Mar 6, 2011

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CSN Stores Review: Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Mattress Cover


It’s no secret, I am a CSN Stores junkie! Whenever we are in need of something to purchase, whether for the household, for SAP, or for ourselves, I tend to hit CSN Stores first. Why is that? It is because I have found that I can rely on them to have the best sales, prices, free shipping, and quality products, not to mention good customer service!

I realize I tend to do a lot of reviews and giveaways for children’s products, so for this review I decided to focus on the adults in the household (yes, that includes the men!). I decided to order and review a Naturepedic Mattress Cover for our queen sized bed and share with you my experience with another non-toxic and eco-friendly company and product that CSN Stores carries. For all you parents out there, check this out!

SAPsMaMa Thinks: Naturepedic Matress Cover

Ever since having SAP and nursing her in our bed I came to the realization pretty quickly that a mattress cover was a necessity, even for an adult bed.  SAP has been weaned for 10 months now but we still keep a mattress cover on our bed.  With as expensive a product as a mattress, I don’t want to take any chances and want to have that extra layer of protection and peace of mind!  SAP is not all that careful with where she leaves her sippy cups!

Our mattress poses a different kind of issue when it comes to a mattress cover.  Since SAPsDaDa has a bad back from his days in the Military we have a Memory Foam mattress, which is great for his back but is quite a bit thicker than a regular mattress is!  Finding sheets that fit has been an issue since day one so I was quite picky when I went shopping for mattress covers a while ago, and finally found one with netting that would extend far enough to hold it on the bed.

Unfortunately the mattress cover I chose posed some other issues: the netting on the side easily would rip in the wash, it was not completely waterproof (thanks SAP for testing it out without mommy knowing!), and it was so fluffy and thick it would make us sweat at night even in winter!  It was time to find a mattress cover that would provide us with the quality we desired.

With my desire to go eco-friendly and non-toxic if possible I knew right away what company I wanted to purchase from: Naturepedic.  Their products have been known to be trustworthy and reliable and they met my morals and desires to be “green” quite readily.  When I found the Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Mattress Covers at CSN Stores at a great price I knew this was the mattress cover for us.  Not only was their mattress cover made of organic material, but it was Vinyl, PVC, Phthalate, and Latex free!  I ordered it and in no time at all CSN Stores’ super fast shipping had it to our doorsteps!

Our new Organic waterproof mattress pad!  Something we very much need

So why was it important to me that my mattress pad by free of Vinyl, PVC and other toxic chemicals?  Many of these chemicals are hormone disruptors and know carcinogens (cause cancer).  What’s more, our beds are  where we spend 1/3 of our day (and infants more than half their day!).  Our heads and bodies are resting upon this surface, and we are breathing in these chemicals all night long.  If there is one place in your home to start going toxin-free your place of rest should be the first place to start besides the kitchen.  Just changing your place of sleep to be free of harsh chemicals you can improve your health a great bit! You can learn more about toxin-free sleep and Naturepedic at SafeMaMa’s excellent review, click HERE.

So it is with this in mind that I chose Naturepedic, and as soon as I received it in the mail and pre-washed it in the washer it was put on the bed for the first time. As worried as I was that this new mattress cover would not fit on the Memory Foam mattress I was easily proven that my worry was for not, for the corners of the mattress pad had thick elastic that easily went over the corners of the mattress, and the design mat my expectations wonderfully.  It was durable enough to be washed and dried in the washer and dryer without worry of tearing, and it was thin enough to fit under our sheets for the bed without making it difficult to get sheets on our already thick mattress.

The thick elastic in the corners kept the mattress cover in place and fit great even with our thick memory foam mattress!

The real test of course was night time. The Naturepedic mattress pad was advertised as a waterproof moisture barrier that was breathable and would not result in “sweaty backs” during sleep, so I was hopeful!  Let me tell you, right away I felt the difference.  Not only did we have an issue of having sweaty backs, but it was much more comfortable.  The design of the mattress cover did not move around as much as our last one did nor did it make any crinkly sounds many vinyl mattress pads (and even non-vinyl ones!) make.  SAPsDaDa and I slept more comfortable and thus slept better.  I had peace of mind knowing that I was on an organic toxin-free place of rest every night.  My only thought: Now I need to get one of these for SAP’s bed!

Putting the Mattress Pad on the mattress was very simple to do and it fit great.

I have not tested it’s waterproof-ness as of yet but I’ve used it now for almost a month and am very pleased.

What SAPsMaMa LOVE about the Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Mattress Cover?!

  • No Vinyl, PVC, Latex, or Phthalates!  A big plus!
  • Their drysleep technology makes it waterproof without the use of toxic chemicals!
  • Organic cotton flannel used makes it green with less impact on the environment
  • It’s nice and soft and quiet fabric, not loud crinkly vinyl!
  • Fits large, thick mattresses like Memory Foam mattresses very well
  • Washes well in the washer and dries well in the dryer.
  • Does not move around at all and need to be adjusted like other mattress pads
  • Breathable fabric means no sweaty backs while sleeping!  Stay comfortable and have a great night’s sleep.
  • Blocks dust mites and other allergens…for me this is a big deal, I have horrible allergies!
  • Durable construction.  Will not rip and tear like other mattress pads, nice thick elastic at the corners and well sewn throughout

Suggestions For Improvement: There’s Always Room for Improvement!

  • I’d love to see a wool mattress pad from Naturepedic!
  • I’d like to see options for mattress pads for how to secure them to the bed.  Although I like the elastic at the corners, others like the netting and yet others like other ways of putting them on, so options are always nice to have.
  • A king size!  I only see these offered up to size Queen so if we ever upgraded our bed to a King size (like we almost did!) we would not be able to use this anymore (or only protect part of our mattress).

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Thank you CSN Stores for yet another wonderful opportunity to share a wonderful product you carry with my followers, it’s always a pleasure to work with you!


  1. Erin Nicole says:

    I never even thought of getting an organic mattress pad. This was a very interesting post to read…seriously, it was something I have never considered! I have thought about the sheets, the blankets, pillows, etc., but never the harm that can come from what is underneath! Thank you so much for sharing your insights!!

    • Glad it helped you Erin! We are still loving it, and I considered getting SAP a mattress pad like this too, but instead I’m thinking of getting her a wool pad since it would be more breathable and better for leaky diapers, we wouldn’t hav to wash it as often! I’m happy to hear you have the other necessities, you’re almost to a completely toxin free sleeping area! Awesome!