Apr 19, 2011

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Levana Naturals Review and Giveaway!

The benefits of organic and natural fiber clothing goes far beyond what many see on the surface.  When you start to live a sustainable life style and make meaningful choices with the purchases that you make you soon realize just what you are saying when you buy organic and natural.

For me purchasing with a preference toward sustainable fibers is a way for me to teach my child from the beginning what is more important than commercialism in products.  It is a way for me to visually show the world what I support and where my morals are.  And it is a way for me to feel my money is going toward something worth it rather than something that will not last my family long let alone have the prospect of any future use by others through resale, donation, or even up-cycling.  When I make a purchase I want it to last and fit my morals and lifestyle, and that is what I feel Levana Naturals does perfectly for many Natural “green” Modern Families!

Levana Naturals Organic Velour Hooded Kanga Dress

What I first view a new “natural” store is what standards they hold for the products they carry.  Not only is it important what materials the product is made out of, but it is important where and how it is manufactured and with what guidelines.  Seeing that all the products at Levena Naturals were made according to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) as well as Fairly Trade, I was impressed!  They like to work with small and family owned businesses or organizations to help further economic development, which I think we can all agree is important in this economy right now.  Armed with this info I felt morally safe shopping at Levena Naturals.

What I liked about cruising around their store is it is set up for a shopper like me!  Not only do they have their products in the search bar grouped by gender or article of clothing, but they are grouped by what type of material they are made out of!  The materials they choose to carry include: Organic Cotton, Organic Wool and Silk, and Color Grown Organic Cotton (colored organic clothing without the use of dyes!)  If you are looking for a certain type of fabric that works well for your child you can easily locate it (or if you are a picky shopper like me!)

I was also very intrigued by their Wool and Silk Blend Onesie that they carried as I had never seen that blend of fabrics before!  When I asked about it I was told that it worked wonderful as under-wear to baby outfits since it is naturally temperature regulating and helps keep baby cool!  Plus both wool and silk soak up a lot of moisture without feeling wet so it is a wonderful choice if your child sweats a lot (I know SAP does in her sleep!).  I say this would be my second item of choice to purchase from Levena Naturals after the Kanga dress! Sounds great for many baby’s needs!

It’s no surprise that the Kanga Dress that I picked out was one of those great Color Grown Organic Cotton fabrics that they carried!  I chose the sage color over the cinnamon and when I got it in the mail I couldn’t wait to put it on SAP because the color naturally looked great with her dirty reddish-brown curly hair and blue eyes!SAP looking so cute in the Sage colored Kanga dress, and super comfy all during dinner time!

When I had ordered I was tempted to get the 2T-3T size since SAP is over 2 years old and I like to size up so she doesn’t out-grow her clothes quickly, but was recommended to order the 12-24 month size.  They were right!  The same size will fit your child for many many years due to the style of the dress and the fabric itself!  The size 12-24 month will start fitting at just a year old as a long dress, and will continue to fit until 4 years old or even more depending on your child and it will just look a bit shorter every year on them.  Right now it goes just below SAP’s knees and so makes the most perfect cool springtime dress with long sleeves or short sleeves under, and will work great in the summer too  with a pair of leggings!

See how long this style of dress would fit SAP for years to come?  I love that!

So a one-time purchase for years of use?  That’s most definitely not common with children’s clothing!  I feel like stocking up on a couple more of these dresses!

The color of the dress is very easy to coordinate with hair pretties, shirts and shoes and it goes with almost any season, making it usable year-round.  It is also super duper comfy to wear, SAPsDaDa is known to put this on SAP on her days of lounging around the house because he wants her to be as comfortable as he is in his sweat pants and army shirt!  lol.

How can I forget about the adorable-ness of the dress (and other clothing!), with a front pocket and back hood, the knee-length style of the dress just makes your child look innocent and playful for fun anytime!

What SAPsMaMa LOVES about Levena Natural’s Kanga Dress!

  • Manufactured and made with materials that are Certified and fair traded!
  • Great color-grown cotton, so no dyes at all in the fabric!
  • Large size makes it so it will last many years, perfect for growing children!
  • The style and colors are easy to match with for any season or reason!
  • Super comfy and soft and great for kids who like to run and play (or lounge around!)

Suggestions for Improvement: There’s Always Room For Improvement!

  • I’d love some organic sheets or mama options in your store that fit your standards!
  • As a customer, I’d love to see the “Face behind Levena Naturals”!  I’d like to see more about who you are yourself on your site!
  • SAPsDaDa would like to see washing instructions in the product descriptions of the pages, since some of the clothing needs to be hung dry etc. it is nice to know that before purchase for some of us!

About Levena Naturals

We want to protect the innocence and carefree nature of our children, the environment they live in and the society they grow up in. And have fun doing it.

Our love of natural products – their feel, taste, smell, look and sometimes even their sound – made it a natural choice for us to look for organic items for our newborn. Five years later, we continue to get a lot of inspiration from our children. They are the ones that give us the best insight into what is comfortable – both for children and parents – and fun to wear.

Our clothes are high-quality, fun and made to move with your child – wiggle, roll, crawl, toddle, run, climb – and they are so soft and cozy that your child will love to wear them. We’ve chosen stylish, classic designs that can be passed down from sibling to sibling and maybe even from generation to generation.

Our fabrics are organic, non-toxic and non-allergenic. We care about sustainability – eco-friendly and socially responsible manufacturing. All our products are manufactured according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This standard also includes fair trade criteria.

We work with companies that care about the community and treat everybody with respect and dignity. Specifically, we like to work with small and family run businesses, organizations that help people with special needs or fair trade initiatives that further economic, social and cultural development in underdeveloped areas.

A couple other products I Love from Levena Naturals include:

Girls Organic Underwear Set!
I think this would be perfect for a newly Potty-trained toddler to feel like a big girl!

Soft Velour Kids Cardigan! (Also in baby sizes)
Perfect for spring and fall, or summer evenings for boys and girls!

Levena Naturals is also a wholesaler for European manufacturers producing organic and fairly traded Children’s clothing.  If you would like to see or touch a product from Levena Naturals in person before purchasing it , talk to your local children’s store and see if they would be interested in carrying one of their clothing lines!  Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to me!

Buy It!

Levena Naturals Store: http://www.levananaturals.com/

Stay up to date on their Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/LevanaNaturals

Check out their Earth Day Sales going on NOW!  With Flat Rate shipping for US and Canada!

Win It!

Levena Naturals is giving one SAPsMaMa winner one of the following (of their choice!):
Organic Velour Kanga Dress OR
Organic Wool and Silk Onesie OR
An item of choice $30 or under OR
$30 towards a larger purchase!
WOW!  I don’t know how I’d choose if I was the winner!


Please enter using this Google Doc Form!  Submit form only ONCE!! If you do make a mistake or submit more than once just let me know, I’ll fix it!

If you want a reminder that you entered this giveaway feel free to post a comment on this blog post that you entered this giveaway.


Winner is #130 out of 153 entries!

Congrats to Melanie Hanzlik!!

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Thank you to Levena Naturals for contacting me to do this review, I feel I have found a wonderful gem of a store whose purpose and morals support my lifestyle more than others do and your unique products  and standards say much to your customers.  I look forward to what you have to offer us natural parenting families in the future!

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