Feb 11, 2011

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Friday Weekly Top Stories Wrap Up!

Each Friday I will try to post a wrap up of everything I’ve posted on Twitter, Facebook, etc.!

This is a compilation of updates, announcements, links to pages, articles, and tips that I have given on the social media pages as well as some discussions we’ve had that might interest others.  This is so those without facebook or twitter can still benefit since I post the items that are not post worthy in those locations.

I would LOVE to see some comments, so comment here responding to something I write in the post to get 1 extra entry in my next giveaway…which is going up on Saturday or Sunday and has already been announced on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. Let’s Go Green.Biz
    This is a wonderful new website that I found that has great Eco-Friendly Home, Office, and Business Products!  I’m most intrigued by their selection of compostable garbage bags…something I need to “green” in my household!  Also, all of their trash bags are on sale right now…a perfect time to stock up!  Check it out here: http://letsgogreen.biz/
  2. Toxic Chemicals and the Risk of Childhood Cancer
    Cancer rates are on the rise in children younger and younger.  Many believe there is a strong connection to the carcinogens used in common products and their toxic nature.  Here is a great article from Healthy Child Healthy World to help you understand the relationship better and update you on the situation!  See article here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=197516893593738&set=a.197514416927319.50638.130560300289398#!/note.php?note_id=495284467798&id=10398403955
  3. Valentines day “Green” Tip: Use organic beeswax or undyed soy candles instead of wax!  Much healthier for you to breath in and they still smell wonderful!  🙂  You can find some wonderful designed beeswax candles or soy melts on Etsy.com by homemade individuals!
  4. Highway?  No Way!
    The Ontario government plans to slash a highway through a UNESCO world biosphere reserve on the Niagara escarpment, one of the last breathing spaces in the urban sprawl of the GTA. Help stop the Niagara GTA Highway by supporting this group and spreading the word!  Our natural spaces are precious to us, they are all interconnected, even if we do not understand that anymore in our more modern societies, and we need to preserve the last of them.  This is something that should transcend countries and anyone can help!  🙂  “Like” their page now on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/nohighway#!/nohighway?v=info
  5. Farm To School
    Farm to School connects schools (K-12) and local farmers with the objectives of serving healthy meals in school cafeterias, improving student nutrition, providing agriculture, health and nutrition education opportunities, and supporting local and regional farmers.  You can learn how to get your school involved HERE.  Learn more at their main site HERE. Thank you to Mommy Times Blog for the great post on this site!
  6. Free Easy Plans to Build a Laundry Basket Dresser
    This is a great way to get organized in your house and laundry room…I don’t know about you but most of my baskets of laundry are clean and just not put away!  This will keep them organized and in one place…taking up less room!  Yay!  Instructions available HERE from Ana-White.com!
  7. Pampers Releasing Designer Diapers
    Although not everyone on my blog is a Fluff user (cloth diapers), I’m sure many are aware of the Pampers Ultra Dry scare with the new chemicals causing chemical burns on babies.  Pampers is now looking to compete with cloth diapers by releasing their “Designer” diapers this spring!  Learn more on this article on Tampa Bay Online HERE
  8. I’m going to BlogHer!!
    I am going to BlogHer this August in San Diego and am looking for sponsors and a roomie to room with to cut down costs!  As a Natural Parenting , cloth diapering blogger I can help promote your company, big or small!  Email me if you’re interested in sponsoring or being roomies!  🙂  sapsmama at yahoo dot com
  9. Make Upcycled Sweater Puppets!
    Have you heard of Cate and Levi puppets!?  They rock!  You can make some fun puppets of your own from old sweaters (commonly referred to as “upcycling” the sweaters!).  Here is a great pattern to learn how to do this for a few of the animal puppets from Cate and Levi!  See it HERE on Martha Stewart Creafts!
  10. EcoMom Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt!
    EcoMom is having their fun Valentines Day Scavenger hunt!  Look through their store, find all 12 candies hidden, and get to enter for great eco-friendly prizes from their store!  Have fun!  Learn more HERE.
  11. BabyBug Creations Sale!
    BabyBug Creations is having a sale!  42% off until March 16th with code GROUNDHOG!
  12. MilliLee Designs New Collection Release!
    MillilLee Designs has released their new Jet Setter Collection of amazing dresser for little girls, styles from around the world!  Check it out at her website HERE! (She is selling out quick so keep in touch with her on Facebook for updates on stocking!)
  13. OrionBabyDesigns
    I found some amazing dresses and more on Etsy at OrionBaby Designs!  Check them out HERE, I am just in awe of them!
  14. My Baby’s Green Sale, and Upcoming Blog Review/Giveaway
    My Baby’s Green has had amazing sales recently, half of f their diapers and toys!  That sale has ended but their diapers are still 50% off, and you can get 35% off your purchase with a coupon code in Green Child Magazine, code is “CHILD”.  Also, soon they will be having giveaways on their Facebook Fan page!  We will also be doing a SAPsMaMa review and BIG giveaway on the blog in the next week or so, stay tuned!!  See their store HERE!
  15. Nifty Nappy Is Out of Business!
    Nifty Nappy, one of my favorite diaper companies, is  no more!  She has stopped making diapers due to the new lead testing laws put forth.  Her last date to purchase diapers is Feb. 10th, though some retailers might have some spare ones around, grab them quick!  No more from here on out will be made!  Don’t miss out on owning a wonderful Nifty Nappy diaper or wool item!
  16. Stop the Pesticide That is Killing Bees!
    Honey bees are dying at alarming rates, and they are a very important part of our functioning ecosystem.  Without them many things would not grow or be produced.  There is a pesticide that is highly responsible for this occurring, here is a great article to find out more and take action to encourage the EPA to ban this pesticide!  Take action HERE on Credo Action.
  17. My Birthday!!  SAP’s Birthday Party!!
    I turned 23 last Friday!!  I didn’t get to celebrate at all since we were traveling out of town and SAP’s birthday party was that weekend, but it was fun!  SAP had a wonderful party with friends and family and had amazing cake and lots of love and gifts!
  18. Events on SAPsMaMa
    Lately I have had many large Blog events…I will not be doing that as much anymore!  Reviews and Giveaways will continue though not to the extent as during the events.  The Homemade With Love event ended this past week, as well as the SAPsMaMa Facebook 1250 Fan Giveaway Album.   SAPsMaMa also sponsored a crayon roll and  Eric Carle book to a winner from the My Precious Kid giveaway album, and all that closed this week!  Lots of fun!
  19. The Dirties on Diapering Round 3!!
    Jamie is trying to raise money to help create a coffee-table book to publish and raise awareness through photo-journalism about the harmful effects of chemicals from cloth diapers.  This is an amazing idea and project and she needs your help to raise the money to do it!  You will get prizes based on the amount you donate and donations will only be collected if she reaches her goal…Let’s help her make that happen!  🙂  Learn more about her project on KickStarter HERE!
  20. FREE Window Cling to help you Remember your Reusable Bags!
    Do you always forget your reusable shopping bags?  I do !  Here is a free window static cling you can get in the mail to put in your car to help you remember when you go shopping!  Tell your friends and help spread the word on how reusable bags can make a difference every day!  Learn more HERE at Conserving Now!

Much more going on, be sure to check out these great deals, articles, links, etc. if you haven’t done so yet!  🙂

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