May 11, 2011

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What is in Your Toddler Day Bag? – Toddler Talk Week 38!!

Crazy About My Baybah

Welcome to Week 38 of Toddler Talk Thursday! Where Family and Life in Las Vegas, Crazy about my Baybah, and My Life as a Sippy Cup Mom talk all things TODDLER!!

Toddler Talk Thursday was created as a place for moms and dads of toddlers to come together over a weekly topic and share ideas, go-to toys, or products. It is a great way to meet other bloggers of toddlers. Each week the topic will be different; we invite you to link up, share your weekly Toddler Talk!!

This week’s Feature Host is

The Adventures of Mommy Haha

This Week’s Topic: What do you pack for a day out with your toddler?

Since SAP doesn’t use many diapers anymore nor need a bottle etc., our “day bag” has changed a lot!

We always use the ERGO Changing Pad bag…which is a changing pad, diaper bag in one!  It folds up and can clip onto our ERGO Carrier, which is very convenient!
One one side we put 2-3 diapers and ointments if we need them, and on the other side I put a planet wise wet bag for dirty dipes, a planet wise wipe bag for our wet cloth wipes, and anything else for diapering!
This bag is so useful! Plus it’s stylish and it is perfect for toddlers that don’t need much anymore!
When you fold it up the outside has two pockets, we usually use one pocket for boogie wipes and tissues (seems her nose is always running!), and in the other pocket is her snackies!  Often this is Jammy Sammies or Plum Organics.
SAP tries to clean the windows with these wipes after wiping her nose, silly girl!
We do keep a WeeHuggers Hobo Wet and Dry Bag in the car at all times with 2 extra changes of clothes, an emergency diaper cover, and 3-4 flat diapers and a pair of pins, just in case!
I received my WeeHuggers Hobo bag from My Precious Kid store!
We don’t normally pack toys for a day out as SAP keeps her “travel toys” in the car anyways, which include a HABA ball with cars on it, a Baby Einstein book, and her ImagiPlay hand held wooden bead maze.  So no need to pack toys!  We do let her pick to bring one stuffed animal or doll when we go out so that is often carried around.
Even though she got this as an infant she still likes it!
One thing I need to work on now that the summer is here is having safety sheets with info available, and safety tats and bracelets available to use on her alot more often.  And keeping the emergency clothes in the car up to date….it always seems to be when we need it the clothes are too small and were outgrown!  lol
I also got these at My Precious Kid!  It’s my ultimate favorite safety store!
This link up is for families that have toddlers. Raising a toddler can be fun, crazy, exciting, and exhausting. Sharing what works for you could give other families another way to do things.

Have Fun!

Next weeks topic will be: SEE above! (under how we pick featured blogs)

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  1. I need to get some safety tats. The girls would love them. We rarely go anywhere crowded but we are planning a trip into Kansas City soon for a big Farmers Market.

  2. We are big fans of Jammie Sammies too. Baybah loves them! He also likes to help clean the windows with his boogie wipes after he uses them too. lol
    That hobo bag is adorable!

  3. The hobo bag is cute. I havent seen the safety tats before a good tip. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cute stuff! I really need to clean out my car so I can have a car bag, that just makes so much sense!

    • Melissa says:

      I got the idea from My Precious Kid in their Potty Training article! She has many great times, you should check out her site 🙂

  5. I need to get those from My Precious Kid! Great idea!