mama, yet another new and inventive style that makes them unique from other cloth diapers!

SAP playing puzzles in her CuteyBaby That’s A Wrap!

I liked the similar design to the AIO diapers so that we did not have to learn a whole new system.  I have always had issues cleaning the poo out of CuteyBaby diapers (our number 2 reason for not grabbing this diaper out of the bin first before), but with the flush-able liners that we tested out with the That’s A Wrap! diaper I found this a much more easy job!  They were sized right for the diaper, unlike some other liners I have tried that are too big or small and ball up or stick out.

I like how these do not feel like “plastic pants” and they’re not as tight to her body as other diapers, I always worry about restricting her when I put tight cloth diapers on her and I had no worries with this one.

SAP doing somersaults!  Yes she never sits still, believe me!

The only other issue I had with this diaper is the velcro tabs in general.  Though great that they can now overlap since they’re low profile Velcro and I love the second Velcro tab feature, I find this Velcro does not stay attached to the folded over “laundry  tab” area and so gets caught on other diapers in the wash.  This is more a bit of an annoyance than anything horrible since it is low-profile Velcro it does not cause any damage to other diapers like some of our other diapers do.

All in all, CuteyBaby, you have once again shown me you have something wonderful to offer a modern cloth diapering mama!  Thank you!

SAP, knowing she’s cute and adorable in her Big Pink Dot CuteyBaby diaper and showing off!  Little Flirt!

What SAPsMaMa LOVES about the CuteyBaby That’s A Wrap! Cloth Diaper!

  • Cute, adorable prints for boys and girls!
  • Better, improved and great fit!
  • Exchangeable insert so the shell can be reused!  Economical and functional!
  • New low-profile velcro allows for tabs to overlap in the front
  • LOVE the second piece of velcro that stops wing droop and stops SAP’s diaper from coming undone all the time when I’m not looking!
  • The flush-able liners make clean up easier
  • Insert comes out on it’s own in the wash, when you can’t change out the liner, you just throw it in the diaper bin!
  • Not too bulky like some diapers!
  • Does not leave red marks on SAP’s skin!
  • No leaks whoot!

Suggestions for Improvement: There’s Always Room For Improvement!

  • Though the low profile velcro has it’s advantages, I’d like to see if you could figure out a was to keep it attached to the “laundry tab” area during washing!  That would be great!
  • I’d love to have a different more natural option for insert options, though the microfiber and fleece are great for the stay-dry feeling a natural option such as hemp, bamboo, or organic cotton would appeal to those who love to keep it more natural with their baby!

About CuteyBaby!!

My name is Ada Vaughan, and I’m so excited to be running this endeavor called CuteyBaby. I’m a mom, graphic designer, and marketing geek. CuteyBaby’s mission is to enhance the lives of children and parents through ingenuity and design.

Our products are helpful, creative, and environmentally positive additions to families’ lives.

CuteyBaby will be the first cloth diaper to be featured in grocery stores across the nation! Versions of cloth diapers have been in department stores but never in your grocery store next to disposable diapers….this is a big step for the Cloth Diaper Community!

CuteyBaby Diapers (The AIO and That’s A Wrap!) can NOW be found in Albertsons / Cub / Jewel stores around the country!  Find a store near you that sells them!

Check out the CuteyBaby Website!

Become a Fan on Facebook of CuteyBaby to stay in touch with all the great new news!

Thank you to CuteyBaby for coming out with a wonderful new diaper with yet more interesting and great design and function and sending me a diaper for review!  Keep up the great work, I cannot wait to see what you come up with next!

The product(s) provided for the review (1 That’s A Wrap! Diaper, 2 inserts, and 1 Package of Flush-able Liners) was sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. Text in italics except under images is taken from the sponsor’s website or otherwise cited.  This giveaway is not affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by Facebook in any way.

  1. Rachael says:

    I missed out on entering, but I loved seeing this review. What a cute diaper!!!!!

    • Melissa says:

      Missed entering for the Diapers Etc. Review? Sorry to hear that! There’s 2 more giveaways up right now 🙂 My Baby’s Green and Earthly Remedies by Erin!
      This is an adorable diaper, I love their patterns, so glad they improved their design! Loving their new diaper.