Jul 26, 2011

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Tot Wraps Transition Trainer Review

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Transitional Trainers made for SAP!

If you are a parent that has been dealing with Potty training (learning) for a while, you learn that potty training can go through many different stages.  So what happens when your toddler doesn’t need those super absorbent cloth training pants anymore, but isn’t quite ready for big boy/girl undies?

Many parents find themselves in this “in-between”, and it’s difficult!  So I was very excited to find the Tot Wraps Transition Trainers, which seemed to be the perfect solution to this problem!

I first learned about Tot Wraps from a review on their One Size Dream Diaper, which truly sounded like every cloth diapering mommy’s dream!  Who doesn’t love a perfectly performing diaper?  With so much praise I knew to expect great things from their Transition Trainer, and I am very glad I got the opportunity to test it out for the past couple of months!

Tot Wrap’s Transition Trainer

The transition trainer by Tot Wraps first looked to me similar to other training pants I have tried in the past, but after looking at it’s “inside” and testing it out, I definitely agree the name for this trainer is right on the money: it is made in mind for those not only potty training, but transitioning to undies.  It has features from both and yet keeps the must-need features we love about our cloth diapers!

SAP jumping on our bed and getting into mischief while in her Tot Wraps Transitional Trainers !

No worries about accidents on our bed with the waterproofing and “leak guards” in this trainer!

When I first observed the trainers, I thought they looked about perfect.  They looked perfect size, and the pattern on the sides matched great with the PUL for waterproof-ness, the stitching was very well done and it looked overall top-notch!  I took a closer look and noticed that the elastic on the edges was covered so no elastic touched baby girl or left marks on her (something I have had issues with), the snaps worked excellently and were easy to snap on and off without pulling too hard, and the soaker pad was not only sewn in place well but was quite thin!

Check out all these features to make your potty training experience successful!

I loved the idea of a thinner pair of training pants, not only because it fits easier under pants/jeans, but also because it would make them feel a lot more like normal undies and help ready my toddler for going from trainers to undies!  It also helped that there was no stay-dry barrier so they can feel the wetness of any accidents, but yet waterproof so there would be no accidents in our carseat or on our sofa!  Yay!  Since there was no water-proofing material (PUL) on the sides I was a bit worried about leaks there but there is a wicking fabric around the soaker pad so moisture does not leak out of the trainers.  Good thinking!  With the PUL not on the sides it once again makes these look more and feel more like undies than a cloth diaper.

SAP playing in her Trainers!  She was going “nite nite” in my bed’s headboard!  Silly girl!

The shape of these transitional training pants, I found out, made them fit very well on SAP, and reminded me once again of undies with some cloth diaper characteristics!  Every child is different and sometimes they don’t fit perfectly into a size, but the Size Chart on the Tot Wraps site works wonderful for making sure you order the perfect fit for your toddler.  The sides were nice and stretchy, but I am a bit worried about there only being one setting for the snaps.  The snaps are on the trainers more for the purpose of easy removal if accidents occur and so do not offer any additional adjustment as SAP gets older, so I know that if she doesn’t potty train in the next how-many-months I will have to come back for a size 3T for her…because I’ve really come to like these trainers and I wouldn’t want to go without!

SAP practicing pulling her Tot Wrap Trainers up and down for sitting on her Potty chair!

Testing out these training pants was a lot of fun. SAP loved the pattern I had picked and her little bum looked cute in them!  I was able to use them in and out of the house so potty training could continue throughout the day when running errands.  SAP of course had her accidents but the “thin soaker pad” I had originally seen did a great job at soaking everything up…good thing it’s Zorb material, a thirsty fabric, instead of something else fluffy and less absorbing!

I find these a definite must-have in potty training your toddler, they are the perfect little trainers to get your little one (soon to be big kid!) from where there are to where you want them to be….potty trained!

What SAPsMaMa Loves

  • Great fit!
  • Nice in-between cloth diapers and undies for those in-between times in potty training
  • Enough absorption material to soak up an accident, but not fluffy like a cloth diaper
  • Well made (elastic covered, snaps  easy to use, fabric materials top notch!)

Suggestions For Improvement

  • I would love to see more settings for the snaps so that the trainers may be adjustable to a child’s changing body (chubby thighs, Buddha belly, tall and lean, etc.)
  • A little more choice in customization.  Fabric patterns are choosable but the PUL color is not when ordering and some kids are quite picky what they choose to wear!

Meet Tot Wraps!

I am Krysta, the owner of  Tot Wraps™ and the designer of  all the Tot Wraps™ products. My passion is creating and designing diapers. I made so many diapers for my own children that I gave away two stashes worth and I still had way too many diapers. So I figured I better start selling these if I am going to keep making them.I started by selling diapers I made from purchased patterns.
Soon I was itching to create my own designs again and the pattern just seemed to draw itself. With a few frustrations along the way, most things just seemed to fall into place, and the Dream Diaper™ was launched. The Dream Diaper™ is the easiest way to cloth diaper without breaking the bank.

After the Dream Diaper™, came the Dream Wrap Cover™, and the Transitions Trainer™. Tot Wraps™ now offers a complete line of original products to cover your child’s bottom from birth through potty learning.

When Tot Wraps™ started, I handled all aspects of the business and sewed everything myself. With the popularity and growth of Tot Wraps™, help has been enlisted. Several work-at-home women help out with various aspects, from computer work to sewing. I don’t sew as much as I used to, but almost every item still has some of my stitching in it.

One of the awesome Dream Diapers from Tot Wraps!

Website Store: http://www.totwraps.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/totwraps

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Thank you to Krysta for making an exceptional trainer to help satisfy the needs of all of our growing little toddlers!  And thank you for sponsoring on SAPsMaMa blog, it’s been great getting to know you!

The product(s) provided for the review (1 pair of Tot Wraps Transitional Trainers) was sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. Text in italics is taken from the sponsor’s website or otherwise cited.  This giveaway is not affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by Facebook in any way.
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