Apr 25, 2011

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Dirties on Diapering…Funded!!

Months back I posted about the Dirties on Diapering…..then just a week or so ago I posted again!  This time I was posting about The Dirties on Diapering as they were SAPsMaMa’s cause of the month (see post here), and if they reached their goal of $6,000 we would be donating $50 toward the making of this photo-journalism book!

Well, that has officially happened!  With just days to spare The Dirties on Diapering has reached and surpassed it’s funding goal!  You can read all about it in Jamie’s blog update on the Dirties on Diapering Blog!

Soon Jamie will be on her journy to  make this book a reality, and I am excited to see this happen!  You will find out in the future just how awesome this project is as we will be giving away a copy of her book once it is completed….so this isn’t the last you’ll hear about the Dirties on Diapering….but rather the beginning!

Head on over and give Jamie a big congrats if you have a chance, she’s went through a lot and pushed through to make this happen…congrats!

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