Jul 22, 2011

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Modified Momma (By Nikki!) Little Learners Training Pants Review!

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Nikki’s Little Learners made for SAP!

Potty Training (or learning, if you prefer that term) does not just happen over night.  It is a loooooooooong and on-going process that goes through multiple steps.  Some of these steps are easier than others for some toddlers to overcome.  For SAP, she’s been working on potty training for quite a while!  We have went through many different styles and ways of potty training and have learned that, just like cloth diapers, different styles of potty learning pants work for different times and levels.

So, now when I look for potty learning pants, I do not just look for pants that work functionally well, but ones that SAP will benefit from and hopefully will help her onto the next level of potty training.  If they have something a little extra that’s a plus too!

Modified Momma Creations Little Learners by Nikki!

When Nikki came out with her Little Learners training pants I had already been testing out one of her wonderful fitted cloth diapers and loving it!  So I was very excited to see the designs that she would come up with.  When I received them in the mail I couldn’t wait to give them a go because they had a different design than all my other trainers did that I thought SAP would really benefit from….wide elastic sides!
I just LOVE these wide stretchy elastic sides!  So cute and a great functional design!

Nikki’s Little Learner pants all an All-In-One type of learning pants, similar to a cloth diaper but with other features.  The soaker is sewed in well so there is no scrunching and the so the soaker area is absorbant from front to back, making this a good choice for an over-night or nap-time trainer besides just day use.  It is completely waterproof also, so if you are still in the process of pre-training or you are going for a long car ride you won’t have to worry about leaks and wet car seats if your toddler has an accident.
Inside of the trainers.  Soaker is sewn in the whole pull up, and your toddler will feel the wetness if they have an accident, no stay-dry layer!

These are great features, of course, and make the trainers very functional, but it is not why these are one of my favorite trainers to use!  The features I love about Nikki’s Little Learners is firstly the wide elastic sides on them, and second the amazing pattern and color choices!

The wide elastic sides I refer to are 4 inches wide from top to bottom and have 5 pieces of elastic sewn in horizontally, making them super stretchable, adjustable, and remind me a lot of the disposable version of training pants!  They have 3 snaps for the side “tabs”, which would make this trainer very flexible with sizing and able to fit toddlers within a wide range, from skinny to chubby, long and lean to chunky thighs, and many a good age length (which is good since you never know how long potty training will take your toddler!)

The Trainers worked well even with SAP’s very active (and inventive!) play!

Of course one of the reasons cloth diapering is on the rise (not to mention all the great benefits!) is because everyone just LOVES how cute fluff looks on a baby bum!  Nikki at Modified Momma Creations knows this and puts her own personal touch and pizazz to not only her diapers, but also her little learners training pants!  Let me tell you, getting a 2 year old to do ANYTHING you want them to is tough, I know you mamas know that!  So making potty training fun and special to them is one way to make the process easier and even fun!  Nikki’s fabric choices for her little learners are just the neatest patterns and color choice combinations I could have hoped for!  She has my utmost favorites, my beloved Batik fabrics, and even cute fishy fabric I know SAP would just flip for!  I can see her running around in the apartment now yelling “Fishy Butt!  Fishy Butt!”  Would this not make you smile?  Make potty learning fun and dare to get some modified momma fabric choices, they will be not only your favorites in your stack of trainers, but they will surely get the attention of any other mama you know with a toddler ready for potty training as well!  Who doesn’t love to set trends?
I love the gorgeous fabric choices at Modified Momma!  Put a shirt on SAP and it would be an outfit on a hot summer day!

So, you are probably wondering at this point, how well did they work for SAP?  They fit her great!  The Little Learners were very easy to adjust to any size I needed, tighter or looser depending on what I felt was needed to aid SAP in learning to pull her trainers up and down or to make them usable for nap time training.  The sides were very stretchy as I imagined and worked well, were soft on SAP’s skin and no marks, but I found that 3 snaps on each side for a toddler is a bit much if you are in the early stages of potty training. When there are less accidents and more pulling of the trainers up and down instead of snapping on and off due to accidents in the pants, this doesn’t seem like a big deal at all.

SAP is a  bit “Little Butt” challenged as I think of it.  Pretty much anything, from wool covers, to sweat pants, and unfortunately training pants as well, she cannot get them up over her little butt!  I was hoping these would be stretchy and wide enough to aid her in a nice grip to pull them over her bum but no such luck and I still have to aid her in this department of potty learning.  As she gets older I am hoping this will become a laugh of the past!  Won’t we all love the days when our little ones are pulling up their own pants?  Other than this minor issue I have with any brand of trainers we had no issues at all, just lots of questions as to where we got these great looking training pants!
SAP showing me her “twainin pants”!  She loves the “gween” and “RED!” colors as she loves to point out to me!

What SAPsMaMa Loves:

  • Brilliant, awesome patterns and colors to choose from!
  • Wide stretchy sides to make this “pull-up” pull up!
  • Fits great for toddlers of a wide size/weight range
  • Good absorbancy that I feel safe using for car rides/naps when accidents are more prone to happening

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • I would like to see a Training Pants option offered with less snaps if it works with this design, as not everyone will love how wide the sides area or how many snaps are required, at least to start out in potty training!
  • Ever think of embroidery?  I think offering embroidery of the little one’s name or favorite animal/bug/shape/color would make these even more special for potty training and yet even more unique than all the other training pants out there!  This is a big special day for our little learners!
  • I had one of the snaps come out!  The trainers are still functional but I’d look into reinforcing the snaps since in the trainers just in case!

Meet Modified Momma Creations

Modified Momma Creations was started by two moms devoted to greener living. Hurley and Nikki, the creators, discovered a love for sewing and crafting that they would like to share with the world.
We offer products that range from nursing pads and cloth diapers to non-paper towels and tutus. Check out our store and see all our products for sale!
One of Nikki’s awesome diapers! This one is a OS pocket diaper, bamboo insert, with minky fabric!
Hyena Cart Shop: http://hyenacart.com/ModifiedMommaCreations/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ModifiedMommaCreations

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Thank you to Nikki, who’s products are as unique as she is!  I have enjoyed getting to know you and working with your not only great products but great customer service!  Don’t ever lose your unique personal touch, it makes everything you make shine a little more special!

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