Mar 21, 2011

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Mommy’s Sewing Corner Review and Giveaway!

When you become a parent you never imagine that the baby/toddler products you LOVE would be the simplest of things.  You think a lot about which stroller you will get, or what theme you’ll have your nursery go as.  What I wish someone had told me was how much I would LOVE baby leggings, because they are the #1 baby/toddler product I would recommend getting in the beginning, for you will find you will use them for many many years!

I’ve tried a few different brands of Baby Leggings and each brand is different.  But when I look for quality, warmth, and great patterns Mommy’s Sewing Corner takes the cake , their leggings are simply my favorite in SAP’s legging stash!

SAPsMaMa Thinks: Mommy’s Sewing Corner Baby Leggings!

These are made from knee-high socks, sewn into leggings for your little one!

Whether she is running around the house in just a diaper, playing outside on a nice day, or wearing a cute dress when it’s still a bit chilly out, baby leggings are so very handy for baby boys and girls!  They protect their little legs from getting scuffed up when they’re crawling around or falling during play, they keep their legs warm during those still slightly chilly days, and best part is you do not need to take them off to do a diaper change!  Talk about user friendly!  I find the most fun with trying  to coordinate SAP’s outfits with her baby leggings just so I don’t have to do much work with my wiggly toddler during diaper change time.

Are you potty training?  These are great since they will not have to pull them up/down to go on the potty until they get the hang of it better.  These leggings will keep their little legs warm while still allowing you to concentrate on teaching during those crucial days of potty learning!

I love this dress but sometimes it’s too cold still for SAP to wear a dress!  The leggings help keep her legs warm so she can wear it!

What I love about Mommy’s Sewing Corner’s baby leggings over other baby leggings I have tried is that they meet and exceed my expectations in certain areas I have found other brands to lack in.

First of all, will they stay up on baby’s legs during active play?  Yes!  While some baby leggins fall down and you have to keep pulling them up or baby ends up walking on the bottom of the leggings and slipping on tile/linoleum flooring these stayed up on SAP’s legs very well and made life easier for us instead of becoming a nuisance! Good!

Second, They did not leave red marks on SAP’s legs.  Some of the  brands of baby leggings that I have found do stay up during active play unfortunately leave red marks where the elastic is used to help them do so.  While I want nice functional and stylish baby leggings I do not wish to sacrifice my daughter’s comfort for such!  Baby leggings should be easy to use, work well (not fall down) and do so while still being comfy to baby!  The baby leggings I tested out from Mommy’s Sewing Corner do just that!  The bottoms and tops are nice and soft and do not make red marks on baby’s skin.

SAP’s dress got caught on top of her diaper, but shows very well how the leggings stayed up on her legs while she was playing “shopping”!  They did not fall down over her feet as some do.

Third, they need to be functional.  Meaning the fabric/knitting used is not thin and shabby.  I like leggings that functionally keep my baby’s legs warm and are not just there for fashion.  They will not wear out at the knees when baby crawls and falls on them a lot and I can use them in fall with her long sleeved dresses instead of tights and I will not have to worry about SAP getting cold legs!  Yet they are not too thick where I cannot use them for summer!  Perfect.

Finally, they’re cute!  Colors that go with anything and designs that stand out, that’s what leggings need.  Best of all, not only does she have seasonal and holiday designs with the normal ones, but she also makes boyish designs!  Just check out these cute monkey leggings!

Who has a monkey boy perfect for these leggings?!

What SAPsMaMa LOVES about the Mommy’s Sewing Corner Baby Leggings

  • Good thickness: keeps baby’s legs warm and won’t wear out quickly!
  • Stays up on baby’s legs without constantly having to pull them up again!
  • No red marks on baby’s legs from elastic
  • Makes diaper changes easier
  • Super cute for little boys and girls
  • Protects little knees from scuffs and scrapes during active play and crawling stages

Suggestions for Improvement: There’s Always Room for Improvement!

  • I’d like to see more boy themed leggings!
  • Possibly leggings of different thickness for different seasons!  I love the thickness of these legging but others might want thicker for winter and thinner for summer etc!
  • A monogram or something on the outside of the legging so I know which end is up and which end should go down!  Though not sure if it matters it’s always a question I have when I use these!
  • Different fabrics used, such as a more eco-friendly sustainable fabric (organic, hemp, etc.)

About Mommy’s Sewing Corner

Amanda of Mommy’s Sewing Corner loves sewing and would love to share the items she makes with others looking for quality, affordable homemade items.  So she started her own homemade business!

She makes many handmade items from baby leggings, blankets, and burp clothes to affordable tutus, cold/hot packs, and custom clothing!  Here are some of my favorite items besides her baby leggings that Amanda makes!

A custom skirt designed by Amanda!  This would be so pretty for any little girl!

Hot and cold packs scented with essential oils! Perfect for a boo boo bag for the little ones or to help you relax at the end of the night!

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Thank you to Amanda at Mommy’s Sewing Corner for sponsoring this review and giveaway, your sewing is super cute!

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