Mar 30, 2011

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Toddler Talk Thursday: Late Night Wake Up Calls

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Does your toddler ever wake up in the middle of the night?  If so, what do they want and how do you deal with it?

Love the fluff sticking out of her pants!

SAP has always been a good sleeper.  The first 6 weeks of her life I let her do what she wanted, be on her own schedule, demand nurse etc., but then I decided to go into a routine.  Putting her on a routine very much helped her understand what was  night and day as well as that yes mommy would feed her and she did not need to worry or cry out for food. A bath, dressing into PJ’s, and rocking before placing into her crib worked well for this.

After a while I wanted to be sure she would not get attached to being rocked to sleep, so I started placing her in the crib tired but awake…and it worked well!  Then when we went into water-conservation mode and I decided she would not need a nightly bath it was time to change her routine.  It was time to teach her to put herself to sleep and self sooth!

No we did not use the cry-it out method.  We would place her in the crib still awake and if she needed comforting just place our hand on her chest or back, but we would not pick her up and take her out of the crib.  When that worked we would move alittle further away every few nights until she was comfortable being on her own.

Of course this sounds simple but it was a bit more complicated than that and it worked!  Since 6 months old SAP puts herself to sleep after a bedtime story, a kiss and lights out.  She is not reliant on nursing or milk before bed, and we have gotten her used to sleeping in a room without a night light without her getting scared.  Now at 2 years old and in a todder bed she will stay in bed and put herself to sleep every night.  I am very proud of her!

But yes, we have our tough nights.  Usually it cooresponds to weeks when SAP is sick, and I of course want to be there taking care of her!  On tough  nights such as these she often ends up sleeping with SAPsDaDa on the couch watching TV!  As he puts it, there’s nothing like chicken noodle soup, water, juice, vitamins, and some lazy TV time to feel better!

Daddy and SAP one night when she was sick!

The best advice I can give?  Follow your instinct with training your baby to sleep.  Don’t give in, stick to a routine or a plan and it will work, perseverance pays off!  And start early, don’t let your little one get reliant on anything that they might have to be apart while traveling etc..  If you are nursing, you might not always be there to nurse baby to sleep, what will happen then?  What if you forgot the night light and are visiting family, will your little one go to bed still?  Keep things simple, and enjoy night times!

SAP using her taggie blanket to tuck her Under the Nile baby doll in and kiss it night night before going night night herself!  So cute!

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  1. I love how she’s tucking her baby in before she goes to sleep!
    It’s so fun to watch little girls “mother” their own babies! 🙂

    • She really is adorable with her babies. In the beginning she was all about trucks so it surprised me how much she loves her babies!

  2. Wow…this is a great way to meet moms of toddlers! I have one myself, and at 16 months, he still wakes up every. single. night.

    We’ve just started really working on night weaning. I hope he starts catching on soon! This mama is TIRED!

    • It takes time Wendy, don’t give up! I was told if she is sleeping 6 hours solid or more when young that’s sleeping through the night lol. SAP was in our room until 3 months old so it wasn’t until that point that she started sleeping longer. Good luck! Just be persistent, loving and understanding, I can’t wait to hear your success story 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing such great advice! Love it! And the pic of SAP and Daddy – too cute. Love the fluffy butt too!
    Thanks for your suggestion – I am adding it to our list!
    Family and Life in Las Vegas

  4. I agree that only you as a parent know what your baby needs when it comes to sleep and sleep training. So glad you guys figured it out and are sharing what you learned! Love the snuggly pictures 🙂