Apr 19, 2011

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Wordless Wednesday: T-Yarn!

I”m making some T-shirt Yarn out of old T-shirts for Amy at Manely Recycled! It’s been fun learning what you can do with old T-shirts, I feel productive doing something watching TV with hubby before going to bed, and SAP just loves playing with “Mommy’s Balls!” as she has come to call them!

My basket of completed T-shirt Yarn (cut, not pulled)

SAP playing with “Mommy’s Balls”!

  1. Cool! What are they for, and how do you make them?!

    • You can use them for knitting etc, I’m not sure exactly what Amy uses it for but she uses them to make her ponies, which are made from ALL recycled materials!

  2. That’s awesome Melissa! Thank you for the mention. I still love the “mommy balls” lol!