Feb 13, 2011

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Receiving Cuddles Review

I’m the type of person that treasures everything, keeps everything, and never lets anything go…you never know when you might find it useful!!  And hey, I might regret giving it up!  That is especially how I feel about many of the old blankets, clothing, and other such items from SAP’s first year of life.  I just don’t want to give it up, no matter if we never use it anymore!

Many families go through this when their child gets old enough to not need their receiving blankets anymore, the debate between keeping the blankets due to the  memories associated with them or passing them on to someone who could use them.  For SAPsDaDa he very stubbornly did NOT want SAP’s passed on!  So there they were sitting on my desk for the past year.

Come this new year, and they’re STILL there!  SAP is turning two soon, and I wanted to do somethign with them!  No time for me to sew, but that is what SAPsDaDa hoped would become of them.  I was very happy, then, to be contacted by Cristalee from Receiving Cuddles for a review of her Loved Blankets, and hubby was very happy!!

What is a Loved Blanket?  Loved blankets are blankets made from baby’s old receiving blankets that they do not need anymore!  This is a way to keep these blankets around for the sentimental memories of the parents and the attachment the infant has grown for them!  This was just PERFECT for what we were looking for and needed!

SAPsMaMa Thinks: Loved Blanket

Since we stayed with gender neutral colors with SAP as much as possible all of the receiving blankets we have were soft greens and yellows, which actually fit very well with her toddler bedset and table, which are a neutral orange color.  I chose 5 receiving blankets and once I mailed the receiving blankets to her she communicated via email to work out details to make the perfect blanket  for SAP!  She designed three patterns and let me choose which I liked best, asked me which color satin I would like for the trim and backing ( light green I picked!) and lastly what style ribbons would be sewn into the blanket!  She had many colors of satin and styles of ribbon and I had a hard time choosing, but she had great opinions so I went with her suggestion and I am glad I did!

The pattern we chose out of the three that were sent to us in email!

It took a while for shipping since she lives in Canada, but it was well worth it, and before long we had our new blanket creation, made with old lovies and with love!  It was very nicely folded and tied together with a satin ribbon, matching the blanket, and when I unfolded it SAPsDaDa went “ooooh!!”.

The blanket all folded and tied together very nicely, it was a wonderful package to open, definitely would be a wonderful gift to any parent!

Not only did Cristalee do a great job sewing the blanket and putting it together, but the material she used for the border and backing was the softest satin I’ve felt!  Made me want one for my very own to cuddle with it was that soft!

The blanket!  It already looks like it’s at home on the rocking chair, it is wonderful to have the special receiving blankets back in a usable form!

I had initially wanted flowers for the ribbons on the blanket but with the colors and design Cristalee recommended the tag style, so I went with that, but was a bit apprehensive how it would look all put together.  I was very happy with the result!  The ribbons did go great with the rest of the blanket’s design and everything put together was just awesome!  I couldn’t wait to show it to SAP and see her reaction!

A close up of the tag ribbons on the blanket!

Since the blanket was received just before we were traveling out of town for the weekend SAP did not get to see it until we were at SAPsNaNa’s house.  Of course, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give it to her anyway, she likes to use “special” blankies for her nap time!  We have one specifically for daycare naps and had forgotten it at the daycare, so needed one for her to take while at  Nana’s house.  She loved it!  SAP is a good sleeper, she puts herself down for night night and nap time, as long as she has her pillow and special blankie, and so this blanket saved the day, she went down for nap time very easy, even though she was not in her own bed and with all the commotion of setting up for her Birthday Party!  Whew!  No one wants a cranky baby at their party!

SAP taking a nap at Nana’s house on her Woobie with her new blankie from Receiving Cuddles and her Cloud B pillow!  So cute 🙂

SAPsNaNa also loved it, SAP is her first grandchild and so things like this are extra special.  Memories to me are very important and it was a great thing to be able to hold on to them like this!

What SAPsMaMa LOVES about the Loved Blanket

  • Made from “loved” receiving blankets…so upcycled and better for the environment than a brand new blankie!
  • The sentimental and memories attached to the blanket since it is made from the child’s old blankets is amazing
  • The satin is super soft and cuddly!
  • I love how you can customize the blanket with what color ribbon, satin and style you’d like!
  • Very well sewn together!
  • Offering “travel” loved blankies is a great idea as baby can take their special blankie anywhere then!
  • Overall an amazing idea!

Suggestions For Improvement:  There’s Always Room For Improvement!

  • I’d love to see some different shapes of blankies offered as options!  Circle, etc, so you can personalize the style even more of you wish to have something very unique!
  • I’d like to seen an option for batting to be added to the loved blanket so it will be warmer if they wish to use it on a child’s bed etc.
  • Other things made out of “loved” flannel receiving blankets, such as a pillow or teddy bear, or a matching pillow/blanket set for a toddler bed!

SAPsDaDa’s Two Cents!

It’s a nice keepsake blanket made from her receiving blanket, something she will use for the rest of her life.  It’s very well constructed with nice stitching and the overall pattern and customization that is used is great for a customized item that anyone who chooses to buy will enjoy long after their child has left their house (hopefully when they go off to college) !!

About Receiving Cuddles

Receiving Cuddles makes Blankies for Babies! The coolest thing is that she makes Loved Blankies.

Loved Blankies are made from baby’s receiving blankets that they are not using anymore. Babies tend to grow out of their receiving blankets around 1 year old. At this time babies are developing a need for a comfort item as they are becoming more aware of their surroundings. Why not get them one that they are already use to. Loved blankies are the perfect keepsake gift for baby’s first birthday or first Christmas. Loved Blankies are a great way to keep the wonderful memories that are associated with the receiving blankets. It will be for sure a cherished item you will love.

Receiving Cuddles makes blankies and travel blankies for purchase as well. She loves being able to create beautiful creations and hopes you think they are too.

All blankies are made with cuddles satin (the most wonderful satin there is!) for the back and edges. Ribbon tabs or flowers are added to the front for add interest and tactile stimulation. She only uses the best materials she can find to make sure the blankie will last.

Buy It!

Receiving Cuddles Facebook Fan Page/Shop: HERE!!

Get It Free!!

Receiving Cuddles is giving everyone from from SAPsMaMa that mentions this review a FREE travel blankie with the order of a Loved Blanket!

Coupon good for ONE WEEK only!!  So order before 2/20/11!!

For yourself or for a gift, this is a wonderful set!!

Thank you Cristalee for creating such memorable and meaningful blankets!  I have very much enjoyed this review and love sharing your work with everyone!  It’s been truly a pleasure!
The product(s) provided for the review (1 Loved Blanket) was sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. Text in italics except under images is taken from the sponsor’s website or otherwise cited.

  1. That is totally awesome!!! I just liked them on facbook! This will be so neat because Boo Boo has blankets MADE by Nana and stuff! Great review of it (though it seems that the what SAPsmama loves about it is missing…)

    I would get the deal, but he’s still using his blankies and stuff 🙂 and we don’t have money for that right now, but I will remember this indeed for the future!!

    • Thanks for letting me know! My computer glitched last night and it must not have saved everything 🙁 I’ll have to fix it now!

      Yes I love what she does, awesome! Was very happy to be able to share it with every one!
      Hmm maybe give a “hint hint” to his Nana or Grandpa! Maybe they would like to spoil him and get him the set!


  2. That’s a really neat idea. I hadn’t thought about doing that with receiving blankets. I agree with your room for improvement section though because I think it would be neat to see the receiving blankets turned into more of a quilt than another blanket.

  3. Olivia Lasting says:

    What an awesome idea! I was thinking of doing something similar with my LO’s newborn outfit.

  4. This is an awesome idea! I will keep this in mind for my son Liam! I am also sharing this on my fan page and personal page as well!