Jun 21, 2011

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Natura Wool Puddle Pad from CSN Stores Review!

Over time you realize you need something, … unfortunately that something almost always seems to be way too expensive!  When I was shopping for wool mattress pads that was how I felt.  Then I came across the Natura Wool Puddle Pad on CSN Stores, bookmarked it, and kept coming back to it!  There was just no comparison.  Natura received great ratings, fit my checklist for being natural, toxin-free, and eco-friendly, and did so at a great price!

You are probably wondering “Why would you want a wool mattress cover?!”  Well, let me tell you why I wanted one, and why I chose Natura!

It is no secret…baby diapers sometimes leak!  Not a fun experience.  What the worst part of the experience is changing the sheets to the bed in the middle of the night half asleep.  Ugg!  I heard some people layer mattress protectors and sheets and just strip one off and wash the other…to me this seems like a lot of extra sheets and liners, meaning a lot of money spent, and alot of laundry!

So my first goal with the Wool Puddle Pad for SAP’s toddler bed was to reduce laundry and decrease these dreaded night time bedsheet changes!

My second reason for purchasing the Wool Puddle Pad from CSN Stores was not for my benefit, but for SAP’s benefit!  With the Wool Puddle Pad not only would she be on more natural and non-toxic bedding, but wool would help her regulate her body temperature and help her with her problems of sweating so much at night.  And let me tell you, that girl sweats a lot at night, wowee!

As always, my package of the Natura Puddle Pad arrived on my doorstep way sooner than I had expected and was ready for!  Luckily for me Natura Wool pads like their puddle pad are machine washable and dried, so it was quick and easy to prep for SAP’s bed!   Since I was used to doing my wool wash by hand I was apprehensive how well it would look afterward, but it was perfectly fine!

The Puddle Pad fit SAP’s toddler bed / crib mattress perfectly, the only thing I would change is having some type of straps along the edges to hold it in place to make putting it on the bed easier.  SAP was oh so excited to see something new on her bed and wanted to go “night night” on it without any sheets!  So after some negotiations I got her bed made and off to night night we all went!

Luckily SAP did not test it my first goal with any leaky diapers, but I did notice an improvement in her sweating during sleep.  Wool is Thermo-regulating and so it not only helps the body regulate its temperature but it also wicks away moisture!  This kept SAP dry even from her own sweat when she did sweat and kept her more comfortable during the night, and less sweaty/stinky in the morning!  Nothing like the smell of a sweaty toddler right?  So I was a believer and with just this success I was happy!

Eventually SAP put it to the other test and had a leaky diaper.  With wool’s properties it can be peed on and still be ok, it won’t feel very damp/wet and since it is anti-microbial you don’t have to worry so much with it sitting with any pee in it.  So what I would do is just change the sheet on the bed, not the wool puddle pad, and put her back to sleep!  This way I greatly reduced my laundry!  If she leaked again that night nothing more than antother sheet got dirty, once again!  I would wait until morning after I woke up a bit and SAP was content watching some Blues Clues and take the Puddle Pad off the bed and wash it.  If this had been any other waterproof pad I would have had to take the pad and sheet off every time, put a new one on, and wash ALL that in the morning.  It reduced my laundry by half!  When you’re paying for laundry this is a significant savings.

So is the higher expense of a wool mattress pad worth it?  I”m not sure, but with the prices from Natura and the success I have had with their Puddle Pad and SAP, I know that THIS wool pad is worth it twice over!  It helped me with both of my problems and did so quite well!

What I loved about the Natura Wool Puddle Pad:

  • Made of natural fibers (wool), which are better for your health
  • Is thermo-regulating, so keeps SAP cool and sweating less at night
  • Less laundry since I don’t have to change it right away in the middle of the night like other waterproof mattress pads!
  • Is machine washable and dryer-able, unlike other wool, so easy to care for!
  • Fits crib mattresses (toddler beds) very nicely
  • Wonderful price, good quality
  • Made from “Cry-less” wool

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • Offering lanoized wool pads,or information on how to lanolize to increase waterproof-ness of the wool puddle pad
  • Straps to hold the pad in place on the bed to make sure it’s centered, doesn’t move during the night, and is easier to put on the bed when it’s being made!

Meet CSN Stores!

CSN Stores is where I purchased my Natura Wool Puddle Pad from!  I’ve been a long CSN Stores fan, because they literally have anything I need and want all from one place, and at amazing prices, and super fast shipping!  I have found some wonderful Eco-friendly and Natural products on their site that I have purchased and reviewed before, just take a look at these past reviews I have done of Green Products you can find at CSN Stores!

Pkolino Toddler bed, which folds into a comfy chair when they outgrow the bed!  Awesome product, we love it!  SAP loves it and has never fallen out of it at all, very sturdy and worth every penny!

I also purchased and reviewed the Pkolino Table and Chairs set from CSN Stores, take a look at my Pkolino Table and C hair Set Review!

We don’t just buy SAP stuff at CSN Stores, we also go there for our needs as well!  Although I had wanted a Wool mattress pad for SAP’s bed, we wanted an organic cotton one for our own.  I had already decided Naturepedic was the best of the best in that department, so it was just a matter of where would I get it at the best price?  That was CSN Stores of course, they carried the Naturepedic Waterproof Organic Cover as well as many other Naturepedic products!  If you’re in the market for an organic mattress pad be sure to check out my Naturepedic Organic Mattress Cover Review!

Thank you to CSN Stores for yet another quality product from  your stores!  Keep up the excellent work, I look forward to seeing more eco-friendly, Green products in your stores and purchasing again and again from you in the future!

The product(s) provided for the review (AGift Certificate to CSN Stores toward a purchase of my choice) was sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. Text in italics is taken from the sponsor’s website or otherwise cited.


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