Mar 14, 2011

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Leahn Wonderland Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway!

Back in high school I was very crafty…and LOVED it! Then I graduated and went to college and got jobs and had a beautiful little (sometimes annoying) baby girl! Little can I say I do not have the time to be crafty any longer. My crafty side does not go away though! It is just transferred from creating crafts to loving and admiring the crafts others create!

When I was contacted by Leahn Wonderland to do a review and giveaway on her shop, looking through her shop took me back.  All of the cute creative and even functionally useful items she created were great!  Then I find out she made cloth diapers too…well, you know, I was sold! So let me introduce you to the cloth diaper made by Leahn Wonderland!

SAPsMaMa Thinks: Leahn Wonderland AIO Cloth Diaper

With large Velcro tabs in the front and an AIO design, this diaper was easy-peasy to use.

The cloth diaper covers and all-in-one (AIO) diapers that Leahn Wonderland creates are usually a cute print on the outside with a hidden PUL layer to make them waterproof, and your choice of hemp, cotton, or bamboo for the soaker with a layer of fleece or cotton for the inside that is against baby’s skin. The diaper that I received to test out on SAP I had asked to be gander neutral and so our diaper was flannel on the inside and out in a gender neutral print!  I am a flannel fan, I won’t lie, I find it quite soft and perfect for babies!  This diaper immediately reminded me of the quilt I made SAP when I was pregnant and the cloth wipes I sewed together in preparation of cloth diapering her baby bum….once again Leahn Wonderland was taking me down memory lane!

When I first opened the package and prepared the diaper for pre-washing I was quite surprised!  My first thought was: Wow!  This diaper is big!  Compared to my super thin fitteds our normal stash of one sized diapers I had not expected a larger diaper than what we were accustomed to, but that made me quite curious.  Many of our one size diapers have been recently put into storage due to their inability to no longer fit our little growing todder, SAP!  With many of them going up to only 35 pounds and SAP fast approaching that my outlook was not the best for their future use in our stash.  I think this was perfect timing for the cloth diaper from Leahn Wonderland!  She designed it specifically for SAP so that at currently 30lbs, it fit her quite well!  I no longer cared how big it looked when I took it out of the package, I was so happy to finally have a diaper that wrapped around SAP and fit her great, it made me realize just how long it had been since I had had a great fitting diaper like that!

SAP in her flannel diaper from Leahn Wonderland!
I love how comfy it was for SAP since the fit was nice and large and wrapped around her like a hug

Not only was the rise made well for my toddler, but the elastic in the legs was perfect for her active and ever-going little legs as she ran from here to there.  Multiple tests at home brought in the consensus: no leaks!  Time to test at the daycare!

The diaper made by Leahn Wonderland has large, wide velcro closures and in my eyes those made it all the easier for daycare use since many of the helpers were only slightly familiar with how to use cloth diapers.  So I wasn’t quite worried about them putting it on wrong but I was a bit worried about their reaction while using it.  Though it never has leaked the flannel is not a moisture wicking material, so when wet the diaper did feel damp near the legs.  Since those unfamiliar with cloth might misinterpret this as that the diaper might leak I was a bit iffy.  So for the past few weeks I’ve brought the diaper to daycare and it’s come home in her diaper bin just like all the other dirty diapers, no reports of difficulty or leaking, and I was a happy mommy!  With daycare, no news it good news when it comes to testing out new products in their setting!

This was a second big plus for us since we needed more daycare friendly diapers, they are surprisingly quite difficult to come upon, even in our diverse stash!  So with one diaper we got two of our biggest issues in cloth diapering taken care of!  Yay!

A wiggly SAP at diaper change time!  Can you imagine what daycare has to put up with?!  This is why easy diapers are a must in our house!

When it came to washing the diaper we did come to a bit of an issue…large velcro tabs and no where to fold them over to!  I could only imagine those grabbing onto my other dipes and causing trouble in the wash!  So my wish for this diaper is some smaller closure tabs and some laundry fold over tabs, but we did find an interesting way to keep the velcro tabs held down during wash after some creative thinking and did not have any issues from the start that way!  What we did was we closed the diaper as if it were on SAP herself (so velcro closures were attached to the front of the diaper), and then turned it inside out so the soiled inside was on the outside.  This way it was washed well and we never had any issues with cleanliness either!  Laundry tabs or no laundry tabs, this took the same amount of slight effort so in my book it is quite minor in what makes a cloth diaper great.

I caught SAP in her Leahn Wonderland diaper coming home one day…guess SAPsDaDa liked it 🙂

What SAPsMaMa LOVES about the Leahn Wonderland Cloth Diaper!

  • Hidden PUL, so no PUL touches baby (some babies are sensitive
  • Large size if you need the large size!  So a great toddler diaper!!
  • Easy to use, quick on and off diaper
  • Worked well in a daycare setting as well as daddy diaper changes

Suggestions For Improvement: There’s Always Room For Improvement!

  • Laundry tabs
  • Smaller velcro tabs possibly?
  • The option for a stay-dry material for the inside of the diaper that will wick away moisture.
  • If sticking with flannel for the outside, offer to use up-cycled flannel from old receiving blankets, and even offer as an option to use the customer’s own old receiving blankets to make the diaper, as a type of personalized memory diaper!  I think this would be an interesting and thoughtful option!

About Leahn Wonderland!

Created out of her need to be crafty, Leahn Wonderland is a store full of crocheted, sewn, and other random handmade items!  Crocheted hats, scarfs, blankets, and wash cloths …. diapers, wipes, tampons, wetbags, and mama cloth!!  She enjoys custom work and has some wonderful ideas and products for you and your family!

Some of my favorite items include:

Reusable tampons!
They are made with cotton outside and bamboo inside.  The are used just like a normal ob tampon.
The last for normally 4-6 hours. Wash and reuse! 5 each or 5 for $20


Crocheted baby legs with a matching hat!
She does these as custom orders.  So anyone can get the size and colors the want! Set are $25

This is a Strawberry Short Cake cover.  Large (22-35 lbs), 15+shipping
It has two layers of recycled flannel sheets on the inside, hidden layer of PUL and a strawberry shortcake decorative outside.

Buy It!

Many items sold on her Facebook Fan Page, as well as Customs: HERE!

Etsy Store, for in stock items: HERE!!

Win It!!

Leahn Wonderland is offering one SAPsMaMa follower a Custom Diaper made just for them!

My diapers are cotton knit or anything cute on the outside, hidden layer of PUL, and flannel inside for covers.

All in ones. Have the same outside with hidden pul. And bamboo or hemp or cotton inner with cotton of fleece or such inside.

Pockets the same. And fitted are just cotton with the same inner.

Small 8-16lbs
Medium 14-25lbs
Large 20-35+lbs
XLarge 30+

Please enter using this Google Doc Form!  Submit form only ONCE!! If you do make a mistake or submit more than once just let me know, I’ll fix it!

If you want a reminder that you entered this giveaway feel free to post a comment on this blog post that you entered this giveaway.

FINAL # of Entries: 216


Winner Confirmed: Olivia Lasting

Thank you to Leahn Wonderland for the trip down Memory Lane and the introduction to not only a diaper that fits my toddler wonderfully, but to reusable tampons and other wonderful products!  I look forward to what you come up with next!

The product(s) provided for the review (1 AIO Cloth Diaper) was sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. Text in italics except under images is taken from the sponsor’s website or otherwise cited.  This giveaway is not affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by Facebook in any way.
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  1. I am very curious about the tampons. Would love to hear about how to use them… comparable to a regular tamp?

    • They are used just like an ob tampon. The last for about 4-6 hours depending on your flow. They are cotton outside with hemp, cotton or bamboo inside. You can take a look at them on the facebook page, and its in the Going Green album.

  2. amrc giveaways says:

    Thanks for the givevaway! I have a wiggle worm during diaper changes too:)

  3. Amie O'Daniel says:

    I would love a Strawberry Shortcake for my diaper who still wets at night. She would love that!