Apr 17, 2011

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The Dirties on Diapering

The realizations about the chemicals in disposable diapers and health affects our children have from exposure to such chemicals in a sensitive area of their body for years of their life constantly has come to the attention of many families, and with the modernization of cloth diapers and modern conveniences such as diaper sprayers and home washing machines, many familes are choosing to cloth diaper their child.

However, many families do not know the health affects or full environmental affects of using disposable diapers.  If they hear about it, it is often through sources they feel unreliable or stereotypical such as “hippie” parents or “green” activists spewing facts about how we are making the Earth suffer.  This is not the way to get our information across in a society such as ours has become in this day and age.

This is why my family is a proud sponsor of The Dirties on Diapering.

What is The Dirties on Diapering?

The Dirties on Diapering feels that through using photo-journalism we can help get our point across.  Visual images of the affects disposable diapers have on the Earth, images of the horrible consequences the chemicals in disposable diapers can cause, and of course images of just how in-reach cloth diapering your child is.  With given facts and stories I believe this photo-journalism project will be one-of-a-kind, and a way to connect with a new generation of families to help us all raise our kids healthy with a bright future.


The Dirties on Diapering has 126 backers sponsoring $4,413 (73% funded!) but they need to raise $6000 by Thursday, April 28th in order to succeed in funding and this project to move forward, and I ask that if you can spare even just $1 please donate and help her reach her goal. You may donate on KickStarter HERE. KickStarter is an all-or-nothing donation system so if she does not receive funding by the deadline she will not receive any of the donations and no one will be charged. That leaves us under 2 weeks to help her out!!

What is in it for you?

Not only will this wonderful book get published, but there are wonderful backer rewards (See All Rewards HERE!). For your donation you may receive a free book, poster sized images from the book, free coth diapers, your name in the book, a short tribute, or even your child’s photo on the book’s cover depending on how much you pledge! Help spread the word Bloggers, if you blog and the project is funded, you will receive a book yourself and a book to give away to your followers….so spread the word!

Want to stay up to day on The Dirties on Diapering’s progress?  Be sure to follow their blog or fan them on Facebook!

Disclosure: I was not contacted nor sponsored for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.  The Dirties on Diapering is the SAPsMaMa cause for the month of April and will receive a donation of $50 from SAPsMaMa given their project is fully funded.  If your cause/charity would like to be featured as a SAPsMaMa cause of the month please contact me at sapsmama at yahoo dot com for consideration.

SAPsMaMa cause of the month…living off the belief that if everyone gave back a little every month the world would be a better place.  Please Pay It Forward.

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