Jun 17, 2011

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Conclusion to the Flats/Handwashing Challenge: Part One!

The Flats/Handwashing Challenge has been over with for a couple weeks  now, I’m sure you’re all anxious to hear how it went and what adventures we had, right?!  Well, there were many more adventures than we had expected!

The Start of the Challenge:

To begin the challenge we……left town!  That’s right, plenty of fun right from the start!  We packed up and went out of town to visit family for my College Graduation Party.  This made it quite the adventure more than we had thought it would be!

Packing was actually quite nice.  When packing to leave town for any period of time we got used to packing up all of our fluffy diapers, diaper bin, and a ton of wet bags to bring it all back to wash when we came home.  THIS time we could not do that.  Since it was a “flats” and “hand washing” challenge, we had to do both, even when traveling!  So all we packed was what we would need…and that turned out to be a good thing!

Flats are a lot less fluffy than the “modern” cloth diapers, and so took up a lot less space in our luggage!  This was nice for traveling.  We packed our samples of cloth diaper friendly detergent and our hand washing bucket….a first for us.  We had a few times used SAPsNaNa’s washer to do diaper wash, but never hand washed, and to do it for the first time in SAPsNaNa’s home…that was something I was a bit iffy about! We packed enough flats for the few days we’d be gone even if we didn’t wash, and the 5 covers we were using for the challenge and had plenty of room to spare in SAP’s suitcase…a first!  Usually she is the one with the most stuff!

When we got there I told SAPsNaNa we were not using the diapers she was used to, but instead flats and covers for the week.  We always had provided her with easy to use Velcro AIO or already stuffed pocket diapers to use on SAP but this time we couldn’t do so.  Little can I say SAPsNaNa did not change a diaper all weekend!  But that’s ok!

We ended up being so busy we didn’t get to do our hand washing AT ALL the few days we were down there and ran out of covers!  The day we left I wiped out the inside of the last clean cover as best I could until we could get home and do our first priority walking in the door….Diaper Wash Time!

THIS was when it actually got hairy.

Let me warn you.  DO NOT wait 2-3 days to hand wash diapers!  With machine washing we would have no issue, but hand washing…it just created some issues.  First, the dipes that weren’t rinsed were difficult to do so.  So THAT was un-pleasent.  We decided to use a Diaper Duck for this challenge to aid in our dunking and swishing in the grand old toilet bowl, and boy was I glad I did, because that simply designed Diaper Duck was a life saver in a way!   I held onto those dipes when I almost flushed them down the drain pipe, and it allowed me to soak the ones that were REALLY bad without worry, and best yet….it let me wring out the diapers, unlike my diaper sprayer!  So water was not dripping all over the floor and getting everywhere!  I felt like I had alot more control of the situation, which was nice!  But still…rinsing dipes right away, we learn, a must!

The main thing we found out with hand washing diapers and why we could not wait 2-3 days….drying time.  You can only fit about 6 diapers into the washer bucket we were using to wash with.  With pre-rinses, washing, and 2 rinses a “load” of 6 diapers takes a half hour to do or longer.  Then you have to wring them out GOOD and hang them up to dry!  That was our sticky  business…the drying.  We did 3 loads of handwashed diapers in one night…and had NO WHERE to hang everything up to dry!  Our drying rack full and our shower rods full…no where to hang everything and no it was taking longer for things to dry with all the humidity in the air!

We got through it, we survived the first few days of the flats/hand washing challenge, but it sure started out interesting.  We learned our lessons early and it set us up for the rest of the challenge to grown, change our style, and start tailoring it to our lifestyle.  Everything is hard to learn at first, but it’s life’s challenges that make us stronger!  Stay tuned for my next segment in the Flats/Handwashing challenge week…..where we pack and MOVE…without me, just  SAPsDaDa!!  You thought going out of town in flats and hand washing was bad?  Do you think you could trust your little one’s daddy with flats and handwashing by themselves for half a week at the least?  Find out!

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