Jul 17, 2011

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“Green” Cell Phones?

When I went cell phone shopping several months ago when my poor cell phone had gotten to the point it was barely working, I walked up and down the aisles of my local Sprint store not understanding half of what was being offered!

Cell phones these days are doing just about EVERYTHING!!! They are a phone, a computer, a GPS and with some new Applications (or APs as the “cool” phone uses call them) you can even save and submit your checks into your bank account or your tax documents without leaving your seat, no matter where you are!

I am not “old”, I am only 23, pretty young for a momma and a college grad! And although I learned Excel and Powerpoint in college technology is not my forte.  I get confused, so very confused!  And I go buy the simplest thing!  Who has time to read that manual it comes with or play with that fancy new iPod or digital camera for hours?  Not me!

So when I went to look for a new cell phone I went with what I KNEW.  What do I know?  Well, I know how to be GREEN!

There was not much offered in the way of being Green at Sprint, and I ended up settling for a simple phone I could make calls and text message with….but it was made with recycled materials!  This was the first step to going Green in cell phones.

Now, just a year or so later, cell phones and cell phone companies have come a long way to being Green!  Customers can purchase cell phones made of recycled plastic, get a smart phone with applications to help them live Green, or even charge their phone with a solar cell phone charger!

Green goes beyond your purchase in the stores though.  Every product you buy has to be manufactured.  That is not only true for cell phones, but in reality it is most likely more of an impact on the environment than your usage of the phone!  But don’t quote me on that one.  Should be an interesting subject for another post!

So how do you choose a Green phone?  Phone companies these days are using reusable forms of energy to power their manufacturing plans, and some have even joined groups and organizations to offset their “carbon footprint” and achieve lower emissions!  Does the company you are looking to buy from give a portion of sales to any Green causes you care  about?  Do they offer a phone recycling program so you can safely dispose of your old phone?  All this and more makes a HUGE difference in making your Cell Phone Green!

So why am I telling you about this?  Well, I recently heard that GoodGuide ranked the Greenest Cell phones!  You can check the list to see which are green to their standards based on health and environmental and social attributes.  I also see a nifty filter in the left side, so you can find PVC free and low radian phones if you wish!  But readian from Cell phones is a different topic we shall discuss another day!

Please share, is a “Green” phone important to you when you shop?  Will you look for more Green features in your phone next time you go cell phone shopping?  What do you think is the best green feature of these phones?

Thanks for the fun discussion!  I look forward to your comments!

  1. That’s pretty cool! I never knew they made a “green” cell phone. 🙂

  2. I never really thought about it before, but now that I know it would make a difference next time I’m shopping for a phone. I really like the idea of a solar charger too!

  3. Interesting. I never thought about green cell phones. Just thought about how bad cell phones are not only around us, but around the baby. I usually go on the internet on the phone while feeding the baby and i just realized how bad it would be to have all that radiation around her.

  4. Julie Murphy says:

    wow! I never even heard of a green cell phone! I like how that site has filters so you can find your phone or look for a phone that falls into one of the categories!I found my cell phone too…had a rating of 5.6…hmmm what to do when I get my next cell phone!