Aug 16, 2011

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Imagine Toys Flower Stacker Review and Giveaway!

Imagine a toy that keeps your child’s attention…teaches them skills they need…can be used with multiple learning games….is SIMPLE and takes pretty much NO time to set up…now imagine it being a simple, colorful wooden toy!  When you think wooden toys do you think of all of these things?  More often than not many parents do not, but that’s about to change with awesome toys such as those carried at!  If I had had any doubts at all SAP abolished them as the second this toy was unwrapped from the shipping box she was jumping for me to open it and it did not leave our living room coffee table for DAYS, she refused to let us put it away!  Wondering what this toy is? I’ll tell you!

Wonderworld Flower Stacker

Wonderworld Flower Stacker at

The Flower Stacker carried at is made by the company Wonder World, a company we have a few toys with already and have come to love in our family!  We love these wooden toys because they are made out of environmentally friendly rubber wood and painted with non-toxic water based paints, yet they are so durable and the colors so bold and vibrant, I feel they will last use through at least a couple children playing with them!  Great quality!

When I first opened the box I pretty much dumped it out of it’s container and SAP went to work building building building!  There are 15 pieces of different colors that kind of resemble flower heads, and each piece has a peg at the bottom of it and a hole in the top to make it so they can be stacked together.  At first SAP just kept stacking one on top of another over and over, all 15 pieces she was trying to get together and, well, she learned how gravity and weight worked!
SAP stacking stacking stacking!

After that time she tried stacking them by color, but when each color stack was uneven, started mixing them up again!  It was so cute to watch her figure it all out on her own and how excited she was!  Since there are a different number of stackers per color (5 red, 4 orange, 3 yellow, etc.) I took the opportunity to work on her counting, but I think she is still too little for that yet, made me realize this toy will be able to be used for the next few years though for different skill learning!
SAP color coordinating her pieces!  She started carrying them around and giving us her “flowers”, so cute!

What I loved about this toy is how many different things she is learning with it and how simple it is…and not noisy at all!  She is learning gravity, her colors, matching, stacking ability and other fine motor skills!  At each age baby and toddler is learning some new skill and toys are a great way to help them practice that since it keeps their attention and they enjoy playing with them.  The box says for 18 m+ and teaches balancing, mixing, creativity, stacking, eye hand coordination, learning volume, sequencing and weight….that’s a lot for one simple toy!
SAP says “oh no mommy! It fall over!! oh no!!”

When Imagine Toys messaged me to do a review they asked me SAP’s age and sent me a toy of their choice, what they thought she would love and benefit from at her skill level, and they picked a perfect toy, she loves it!  It came with a little booklet about ages and skill sets and what toys help with what skills, which got me interested in what else they carried so I of course window shopped their online store!  It is soooo simple to find toys for your child on their site, which is great when it comes to grandparents who are not as web savvy as many of us are.  You can either start off looking via your child’s age, or what category you are looking for (i.e. Arts and Crafts, Pretend Play, etc.), or even choose what interest your child has! Are they really into being a Chef? Architect? Doctor?  After choosing one of these options you can widdle down your choices to find the perfect toy for your child, and their choices  are great for what I love to look for in toys!  Not only can you choose toy type or brand they’re made of, but you can also choose what award you wish the toy to have (so you can get the best rated toys for your child!) or what skill you want them to practice (like problem solving, creative, verbal, etc.)!
“Its a flower mommy!!  Its a flowa! Here u go!”

What I Loved about the Flower Stacker

  • Simple wooden toy, not noisy and bright and flashy, entertains your kid without annoying you!
  • Colorful
  • Made of eco-friendly rubberwood and non-toxic paint
  • Teaches so many skills!
  • Great quality, will last a long time, which is good since it can be used for many skills as she gets older!
  • Imagine has a great way to find the toy that your little one will love

Suggestions for Improvement

  • I would love different colors for the flower stacker, there are 2 shades of green and the orange looks very similar to the red, having a blue or purple instead of these similar colors would help with color differentiation
  • Include a small toggle opening cloth bag for storing the stacker when it’s not in play, there’s so many pieces and we tend to lose one or two at a time!
  • I would love to see more eco-friendly choices available at ImagineToys, though you have some great ones I love a selection!

Meet Imagine Toys!

By choosing to spend a little time on our website you are introducing yourself to some of the most imaginative and challenging products available anywhere! We strive to offer unique toys and accessories that are fresh and different from what you might find at a mass-market toy store. Each product has been pre-selected by our knowledgeable and concerned experts who are intent on providing a safe, educational play experience. Our experts are parents themselves and have taken the time to test products with children of appropriate age to ensure quality, durability and enjoyment of our items.

Simply put, we provide activity kits, books, music, games, videos, furniture and toys that inspire the imagination while building confidence and strong, quick minds. As proof, prestigious toy award organizations, such as Dr. Toy, Parents’ Choice, Family Fun, and The National Parenting Center, have recognized and awarded many of our products for their quality, ingenuity, and educational value.

Take a look at these awesome toys they carry, here are a couple of my favorites!

Haba Fantasy Blocks! These blocks are great for building with imagination!

Goodnight Moon Game!  Every child loves this book, the game is sure to become a classic as well!

Buy It! Store:

Imagine Toys on Facebook:

Imagine Toys on Twitter:!/ImagineToys

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  1. Omg. Her naturally curly hair is just like mine! SAP is the cutest spokesmodel ever! I wish you were local so I could have her in the catalog :). Thanks again for the review. We are so blessed by you and all our customers and fans.

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  3. What a fun giveaway! ANd such neat products!
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  4. Loved this review & the flower stacker is super cute/safe! Fingers crossed that I win!

  5. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love all of their toys! I think dd would love the Goodnight Moon game! She recently has been wanting to play games ALL the time!