Mar 30, 2011

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Wordless Wednesday: More Like Mommy Every Day

SAP has started imitating mommy…she especially loved my heels when I was dressing nice for job interviews! Does your little one walk around in your shoes that are way too big for them?

Look Mommy, the shoe fits perfectly !  Does this make me Cinderella?!  lol

  1. What a cutie! Can’t wait til my little one tries on her mommy’s shoes (though she prob won’t find any heels- LOL)

    • These are the ONLY heals I have! They’re short and I’ve had them since high school, they’re falling apart! I keep them around for interviews lol Funny thing is she did it herself I didn’t prompt her or anything!

  2. So cute! My little one loves trying on his daddy’s shoes. Always after he’s pulled the inserts out!

    • Lol I sooo wish i had pics of SAP walking around (stumbling) in SAPsDaDa’s combat Army boots! Good thinking on the inserts….I know daddy shoes are alway alittle smelly lol

  3. HAHAH!!! kids are so fun. I have pics like that too! How cute!

    • I wish I had pics of her walking in her daddy’s combat boots because it was sooo funny! Those are heavy so she was all over the place!