Mar 23, 2011

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Wordless Wednesday: What happens to packaging…

When you send us a package in the mail, you probably wouldn’t guess this is what is done with it!

Well first packaging is unpacked…(and played with)

Then it is disassembled…(and played with some more!)

We sometimes use it right away to pack things up…(not everything always fits!)

If everything doesn’t fit sometimes we try two boxes!

Extra packaging (bubble wrap, newspaper, tissue paper etc.) gets packed away in our laundry room/closet!

Larger packaging like air pockets and peanuts (tons and tons of soy peanuts!) get put in garbage bags for storage…

And those boxes we don’t use?  Small ones are often stacked next to my computer for easy access…large ones in the garage!

And believe me…you don’t want to see the garage!  lol!

  1. LOL – there must be some sort of normal protocol for packaging. We do exactly the same thing here. The peanuts made from cornstarch are great for playing with while I make dinner. I give the kids water droppers and the peanuts and they pretend they’re mad scientists working with acids. I break down all of my boxes. Took me a while to figure that one out, but it sure saves on room!

  2. Yup! same here… i break down the big boxes and just sandwich the smaller boxes into the bigger boxes.
    CJR @ The Mommy Blog

  3. LOL this is sooooo true. I have a grage full of boxes… but no bubbles ANYWHERE to speak of cause the kids get to them!

    • My problem is hubby with the bubblewrap…now I open packages once he’s safely attached to his computer 🙂