Feb 17, 2011

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My Baby’s Green, Plan Toys EcoTown Review and $30 GC Giveaway!

I found My Baby’s Green online just a couple months ago and bookmarked their store right away.  Why?  Because I am VERY picky when it comes to the products that I buy.  I only buy products made by certain companies and with certain standards, and I had recently been quite surprised at the number of “Natural” or “Green” stores carried products I deemed not up to the standards I had to qualify as a non-toxic and safe green and natural product for my child.  That is what I loved about My Baby’s Green…ALL of their products I approve of!  That never happens!  They not only have eco-friendly toys, but also organic toys!

So when she was in need of having a promotional sale to clear out some inventory, I jumped at the chance to share this great store with everyone!  And boy do I have a treat for you, because not only am I reviewing an amazing product, but Tina is giving one lucky SAPsMaMa fan a $30 GC to her store to buy a great non-toxic eco-friendly wooden toy too!

SAPsMaMa Thinks: Plan Toys Eco Town

Plan City Eco Town!  Just looking at it it screams “different” from other city play sets!

When I look for a toy for SAP I not only want the toy to be something she will LOVE, or not only non-toxic and safe, I want it to teach her the values and skills I want to instill in her.  Plan Toys do just that, especially with their amazing selection of toys that demonstrate to a child eco-friendly living, such as their Green Dollhouse and their Eco Town.   I picked the Eco Town for this review because it instilled exactly what I would love SAP to grow up learning!

The Eco Town toy set came with many different things.  The main buildings included were the eco home, eco charging station, and eco train station.  It came with eco street accessories like bike signs and LED street lights, the play mat with the roads and trees printed on it, eco vehicles like bikes and hybrid cars or scooters, an electric train, and even some “green” people!  That’s a lot of accessories!

Some of the Eco Vehicles that come with the Eco Town play set!  You won’t find vehicles like this anywhere else!

Since this was the very first large toy set I had gotten SAP I did not know what to expect: would it be a lot of packaging, or a lot of pieces?  A lot of stuff to put together?  How big would it be and how easy would it be to store away?  Since we live in a small two bedroom apartment large toys had no place to be set up permanently.  The mat in the picture looked like it was a sheet of plastic of some sort that I envisioned I could slide under her dresser and the different stations possibly push under her bed.

With my purchase of the Eco Town Tina form My Baby’s Green sent me the city family and the city taxi and police car to review with the Eco Town, and I’m glad she picked those!  Having a family enables SAP to have the people interact throughout the city in multiple stories, you know how kids can never make up their mind!  I also loved how Plan Toys makes not just a Caucasian family, but they also make an African American family and an Asian family!  In the future this will be a wonderful way to teach SAP about different races of people and how it’s normal for them all to work and live together in one town and how they are not “different” because of how they look!  Many young kids do not understand these concepts early on.   The police car and taxi have fast become her favorite and she even plays with them outside of the town area all the time, I’m amazed at how much that little girl likes vehicles!

The Asian City Family!  Pretty cool!

When I received the play set in the mail and opened to set it up (after SAP went to bed!), I was happy to see that the mat was not plastic but cloth!  It easily folded for storage and was non-toxic (can you tell I dislike plastic toys?  lol).  One by one we opened the individual boxes and set up the Eco Town…and wow!  There were more pieces than I expected!  The town really looked like it could come alive, so many stories that could be played, and all of it revolved around an eco-friendly theme, no matter what area of the play mat you were at!

The Eco Town all set up and ready for SAP when she woke up!  We were at SAPsNaNa’s house that weekend.

Then the whole town was set up and ready for SAP to wake up in the morning…lol what a reaction!  SAP godzilla in the Eco Town!

Warning to Eco Town: SAP Godzilla on the loose!!

SAP wasn’t quite sure what to make of this at first!  She walked around through everything, knocking stuff over and hugging her puppy dog stuffed animal, making us giggle at the imitation of a SAP Godzilla in Eco Town!  Eventually she sat down and started investigating all the pieces, figuring stuff out, what’s alike and what’s not alike and just having fun like a kid should!

SAP playing contently investigating the pieces on the morning of her Bday party at SAPsNaNa’s house!  What a way to start the day!

The city made quite the impression on SAP, when we got back into town and unpacked at home SAP wanted us to keep the city set up in her room…which we did for a day before packing it up!  I found that even though it had a lot of pieces the pieces (including the main buildings) were not that big!  So they easily fit on her closet shelf and the mat folded up nicely to be stored with it when we were not around to play with her with it.  Even though the set is recommended for 3 years and up due to small pieces I found SAP did not try to eat them at all and understood their function in the city and played with them quite well, even at being only 23.5 months old!

One of SAPs favorite things to do is group certain things together, such as signs, people, and street lights!  She would play with the people in the little house, making them go “Night night” in the bed, very cute (especially when she put street signs “night night”! )

SAP putting fuel in the cars at the hybrid gas station!  See the street lights all lined up and all of the green people on the house rooftop?  She LOVED to group things together!

Even having this set for a short time SAP has already learned about eco-friendly ideas.  She learned how to fill the hybrid cars up with fuel at the eco-gas station, and how to make the windmill turn by blowing on it!  I used the recycling and garbage bins in the set to demonstrate to her how and what to recycle and now she helps SAPsDaDa recycle his cans (not always empty cans!), so I can already see positive “green” learning from this simple Eco Town set!

SAP playing with the windmill and figuring out how it works!  She will grow up understanding eco-friendly energy alternatives, a great start to instilling great values in her about nature and the environment!

What SAPsMaMa LOVES about the Plan Toys Eco Town!

  • Manufactured eco-friendly from recycled rubberwood!
  • Non-toxic and sustainable choices in materials, it is made from non-chemical treated rubberwood!
  • Provides excellent instruction in energy saving and the benefits of protecting the environment.
  • Helps children develop logical thinking and planning skills, which are essential for intellectual development
  • Teaches sharing and other social skills as a group activity
  • A great teaching toy for all ages.
  • A child’s imagination is not limited, there are many things they can learn and do with a toy set such as this.

Suggestions For Improvement: There’s Always Room For Improvement!

  • Add Electric cars to the eco vehicle set
  • Choices in the mat, there is only one mat currently for the town, multiple styles of mats with different roads etc. would be great to have to expand the city further or allow customers to pick a preference.
  • For My Baby’s Green… I would love to see some more organic clothing options for toddlers and up, and some more cloth diaper options!

About My Baby’s Green

My Baby’s Green, LLC was started by Rich & Tina with the intent of providing very high quality products that are both environmental and baby friendly. We researched many vendors and manufacturers looking for companies that shared our goal of providing these types of products and services. On our website you will find only products that we feel are of the highest quality available, and do their part to help our planet. We set out with the intent to do this for our baby, your baby, and all of the generations of babies to come.

Just like you, we are parents trying to make better choices for our children, and for the world in which we live. As being “green” grows in popularity the amount of information, products, services, and opportunities can be overwhelming. We always have to sort through the fads and hype and try to see what choices we can make that will truly benefit the future generations. We believe that very small contribution made by many can result in a very large difference in our future.

Maybe all of the things that we do today may not turn out to be earth changing, but if we all take it upon ourselves to at least try to make those little changes, and teach our children about why we try, then maybe, just maybe, we can pass this world along just a little better than it was passed along to us.

My Baby’s Green, in accordance to their mission, carries some wonderful items to help you and your family live healthy, eco-friendly lives!  Some of my favorite are:

Under The Nile Long Johns!

Check out the My Baby’s Green selection of  Organic Baby Clothes!

My Baby’s Green Organic Cloth Diaper!

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Mimi The Sardine non-toxic Eco-friendly Lunch Sak!

Check out all the Litter Free Lunch ideas MBG carries!

Buy It!!

My Baby’s Green Website/Store: www.mybabysgreen.com

Win It!

One very lucky SAPsMaMa fan will win a $30 Gift Certificate to My Baby’s Green to purchase a wonderful eco-friendly, non-toxic wooden toy such as the one I reviewed!  What a lucky kid!

Gift Certificate will need to be used within 2 weeks and is not good on any specials.


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Thank you to Tina at My Baby’s Green for working with me to provide my followers with this review of a great eco-friendly product and sponsoring a giveaway for one of our families to get a great toy as well!  It was great getting to know you and working with another like-minded individual!


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