Jun 28, 2011

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Part 2 Conclusion of the Flats/Handwashing Challenge!

If you read Part 1 of my Conclusion, then you know that the Flats/Handwashing challenge started out quite interesting for us!  We had went out of town and learned the hard way that handwashing needed to be kept up with daily in order to keep up and keep sane doing so!

Now for the second part of the Challenge….


That’s right!  The week of the Flats/Handwashing challenge I started my new job in Madison area, so I moved a week before SAP and SAPsDaDa did!  That meant a few things:

1. EVERYTHING had to be packed by SAPsDaDa

2. There was no one to watch and take care of SAP or normal chores and meals while packing was happening

3. SAPsDaDa had to do ALL the handwashing ALL by himself, without  me helping…and yes sometimes nagging….him to do so!

4.  I was hours away and couldn’t do ANYTHING to help out with the move or the handwashing!

What did I do?

So I prepared as much as I could before I left.  The few days we had together before I left during challenge week I showed SAPsDaDa the different folds for flats.  Of course he decided he would use just he pad fold and lay it in the covers, which seemed to work best for SAP anyway!

I showed him how to use the handwashing bucket and how much detergent to use, and if he needed ANY help….I bookmarked Dirty Diaper Laundry’s Handwashing blog posts for backup!

I packed away all the other diapers and covers except the flats and the 5 covers we were allowed to use so there would be no confusion.

What happened?

I expected the worst….I expected SAPsDaDa to give up and go back to the easy to use diapers and using our washing machines…especially since it was the last week we had free laundry machines!  I was asking a lot!  I expected dirty diapers to not get rinsed off….I expected build up galore of detergent in the cloth diapers, I expected him to forget to wash them and run out of diapers….pretty much all the things that could go wrong!

What I did not expect is what happened!

SAPsDaDa rose to the occasion!  He has always been very pro-cloth and pro-green/environmental, and after I explained my reasoning behind participating in the Flats/Handwashing challenge he believed it was for a great cause and that it was not something to be taken lightly.

I talked to him every night during SAP’s bedtime and I found my dear hubby, left to his own devices, would be even more inventive with cloth diapering than I can be sometimes!  He figured out just how much detergent and rinses was needed in the washing bucket to get them clean clean clean!  He figured out which types of flats worked best for SAP (since we had 2 types) and how to fold them so they worked best for her super soaking toddler peeing!


SAPsDaDa not only met this challenge, but he proved that if needed, low-income families can not only use flats/covers and handwash their cloth diapers, but that SINGLE FATHERS can do it!!!  And you know what ladies, dare I say, they may even possibly do it BETTER than some of us mommies that are set in our ways to do everything “the best” way we are told to?  They can be inventive and open-minded!


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