May 19, 2011

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Five Fabulous Bloggers!

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I take great pride in my blog posts, whether it is a review, a giveaway, or just a Wordless Wednesday post, each post I write has my own particular style to it and I take pride in trying to be different from other blogs on the web, to best serve you, my followers, and what you want to see!

So have you ever wondered what blogs I follow?  What are SAPsMaMa’s favorite bloggers and why?  Those are who I would like to introduce you to today!  My definition of “fabulous” changes from blog to blog, so you’ll just have to read and find out why these blogs are my Fabulous Five!

Blog #1: The Eco Chic

It should be no surprise to you that my favorite blog is a “Green Blog”!  But The Eco Chic is not just any green blog!

I was not first introduced to The Eco Chic via blog…I actually found The Eco Chic at her Twitter Parties!  I used to be a Twitter party freak, every Thursday my fiance knew that this one day of the week to not bother me for an hour during Twitter Party Thursday!  When it got to be on Wednesdays and then on Monday too…I had to cut back on my twitter parties…but The Eco Chic parties have always been the best and most informative with amazing sponsors!  If The Eco Chic blog wasn’t awesome enough, her twitter parties would definitely do it!

The Eco Chic has evolved over the past year I’ve followed the blog, and not too long ago I participated in their first Blog Party!  She also has added Social Media Consulting to her list of specialties and let me tell you, I think she’s great at it!  So definitely check out The Eco Chic, my first Fabulous Blogger, you  never know what will be coming next, she keeps things interesting!

Blog #2: Crazy About My Baybah

If you have been following my blog the past couple months you have noticed an increase in posts about SAP….mainly about her toddler 2’s and about raising a toddler!  Crazy About my Baybah is a co-host to Toddler Talk Thursdays where we talk about our toddlers and share helpful stories and hints with each other to help us through these toddler years!  That is one thing I love about Crazy About My Baybah….I can easily relate to pretty much everything she posts on her blog and it is one of the few blogs I do not miss reading any posts!

I first found Crazy About My Baybah during a big blog hop giveaway event, and won a wonderful painting from Lad and Dad (her hubby’s etsy store!) in her giveaway!  We got to talking and became blog buddies so to say.  If it’s not a post on her blog about her adorable toddler, it’s a great review on an item I would love to learn more about, or something else I care about… you can’t get more fabulous than that!  That is why Crazy About My Baybah is my second Fabulous Five!

Blog #3: Dirty Diaper Laundry

If you in the cloth diapering world then you have heard of Dirty Diaper Laundry Blog and what they’ve been up to in the past couple months!  Not only did they come up with the Cloth Diaper Finder so you can find that perfect cloth diaper you are looking for, but they also started the Flats/Handwashing Challenge to bring awareness to all the babies whose health is being compromised because their parents cannot afford to diaper them properly.  Her philosophy is to get the word out, and prove that yes you can cloth diaper very cheaply and your baby can be healthy!  We are participating in this challenge and so excited to be helping others with the information we will be able to give!

But Dirty Diaper Laundry blog has been around a long time…and I can honestly say it has been my roll model blog!  SAPsMaMa blog started a year ago from march, and I was inspired to start this blog because of all of the amazing reviews and posts I had been reading on Dirty Diaper Laundry Blog!  One year later and I’m just in awe of all of the great ideas that she has and posts she puts up…I have hope SAPsMaMa blog will be that good in the coming years using Dirty Diaper Laundry still for inspiration, from start to finish!  That is why they are my third Fabulous Five Blog!

Blog #4: Home Grown Families

Home Grown Families is another blog I have followed for a long time!  My favorite topics on her blog are on her Homeschooling and Tot School for her chidren, something I have been interested in for the future and so am looking into alot.  Before that, however, I was attracted to Home Grown Families because of their morals and ideals that matched so well with mine!  Whether it was baby wearing, attachment parenting, cloth diapering, or other natural and eco-friendly topics, there was always a wide array to choose from to read!  I loved watching the family grow and envisioned my little family one day growing as well.

Besides Home Grown Families’ great topics they cover, I also love their giveaways and reviews!  You know how I hate cut and paste reviews and avoid them, which is why I like the reviews on this blog…they’re good info and I learn about the product I”m interested in!  You will have to check out Home Grown Families and read their posts to understand just what I see in them, sometimes some things are hard to put into words!  They are one of my top Fabulous Five blogs!

Blogs #5: Going Green With Noah and Mama on a Green Mission

I really could not pick which blog I like better for my fifth blog in my Fabulous Five, so I’ll have to give you two blogs!  They are both wonderful blogs and I love them mainly for their amazing green tips!  So many times I see natural parenting blogs and “green” blogs post tips that are either common since or hard to reach, but both of these blogs do an amazing job of posting wonderful green tips and themed posts to help you live your life more eco-friendly!  If that wern’t enough, they both have great green reviews and giveaways!  It is on green blogs such as Going Green With Noah and Mama On A Green Mission that I learn of some of my favorite green products.

Going Green With Noah I find fabulous because of their posts about their little boy.  It reminds me of when SAP was so young!  Lately I am loving the eco-friendly travel tips that they have! Mama on a Green Mission posts are great for tips around the house and as a parent and wife.  Her common sense tips really shed some light and I feel as if I am on a green journey with her in this world to live more green.

That is why they are my fifth (and sixth!) Fabulous Five Blogs!  Be sure to check them out, you’ll love them!

Don’t forget to enter the 50 Fabulous Wishes contest for a chance to win $1,000 to celebrate a friend with a refreshing attitude about looking and feeling fabulous. I was selected for this Tropicana Trop50 sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do. I received compensation to use and facilitate my post.

  1. Ok I have to say I wasn’t expecting this when I opened my emails today. Sometimes I secretly delete a ton of emails b/c I don’t have time to read them – but today I actually read them all! To my surprise I saw my name at the top of the list and I just about screamed! Thanks SAPsMaMa for your kind words about me and my blog. It really means a lot. XO! Calley

    • Melissa says:

      Sometimes the greatest things that happen to us during our days are the things we don’t expect! You deserve it! Thanks for an awesome blog…and twitter parties…and blog parties…and all that you do! You’re a busy woman! 🙂 Great job Calley!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful surprise! You are so sweet. Thank you so much for the shout and and the Lad & Dad shout out!! You are awesome:)