Apr 12, 2011

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LocoGnome Wool Soakers Review and Giveaway!

When I started cloth diapering I thought I was doing what was best for my baby.  That has never changed from day one!  I whole heartedly have embrassed cloth diapering and love every cute cloth diaper that comes on the market…and oh my is the variety of cloth diapers extensive these days!

Sometimes you have to go back to the basics though.  Whether your baby is sensitive to synthetic fibers of many cloth diapers, you want to be as natural as possible with your baby, or you just love the amazing powers of wool, using wool covers/soakers/longies etc. for cloth diapering your baby can become the single best choice you made after choosing to cloth diaper your baby!

Why Use Wool Soakers/Diaper Covers?

Soakers and longies galore!

Many times a wool cover is used instead of pants and no one would know it’s a diaper cover!

So,what is so special about wool?  What is all the rave about?

Well, first off, wool is breathable!  So less chance of diaper rash with a breathable diaper cover on your baby!  Using a natural fiber such as wool keeps synthetic fabrics away from your baby.  Wool can also be lanolized so that it has a waterproof barrier!  We all know how much we hate diaper leaks!  Here’s one of the best parts…you only have to wash wool every few weeks instead of every few diaper changes with other covers!  I just LOVE having less laundry!

Wool fibers absorb a great amount of liquid if your baby’s diaper does get soaked, and it spreads it out evenly, so it doesn’t sit in one area and leak onto the floor like what can happen if you have covers made of other fabrics.  And, contrary to popular belief, wool is soft!  You can even get some super cool colors and patterns!

As you can tell, I love wool when it comes to cloth diapering.  So I am super excited to share with you LocoGnome!

SAPsMaMa Thinks: LocoGnome Wool Diaper Covers!

With all of the wonderful properties of wool you wouldn’t think I could come up with something even BETTER.  Well, I can!  Want to be kinder to the environment, and to your pocket book?  Have I got a deal for you!

Good for the Environment, Easy on your wallet!

LocoGnome creates wool soakers/longies/covers from what is referred to as Upcycled Wool.  This is wool from old sweaters etc. that is reclaimed and created/sewn into a diaper cover for you!  So you are reusing fabric, and since it is upcycled, it is a LOT cheaper than buying wool brand new.  You also get a lot of wiggle room in the creation of such wool soakers!

Cute and Unique!

You can make neat designs and even sew appliques on the bum!  As per my request Katie created a natural colored soaker (green) and she even put a cute apple on the bum!  How cute is this!  I have been using it for weeks now and it is my most used wool soaker just because of how versatile it is.  The colors and design go well with many outfit coordination, and it fits well under dresses as well as some pants!

Some of Katie’s super cute designs on the bum of her wool soakers!

There’s no end to what you can create with upcycled wool. She  has created a pair of Overall skirt wool soakers!  These are an original and Katie is coming up with new designs every day, everything from button down wool jammies to skirtie soakers and more!

Potty Training Perfect!!

What I find great is that wool soakers can be used past your baby’s diapering years.  Not only is the wool soaker with the apple on the bum that Katie sent us soooo easy for SAP to pull up and down so she can go use the potty on her own if she so chooses, but in her LocoGnome shop she has created some cute UnderWoolies!  These are a bit more fitted and thinner than regular wool soakers, so they fit over your toddler’s underwear/training pants and under their jeans or normal day pants wear.  This helps create a water proof protection without using “plastic pants” covers that the child can easily pull up and down!

SAP learning how to pull up her Wool soaker.  Learning to pull pants up and down is an important step in potty training!

Another wool creation that Katie makes at LocoGnome is UnderWoolies!  These are wonderful for potty training as they are a bit thinner than the soakers for diaper covers and they are more fitted. They are meant to go over underwear and fit under your child’s pants!  This is the more breathable and natural way to help create a waterproof barrier just in case of accidents when you are potty training.  When potty training staying away from disposables or anything  that does not feel like real undies is important so these are a wonderful addition to any toddler’s wool stash! Check them out!

Underwoolies!  I can’t wait to use them with SAP!

What did I think?

I loved how gendar neutral the design was of the soaker!  The fit was fantastic and was not too bulky as some of my wool has come to be known for!  I have found I am using this wool soaker the most out of all of my wool soakers just for it’s versatality and ability to easily be used under dresses and even pants!  Nap times?  Perfect for those too.

I did like how it didn’t have tight elastic on the top or legs that made marks on SAP but some thick elastic might be nice for heavier or longer woolies.  This one worked out great without though!  I had no leaks with the typical types of diapers I use under my woolies, including prefolds and many types of fitted diapers.  I even used a pocket diaper under the woolie for double protection one nap time!

SAP loved this woolie, she loves doing things herself and just loved pulling it up on her own.  She often runs around the house when we let her in just her diaper and LocoGnome woolie cover!

All I can say is I cannot wait for summer time when I can have her run around outside in her wool cover to show it off!

I LOVE the cute apple on the bum!

What does SAPsMaMa LOVE about LocoGnome Wool Covers?!

  • Breathable, natural fibers!
  • Made of upcycled wool, so saving material from going to the landfill!
  • A great price compared to other wool covers!
  • The style and fit work great for all of the covers I’ve received from LocoGnome
  • Personalization of cute appliques on the bum make cloth diapering even more fun!
  • Easy for toddlers to learn to pull on and off themselves to make potty training easier!
  • Certain styles Katie makes fit well under clothing

SAP playing in her wool soaker.  So comfy and I have no worries of any leaky diapers with wool protection!

Suggestions For Improvement: There’s Always Room For Improvement!

  • Possibly incorporate some thick elastic at the top of the soakers/longies for some styles so they don’t fall down when baby is wearing a less fluffy diaper.
  • More jammies and unique soakers! Love what I see coming out!
  • Letting customer pick the type of wool used in their soaker, such as merino, lambswool, etc. as some have preference, or letting customers know what type of wool premade soakers are made of!


About LocoGnome

LocoGnome was started by a stay at home mom in an effort to provide more options for cloth diaper covers. I was interested in non-PUL covers for my own son for various reasons but fleece just didn’t seem to cut it and wool was so expensive.

Recycled wool is not only eco-friendly, but healthier than PUL for your baby as well. Wool is naturally water repellant, naturally absorbs almost 30 times its weight in water, breathable, naturally anti-microbial, naturally anti-fungal. Did you hear “naturally” enough? Exactly! Wool is all natural! Wool will keep your baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We have grown to love wool around our house and hope that you will enjoy your soaker and longies from LocoGnome too!

Some of my favorite LocoGnome items:

Super cute appliqued wool soakers!

Wool Skirtie Soaker!

Upcycled Wool jammies!

Buy It!

Etsy Shop: HERE
Facebook Page: HERE

Win It!

Katie is offering one lucky SAPsMaMa follower a woolie of choice from her store up to $25 Value,

OR a $25 GC toward their purchase of something from her store!

Please enter using this Google Doc Form!  Submit form only ONCE!! If you do make a mistake or submit more than once just let me know, I’ll fix it!

If you want a reminder that you entered this giveaway feel free to post a comment on this blog post that you entered this giveaway.


Winner is #43, Amanda Nordman!

Click HERE To Enter!!!

Thank you to Katie at LocoGnome for exploring wool soakers with me and wool’s many uses, it was great getting to know you!  Thank you for this chance to share your store with my followers and spread the love of upcycled wool!

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