Feb 14, 2011

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Diapers Etc. Review, Giveaway, Etc.!!

Diapers Etc. Blog Party!

For the Love of Fluff!!

It’s exciting!  It’s fluff!  It’s more than that!  What is it?

Diapers Etc., a wonderful cloth diaper retailer that also sells great eco-friendly products, is undergoing a big change!  Starting today, they will now have a new logo, better site navigation, and best of all….New Cloth Diapering Products!!!

Over the next few days they will reveal to you their new features and products, along with some AMAZING giveaways at multiple blogs!!  It’s a Blog Party!!!

SAPsMaMa Thinks

For this big blog party I was able to pick out an item from their store to review and share with my wonderful fans!  Do you know how hard that was to do?  Hard!  They have one of the best organic and hemp diaper and cover selections I have seen!!  Plus cute organic toys I know SAP would love, a great selection of BPA free sippy cups, and adorable swim suits and swim diapers for the upcoming summer!!

Eventually I settled on an item that I felt I NEEDED…the Organic Caboose Merino Wool Changing Pad!

Now, SAP is 2 years old, and over the past two years, I have went through many changing pads.  I had the cheapies that came with the diaper bag, the wipe off ones , and even some super cool ones that are a mat and a diaper bag in one!  I was never satisfied with any of them, and honestly, only one has lasted me these two years, the rest ripped, fell apart, were too bulky to be efficient, or they were left “forgotten” under SAP’s crib.

I was hoping that the Organic Caboose Wool Changing Pad would be the changing pad for me.  Looking at the description on the Diapers Etc. Store I wanted it so much!  Described as a “wonderful alternative to any conventional changing pad”, I very much had high hopes that this non-conventional changing pad would be the changing pad for me!

First off, I am a wool lover when it comes to diapering my child.  With it’s anti-bacterial properties, ability to basically turn urine into salt water (a process called salinization), and breathability it is the ideal choice for a diaper cover…it is these properties that also attracted me to it for use as a changing pad!  You can learn all about these properties at Nifty Nappy HERE and Sunshine Diapers HERE!

The Wool Changing pad on the floor where we currently change SAP at home!  We could leave it out since it was not an eye sore at all, but actually looked appealing!

I figured I would test out this changing pad EVERYWHERE!  And so that is what I did over the last couple weeks!  I used it at home changing SAP on the floor, on her bed, at Nana’s house on the bed and floor, and in different restaurant and rest stop bathrooms while we traveled!  I carried it folded up in my diaper bag, in my purse, or just in a reusable shopping bag !  It was the adventures of the traveling wool changing pad!

What did I think of it after using it everywhere doing everything I could think of?  I thought “why aren’t these changing pads more common?!”  It was overall the best changing pad I have ever used.

When using a changing pad, I want my child to be comfortable.  Would you be comfortable laying on plastic?  I wouldn’t.  Yet those “plush” changing pads are just that!  Plush!  You have a hard time folding them up to fit anywhere let alone a diaper bag!  And the foam pads?  Who likes that crinkle sound, not to mention they slip off those changing tables in the restrooms or blow away at the drop of a hat if you’re changing your baby outside (which I do do on nice days!).  I thought about a quilted flannel or cotton changing pad, but once again you have the bulk issue…plus, if you’re going for a fabric that would need to be washed when it’s dirty, why not go for something that will provide you with other amazing benefits than just a clean place to change your baby?  That’s where wool comes in!

SAP getting her diaper changed at home!  And having a blast playing peek-a-boo with the diaper ointment caps!  Believe me, she isn’t smilie if she’s laying on a plastic changing mat, and I like a happy baby when I’m diaper changing!

With the Organic Caboose Merino Wool Changing pad SAP lay in comfort while her diaper was changed, not only is merino wool super soft, but the thickness of the pad thick enough to be cushy for hard surfaces like plastic or granite changing table surfaces, yet thin enough to fold and easily fit in  my diaper bag or even my purse!  I was satisfied I was protecting my child from the gross bacteria-laden changing areas provided since wool has antibacterial properties and this wool mat in particular was organic, so I did not even have to worry about the fibers that she was coming into contact with!  The mat stayed in one place and did not easily bunch, slide off the change table when SAP wiggled around, or become more of a nuisance than a help…a mat that actually does it’s job instead of becoming a job!

The Wool Mat being used while traveling!  Here it is at SAPsNaNa’s house on a bed, making a make-shift changing area for SAP!  It worked great!  Definitely protected that bedspread!

Another thing, SAP does not “pee” when her diaper comes off like she used to during changing time, but it is always something to take into consideration with a changing mat.  With a plastic or foam mat it would go all over and roll right off…what a mess!  Other mats would absorb it and we would not be able to use them again until they were washed on laundry day… a burden.  With the wool changing mat if she does happen to decide to use that opportunity to pee while her diaper is off without any protection under her bum, not only will the wool changing mat absorb the urine, but it will use it’s salinization properties to turn the urine into a type of salt water!  Just hang it up and it will dry, and you can use it again..perfect for traveling when you don’t have a washer nearby!  There is no smell with wool either when this happens, unlike if other fabrics absorb urine.  Then when you get a chance you can wash it.  What I find amazing is you can actually wash this changing mat in the washer as well!  Most wool I hand wash so this is a luxury for me.  gentle cycle, lay flat to dry, and you have a clean changing mat.  With wool you only need to wash every 3-4 weeks depending on usage, so the time your mat is in the laundry is very much minimized compared to mats of other fabrics!

Can you see why I love this changing mat?!  The only place I’ve found it too is at Diapers Etc.!!  Once you try it out and fall in love with it as I have, you’ll go back for their other wool and organic diapering products in their awesome selection!

One other thing about this wool changing pad…I believe we will get use out of it even after SAP is out of diapers!  SAP is already using the mat for play when it’s not in use as a changing pad, and I am happy to let her do so knowing it’s made out of non-toxic and natural fibers!  How can I object!  🙂

What SAPsMaMa LOVES about the Organic Caboose Merino Wool Changing Mat

  • Super soft merino wool!!
  • Antibacterial properties from the fact it’s wool…so no worry of germs from the changing surface it’s laid on and no worries from it hosting germs from being used for diaper changes and coming into contact with baby’s not-always-so-clean bum!
  • Good thickness!  Perfect for baby’s comfort
  • Not too thick, so you can fold it up and put it in purse/diaper bag as you wish!
  • Looks very neat and modern, not babyish
  • Does not have to be washed very often as it is made of wool and not other fibers
  • Perfect for traveling since if it does get dirty or peed on it will not hold odors or bacteria and you can continue to use it once it is dry until you can wash it!
  • Does not move around or easily slip off changing area so is useful and not a burden during diaper changing!
  • Durable, will last a long time, not fall apart or get torn like other cheap changing pads
  • You can wash it in your washer on gentle cycle, so no special washing needed for this wool!

Suggestions For Improvement: There’s Always Room For Improvement!

  • SAPsDaDa would like to see the changing mat just a little bit bigger, just 2 in wider and 4 in longer so it works better for a toddler (SAP isn’t so little anymore!)
  • For Diapers Etc., I would love to see this changing mat listed under a sidebar link such as “Wool items” or “Organic products” instead of under “Changing mats” as parents that are looking for these qualities in the products they buy will want to know about this changing pad!  It might help connect shopper to product better if this option is available!

About Diapers Etc.!!

We carry all the most popular brands of cloth diapers, as well as organic cotton baby clothing and many BPA free baby accessories like bottles, cups and more!

We feel cloth diapers benefit your baby as well as the environment. Cloth diapers pamper babies’ delicate skin and do not clog landfills like disposables. Cloth diapers also save money in the long run, as they can be laundered and reused for many years. If you’re shopping online for high quality organic baby products, we definitely have what you’re looking for on our website. We are committed to offering you the finest organic baby products at great prices while providing exceptional customer service.

We carry only the best brands and models of organic baby products on the market. Founded in 1998, our company is committed to bringing high quality diapering products into environmentally friendly households. We pride ourselves on our customer service and aim to be a trustworthy name in baby products.

Some of my favorite products from Diapers Etc. include:

Cloth For Your Angel Organic Interlock Knit Wool Wrap

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bags…a must have for any family, cloth diapering or not!

Berry Plush All-in-One Diaper!  These are some super soft diapers with organic inserts!

Buy It!!

You can purchase the Organic Caboose Merino Wool Changing Pad at Diapers Etc. HERE!!

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Thank you to Diapers Etc. for providing a wonderful review item!  Congrats on the new features and products in your store, I’m very excited for you!  🙂  Also thank you to Eco Chic Parties for putting this all together, I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this first Blog Party!


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