Apr 27, 2011

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Toddler Talk Thursday: Bedtime Routines!

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What is your toddler’s bedtime routine?

SAP’s bedtime routine has changed as she’s grown up.

At  newborn – 6 weeks old….nothing!  I let her do what she wanted to do, sleep when she wanted to sleep, and eat when she wanted to eat… I was  a tired mama!

After 6 weeks old: We started a bedtime routine! First, bath time!  Second, change into PJ’s.  Third nursing time.  And fourth, put into crib before she falls asleep!

This worked great as she soon learned when night was and when day was and I could finally get some good sleep!  She also didn’t get addicted to needing to be nursed to sleep.

After 1 year old, we decided to start a new routine.  Baths were not needed nightly, so baths were now every other night to save on water.  I rocked her sometimes but it was not in conjunction with bedtime.  She learned to put herself to sleep and sleep without a night light, which helped greatly during travel time!

Now, what do we do?

SAP is officially over 2 years old!  She is now in a toddler bed and no longer is nursing.  So our routine is:

1. Shower with Mommy every 2-3 days (saving even more water and she has a lot of fun!)

2. Get dressed into PJ’s and night diaper

3.  Brush teeth with mommy and daddy!

4. Bedtime story!

5.  Kissies galore and a promise to see her in the morning.

SAP’s favorite part of our bedtime routine is story time of course!  We read 2-3 books depending on how tired she is and how long the book we chose is, but she always wants more!  Mommy and Daddy trade off nights, one of us gets her ready for bed and the other reads her her stories, but we both always kiss her night night, and she always kisses her fairy dolls night night too.  She’s a good mommy!

Mommy does kissies all over SAP’s face and will not leave until she gets kissies back!  Daddy does one loud long kiss until SAP laughs and pushes him away!  In the middle of the night she knows who is coming in to take care of her based on how we kiss her when we come to check on her if she needs us!

I’m so proud of my little girl and how far she has come.  She transitioned to a bed very easily, loves to learn and read, is not dependent on night lights, rocking, or nursing to get her to sleep, and even is learning to brush her teeth on her own!  I’m not sure I’ll be so lucky with the next one!  lol!

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My suggestion for Next Week: What is your Toddler’s favorite show to watch?
  1. It is amazing how much more independent they get every day. Baybah loves brushing his teeth too, but I think he loves to suck the water out of it. lol

    • lol SAP does that too! She also trys to touch her toothbrush to everything in the sink area…facet, soap, contact solution bottle, mommy’s jewelry box…what is going through their little heads?! lol!

  2. Wow! I definitely think you got lucky! I would love to have a child not dependent on nursing to fall asleep.

  3. Katie loves brushing her teeth, too.
    Then she somehow found one of my old toothbrushes I use for cleaning…”Buhsh teef, Mama!” Ack! NO!
    LOL. 🙂

    Check out my Toddler Talk post this week!

  4. Hi,
    I’m a new follower from the hop. I admire your lifestyle. We try to be green, but I’m grateful that my boys are out of diapers!

    • Whoo hoo, no diapers! I’m looking forward to that lol. Every little bit of being green helps! Not just the planet, but it is much healthier for you and it’s great morals to teach your little ones 🙂

  5. It’s so amazing how every household has a different routine. The best ones are the ones that are actually working for you. MIght not wirk for your neighbor or your Bestie but it works for your little family. We are a bedtime definite family but my 4 year old staying in that bed…not so definite. He crawls into out bed at about 4 am sometimes and I am okay with it and so is my husband so I guess it works. 🙂
    I’m a new follower from the Bee Friendly hop.

    • Yep every little one is different, do what works best ! And it changes too with time! I wish my baby girl would come cuddle with us sometimes, but she moves too much, she needs her own sleeping place, even very young she couldn’t sleep in our bed with us sadly.

  6. Hi! I’m visiting from the Bee Friendly Hop. 🙂
    We found early on that a bedtime routine really did wonders.
    Evenings, for us, normally go like this…dinner, bath time, books (occasionally a cartoon), brushing teeth, rocking and bed.