Feb 18, 2011

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Friday Round Up, Feb. 18th 2011

The second Friday Round Up!

This is a way for those who are not able to keep tabs on SAPsMaMa on social media sites to still get the great benefits of the topics, articles, and info I share on there!  Also, a list of what’s going on on the blog!

Remember just for commenting on this blog post this week you can get up to 2 extra entries per giveaway! So choose what topic you find interesting and leave me a comment about it!

And now, the SAPsMaMa Friday Round Up 2!!


  • My Baby’s Green: Review of Plan Toys Eco Town, Giveaway of $30 GC toward wooden toys.  Read and enter HERE
  • Diaper Etc.: Review of Organic Caboose Merino Wool Changing Mat, Giveaway of $25 GC to their store.  Read and enter HERE
Coupon Codes:
  • Receiving Cuddles: Review of Loved Blanket, Coupon Code for a FREE Travel Blanket with purchase of a Loved Blankie. See review and coupon Code HERE


  1. SAPsMaMa has a new blog sponsor!  Please welcome Berry Sweet Boutique!  Go say hi on their Facebook Page!!
  2. Vilate from Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers has officially went out of business!  Hope you got your NN diapers before the 10th!!  Some retailers might have a few left if you’re missing out!  Send Vilate some love, she’s still around but won’t be making those amazing diapers anymore, sadly!
  3. I’m considering doing a “Reduce Footprints, Change the World Wednesday” every Wednesday on the Blog to get some green tips out to all my followers!  Please let me know if you would like to see this feature, if there is any interest.  Find out more info on the website HERE
  4. CottonBabies not only has First Quality Flip, BumGenius AIO 3.0 dipes, and all sizes of Indian Prefolds on clearance, but they have located some of their long ago discontinued BumGenius Bamboo Fitted diapers!  They still have all sizes left but they are limited quantity, they still do not make these diapers any longer and this will be the last time ever to receive these, it’s a complete surprise they had these left!  These were discontinued about 2 years ago.  I myself used them on SAP as a newborn and LOVE t hem….I bought 2 of each size myself as I couldn’t let this pass me by!  So check out the Clearance section now!
  5. Are you confused by cloth diapers with adjustable leg elastic for sizing?  Diapers like this include FuzziBunz, SoftBums, LolliDoo, Sprout Change, Charlie Banana, etc..  Dirty Diaper Laundry Blog has created a great video to help you out!  See it HERE to answer your questions!
  6. Green Child Magazine has debuted their first edition!!  It’s an online subscription and completely FREE with wonderful articles and connections to green retailers!  Check it out and sign up to receive it now HERE!
  7. I am now using and testing out Flat diapers and Pins for cloth diapering a toddler!  If you have any questions or comments about cloth diapering with flats feel free to ask!
  8. Fisher Price does not disclose any of their materials or chemicals used in their products, so how do you know it’s safe if they refuse to tell you?  Read more and educate yourself!  Many are calling for a boycott to show Fisher Price that it is our right to basic information like this when it concerns out Children’s health.  Information can be found HERE on The Soft Landing Blog...a wonderful resource!
  9. A family lost their home, pets, and son in a fire recently, I can’t begin to imagine the grief and hard times they are going through.  It’s not  much but THIS treasury on Etsy is of items where proceeds will go to help this family in need.  Take a look and see if you’re interested in anything!  It’s for a great cause.  I do LOVE Hot Lava Clothing, and they have an awesome dress on there!  See treasury HERE.
  10. I’m testing out the brand new Wrap It diaper from CuteyBaby, so look for that review later this month!  Not too long now!  I know many do not like their original AIO dipaers, but this new diaper is MUCH better, you will love it!  Keep your eyes peeled!  🙂
  11. I have now officially deleted the old SAPsMaMa Blogger Blog!  We’re all on WordPress now Baby!  Yay!
  12. I am looking for something to be designed to hold Family Cloth in the bathroom so it is more appealing than a pile of wipes beside the toilet.  If anyone has any ideas I’m open for suggestions!
  13. I’ve started using a Shampoo Bar to wash my hair now….what does every one think of shampoo bars, do you like them?  Have you tried them before?
  14. Breastfeeding Equipment to be allowed as Medical Tax Deduction and REimbursed by Flexible Health Spending Accounts!  You can learn more at the Baby Store Plus Blog post HERE, and at msnbc.com HERE
  15. Are you iffy about trying Mama Pads?  If you’re unsure and don’t want to invest the money in a starter set, you can try one (1) Bumble Mama Pad for less than half the normal price to try out and see if you like it….this way it’s not going to hurt the wallet and you can make the decision yourself!  You can purchase the Bumble Mama Pad for this deal HERE on the BumbleDoo Website!
  16. Did you know that your indoor air quality is often much worse than the outdoor air quality?  You can greatly improve your indoor air quality just by using some nice green houseplants!  You can learn more and see a list of good houseplants HERE at the Green Penny Pincher Blog!
  17. You know to protect your children from the sun due to cancel causing rays…but did you know sunscreen is often toxic and can also cause cancer?  The safest way to stay safe in the sun is to use chemical free sun protection!  My favorite is the UV Skinz clothing, which is light weight, breathable, fun, colorful, and non-toxic!   You can get 25% off now and stock up for the summer with coupon code 25DERM11 at checkout!  Expires 2/28 so order soon!  You can see their shop  HERE
  18. Anyone with a Facebook Personal or Fan page, when the format changed, your wall feed changed without Facebook telling you!  Have you noticed you’re only getting feed from certain fan pages lately?  Now Facebook only shows you feed from those you interacted with recently.  To see feed from all your fan pages and friends/family you can change your settings.  See the Note HERE to learn how to easily do this!
  19. Have you heard of Spray on Solar Panals?!  It may soon become a reality!  Check it out, pretty cool!  Article on Do your Part website HERE
  20. I chatted with and got to know the Military fans I have on my page!  Great to hear everyone’s stories!  There were some wonderful tips in there on how to help a child cope with separation from their father while they’re deployed and some links to thinks such as Daddy Dolls, so take a look at THIS post and THIS conversation post on the Facebook Fan Page to read all about it!
  21. Much more going on, be sure to check out these great deals, articles, links, etc. if you haven’t done so yet!

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