Jun 11, 2011

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Yala Designs Review and Coupon Code!!!

When you go to sleep at night…comfort.  Imagine it.  That is what we all crave at the end of the day, to slip out of our work clothes and into something more comfortable, to crawl between our sheets and just feel at rest.

For some, that is hard to attain, and with the types of fabrics and chemicals our clothing and bedding are made of these days, it is no wonder!  In our current economic situation families are focusing on just staying on top of things and simple things such as a good night’s rest or comfortable quality clothing is an after-thought.  Sometimes, though, changing something so simple can make you feel much better about yourself, how you feel, and even how well you rest, in the end affecting your overall life.

That is how I felt when I tested out a wonderful sample of a Bamboo Dreams Short Sleeve Nightshirt from Yala!  All of Yala clothing is made from sustainable and quality fabrics with comfort a foremost thought in their designs.  With clothing companies competing for the most flair and sparkle, to find clothing that not only is simple and goes well with anything I own, but also fits my own personality very well and is over-the-top comfortable while at it, it was just perfect!

I decided to sample the nightshirt from Yala out of all of their women’s clothing choices due to this thought, but also for another reason.  My PJ’s consist of night shirts and pants that are either 1) Tweety, Pink Floyd, or Happy Dog from when I was in high school, or 2) Hand-me-downs from thrift stores that are mostly men’s plaid PJ pants and some other random wife beater tanks.  A pretty sad collection!  SAPsDaDa longed to see me in something a bit more feminine, and his idea of which was for a large Tshirt or jersey.  I decided to go with something a bit more my style while staying appealing to my great fiance!

The Shortsleeve Bamboo Nightshirt was just perfect.  It had the look my fiance was going for, but at the same time it was made out of soft and comfortable bamboo fabric that I really couldn’t wait to slip into at the end of the day, and was long enough so that I felt comfortable wearing it for other sleeping occasions than just my own home.

I was most grateful to have my Yala Nightshirt just a couple weeks ago.  We have been in the mists of moving these past couple weeks, but I moved a week ahead of my family (and all my stuff!).  I stayed with a friend for a week and lived out of a suitcase of a few outfits, work clothes, and PJ’s.  Let me tell you, I am NOT used to sleeping on a couch, or in a noisy apartment!  I like my sleep quiet and comfortable!  Luckily I had thought ahead and packed my Yala Nightshirt to wear to bed…it was a small comfort that was soooo needed at the end of a hard work day at my new job!  I was sad I had only one Yala nightshirt and longed for more, so I could have worn a comfy nightshirt the while week I was there!  After this experience it is officially on my MUST-Pack list for BlogHer11!  Look out ladies, here comes some Yala!

I did find the neck to be a bit wide on the night shirt, which made me a little self-conscious wearing it at my friend’s apartment, but it also made it so when I slept at night it wouldn’t get tight around my body and neck and so I was more comfy at night…guess I will just have to get the Yala Bamboo Dreams Cleo PJ Set for next time I stay over at a friend’s place right!  That’ll solve that issue right up, and give me one more awesome piece of Yala clothing to cuddle up to at night!  How can I say no to that?

What I Love about Yala

  • Eco-friendly, sustainable fabric choices
  • Simple designs
  • Soooooo comfortable!
  • Great product ideas, seems you know what we need and create just that, without going overboard!
  • Soft and flowing designs
  • Sustainable practices in shipping and creating Yala products!  Awesome!

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • I would like to see the designs in different fabrics, such as a light-weight summer fabric, and a heavier weight winter fabric, so I can wear your designs year-round!

Meet Yala!

Yala is for dreamers, believers and adventurers who are ready to take advantage of each day’s 24-hour gift. Yala believes that all citizens of the planet are members of the same tribe, which is why the company is committed to much higher standards of trade than just ‘fair.’
Yala believes in simplicity; do one brilliant thing at a time with intention and attention to each detail. Yala is the clothes people really live in. And though today is great, tomorrow will be greater. Yala is always asking, looking and wondering about better ways to do beautiful business in the world.
Each fabric, dye and design is crafted with the utmost care for the earth because Yala believes that the natural fabrics that are best for the planet are also best for our bodies. Withorganic cotton, bamboo and silk, elegance becomes a renewable resource. So with ease and sophistication, Yala presents a collection for the journey.

Yala also is a Carbon Neutral shipping company!  They ship sustainably, using recycled and reusable materials and the most efficient routes possible through Green Shipping!  Not only that, but they are a a member of Green America and the Organic Trade Organization, not to mention they Bamboo Dreams clothing is Oeko-Tex Certified, all this making me more confident in shipping through their site over others and using their products, knowing they were not only created in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner but also shipped in such!  Great job Yala! Read all about this and more on their Planet Yala page!

You can bet I have a Yala Wish-List!  Here’s a few of my favorite Yala products I think are wonderful!:

The Original Yala DreamSack!

Our signature DreamSack® sleeping liner made of 100% silk works thermodynamically with your body’s core temperature to warm you up on cold nights or keep you cool in warm climates.

Yala Silk Filled Comforter

Sleep in a cloud – our Silk Filled Comforters are that light, warm and dreamy! 100% pure silk inside and out, this Comforter surrounds you in a cocoon so sumptuous and enticing, you’ll never want to leave.

And of course SAP doesn’t get away without anything Yala!  Mommy doesn’t get all the Yala comfort!  I’m thinking this would be perfect for this summer!  So cute!

Bamboo Dreams Skipper Short Sleeve Tee!

Ahoy Matey! Your little second mate will be stylin’ in stripes in either our Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve Crew!

Connect with Yala!

Buy at their Online Store: http://www.yaladesigns.com/

Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YalaDesigns

Subscribe to their Blog: http://yaladesigns.blogspot.com/

Get some awesome Yala clothing for yourself, your hubby, or your little one!  Or get some super comfy bed sheets or pillow cases!

Get everything 20% off with your order from Yala with Coupon Code SAPSMAMA20! Happy shopping!

The product(s) provided for the review (1 Sample of a Yala Bamboo Dreams Short Sleeved Nightshirt) was sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. Text in italics is taken from the sponsor’s website or otherwise cited.

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